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Dear 14 Year Olds:

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The long awaited sequel to my most popular video, "Dear 12 Year Olds" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dp42xXqxfk DEAR 16 YEAR OLDS: https://youtu.be/fpbVsETNxSs __________________________________________ instagram: tferg__ photo project instagram: selfieseveryday tumblr: tiffanyferg twitter: tiffanytheprez facebook: tiffanyferg business inquiries? tiffanytheprez@aol.com - - Business Inquiries: tiffanyfergusonbiz (@) gmail (.) com
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Text Comments (2149)
tiffanyferg (2 years ago)
Theo Goodwin (15 days ago)
bet all the dislikes are 14
Armin z3po (1 month ago)
tiffanyferg thank you this really helped me
Devon Carlson (5 months ago)
omg thanks
Mitsuko CZ (7 months ago)
tiffanyferg Hi- I clicked on this video thinking that itll be just hate towards 14-year olds, but this is really, really supporting, thank you very much for giving us video that basically got our backs ^-^
Shania's Channel (9 months ago)
tiffanyferg I’m in year 9
Sees Bernie Sanders banner on the wall Ben Shapiro:TIME TO OWN SOME LIBS EPIC STYLE
unknown seavey (13 hours ago)
2:54 oh shit i just realized i haven’t had my first kiss 😂
Olivia Machado (2 days ago)
I’m 13 but its ok🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Franchesca Sabater (4 days ago)
Why am I watching this? I’m eighteen 😂
Morgan Okos (4 days ago)
What is your best isn’t good enough how can you answer that
Bella Rawr (4 days ago)
im in my freshman year of high school, and i have the same friend group i’ve had since daycare
Lana Mohammad (5 days ago)
It is hard to be 14 y/o. I mean I love someone so much and I dont know really if it is cuz Im 14 or cuz I just really do love him.
Azariah Jones (5 days ago)
Thank you so much for this video
Hala Shehab (7 days ago)
Am 14 am still in 8th grade what high school r u talking about?
NightCore -Kate (8 days ago)
:) thank's I love you
Chef Joris (14 days ago)
You gay sniitcj
Tamriel Nwah (14 days ago)
All 14 yr olds in the comments
How Nice (15 days ago)
Feels good to be around people who are the same age
Yheet Beamouttaspace (17 days ago)
Is there a dear 15? *damn*
Salmon-ella (17 days ago)
wow this almost completely relates to highschool. this was so incredibly useless.
Linda Arrowood (18 days ago)
88 pounds average for a 14 girl.
TBC (19 days ago)
turning 14 in six days thanks for advice big sis
Martina Flow (19 days ago)
I'm 18 years old and I look 13 This reminds me of how much I want to return back but otherwise I get compliments😁😂
Xspose Gawd (20 days ago)
im 14 and i look like 20
NLE Wavy (20 days ago)
3:21 im sorry im not white🤣🤣
NLE Wavy (16 days ago)
CatsRCool for the black stereotype they use guns in streets, white stereotype is that they school shooters
CatsRCool (16 days ago)
+NLE Wavy Guns can also be a black stereotype top. I guess we all get dragged down into it.
NLE Wavy (16 days ago)
CatsRCool howw
CatsRCool (16 days ago)
Wrong racial stereotype
Betty C. (22 days ago)
Turning 14 in 4 daysssss! I'm excited!💅🏻💌💥💫💭👗👑💍💄💎
maybaby life (24 days ago)
Dang it i am still 13 you should do dear 13 year old
normani (24 days ago)
I’m turning 14 this April
NG 423 (27 days ago)
Im 13 i hope that counts
Kamil The Way (27 days ago)
What a great video. I really enjoyed it ❤️👍
Mr. Paws (1 month ago)
I am very developed and im only 14 years old and... my body looks like a women who else?
Yo Yo Yo!!! Hi (1 month ago)
Hi I’m 11
Beyonce Obsessed fan (1 month ago)
Woah! 14 yr olds don't drink or smoke that's plain wrong. I mean if we were feeling pressure we would go to a doctor.
Emma Kramer (1 month ago)
Not all 14 year olds are entering high school. Some are just entering 8th grade. When I was that age I was in 8th grade. No I wasn't held back a grade, my birthday was after school started.
Cory Dudley (1 month ago)
"ladies and gentlemen we got her"
Pete de Jong (1 month ago)
Here’s a 14 yr old doing it right! https://youtu.be/7mDilVIQZ1U
M K (1 month ago)
This vid is just way too American
Rayyan Cunningham (1 month ago)
3:49 YES YOU WILL get bullied for not smoking what world did u live in
IJAS Ahammed (1 month ago)
Yes i like you
puddy_in_the_hall (1 month ago)
Dear 14 year olds: I can't stress enough how important it is not to worry about how far you are in certain experiences. Seriously, don't freak out if you haven't had your first kiss, have never dated, have never had sex, etc. Throughout high school I was so depressed about being single, and I honestly thought I would never get kissed or anything. I had my first kiss and first boyfriend at the age of 18! It doesn't matter how long it takes for you. Everyone's life is different. And honestly, the people who have dated or had sex by the age of 14 are probably not very happy with those decisions (that's just too young to be sexually active). Don't be ashamed! Just focus on your friends and your academics and have fun :)
Joker Rules (1 month ago)
In Britain you start high school when you re 12 I know this cus I am from Britain
NobleDarkness (2 months ago)
xx WinterBaby xx (2 months ago)
I’m about to be 14 next Friday!!!
/MeMadalyn / (2 months ago)
I’m fourteen lol 😆
Watching this when I was 12, now I’m 14. So much has changed for good and for bad in these two years. Hell I don’t even use this YouTube account anymore and came back just for this video.
Tia Lorenčič (2 months ago)
This doesn’t really help me, we don’t have high school in this country
Gabi_ Uytt (2 months ago)
ITS MY BIRTHDAY now im 14 😍😍
RosarioxD (2 months ago)
I’m 14 and I nearly lost my virginity
Crafty Katie (2 months ago)
Do dear 13 year olds
Crafty Katie (2 months ago)
This is by age... Children 👶🏼 = 0-6 🧒🏼 = 7-10 👧🏼= 11-13 Adolescents & young adults 🧑🏼= 14-16 👱🏻‍♀️= 17-29 Adults 👩🏼= 30-55 Seniors 🧓🏻= 55-75 👵🏻= 75+ Tell me your emoji! ❤️💕
Tyrannosaurus Tits (2 months ago)
No Pewdiepie reference???
Emily Gonzalez (3 months ago)
There is a dear 12 year olds and a dear 14 year olds.......im 13
Diamond Chan (3 months ago)
i nut on her face no lie *nuts on screen*
Samsor Essa (3 months ago)
great philosophy
Younan Younan (3 months ago)
I'm 23 and I remember when I was 14 enjoyed it while it lasts because you only get one chance at being 14
The Parrot (3 months ago)
Dear 6 year old, only one can be a best friend...
Blue dragon911 O9 (3 months ago)
Dear creepy uncles, can u do that one next
Amethie Juniper (4 months ago)
I turned 14 yesterday!
kä4lïë ß (4 months ago)
here you start high school in 8th grade!
ElliotTizer 123 (4 months ago)
Is she in a jail cell ?
My birthday was yesterday. Turned 14 <3
Cover gurl AF (4 months ago)
M8 I’m 14 and I’m eating chicken nuggets and watching Pokemon
Benji_xd (4 months ago)
Damn, I feel old 🤣😭
J.R. Z (4 months ago)
I fell like same of this ppl in the comments are pedos
Sassy Pohtato (4 months ago)
I’m 13 ... idk what I’m doing here
Mehroz Ali (4 months ago)
How to find my aged girlfriend 14year
G G (4 months ago)
dear 14 year olds EaT AsS
Shadow Gamer (4 months ago)
Im 14 i need a girlfriend
Shadow Gamer (4 months ago)
J.R. Z (4 months ago)
Sams I need a gf
Jude arabit (4 months ago)
Turning 14 next friday
Tea (4 months ago)
I’m fourteen and I’m worried
NOOR ALAM (4 months ago)
Clorox bleach (5 months ago)
I'm 14 and my bf is 17
Clorox bleach (4 months ago)
SAMURAI X EDITION (4 months ago)
Clorox bleach (4 months ago)
+SAMURAI X EDITION good for you
SAMURAI X EDITION (4 months ago)
Hi im searching for a friend
Kaitlyn Holding (5 months ago)
My name is Kaitlyn I'm 14 years old I started high school about 4-5 months ago and it been like I was in a sex cage life sucks to be a freshman
SAMURAI X EDITION (4 months ago)
Kaitlyn Holding YEP same
Niceu paprika (5 months ago)
I'm starting high school at 16, oof 👌
Angel Fong (5 months ago)
I am Soo afraid to turn 15 what should I do??
SAMURAI X EDITION (4 months ago)
Angel Fong you cannot do anything
Sweaty Gaming (5 months ago)
Angel Fong I want to be 16 but I’m 14
But why Bernie
ImHeadPhone (5 months ago)
I'm 13 and just hit Puberty and I hate when people keeps asking me why is my voice so deep
Darck Sier (4 months ago)
i hit puberty when i was 12 :/
MVPMiggi (5 months ago)
Why u not in the kitchen?!
Jb Luciferøus (5 months ago)
Any 16 year olds here?😂😊💘
DJ Bacon (4 months ago)
Jungkook bunny I’m 16 👌
STOCIQ (6 months ago)
what do you want from me.
Katrina tri tri (6 months ago)
I'm 13
SAMURAI X EDITION (4 months ago)
Katrina tri tri 14
Katrina tri tri (5 months ago)
JEFF G why
Sweaty Gaming (5 months ago)
Katrina tri tri I want to be 16
Hunter Harmon (6 months ago)
Thank you beautiful woman :}
Ishitwa Singh (6 months ago)
What's your height
J Hope (6 months ago)
I can't watch this I'm 14 in 8th grade
H-H potatoes (6 months ago)
FUCK im 14 and I'm in 8th my parents lied to me
Abby Lloyd (6 months ago)
I'm 14
_- - (6 months ago)
Dear stfu
Alpha Maverick (6 months ago)
I m 15year old boy and my girlfriend is 19 Is this NORMAL?
ItZmE-GIO (6 months ago)
+Alpha Maverick no problem😊
Alpha Maverick (6 months ago)
+ItZmE-GIO okay but thanks for your help:)
ItZmE-GIO (6 months ago)
+Alpha Maverick okay then
Alpha Maverick (6 months ago)
+ItZmE-GIO Maybe but she doesn't ask for anything at all
ItZmE-GIO (6 months ago)
+Alpha Maverick then do what you think its the best but stay safe because usually older girls try to get advantages from younger boys... even though i dont know you - just saying
Anna Eclate (6 months ago)
im turning 14 on sept 14
Ruby Gymnastics girl (6 months ago)
0:47 I haven’t started high school I’m turning 14 in 1 month I have a month in 8th grade next year I go to high school at age 14 but almost 15 when I enter high school is gonna be 2 months left to be 15 I just entered 8th grade I have a month already just one more month and I’m 14 I got born 2004 2:54 wow I didn’t know they make fun of you in high school well I haven’t done none of those things Lots of boys like me but I know how to say no when I have to
Boros Balázs (6 months ago)
0:10 I THOT
scorpion shadow (6 months ago)
im 14 :)
Do you realize how tough someplace are? (Definatly me.) This video is made for weaklings.
You realize there are different kinds of people right?
I'm 12 and in collage, WTHeck? Your video is -a bit- cringe.
Shut up, *_M O M ! ! ! !_*
Shut up no one likes you.
But not in a negative way.
Nvm, it is.
Oh, sorry, I thought this was a different kind of video.
Michael Fuck yeah (7 months ago)
I'm 14 and I'm in 8th grade
lil Ch0colate bby (7 months ago)
"Dear 14 year olds your probably entering highschool" girl im a junior 😭 (Caribbean system)
That 1 deafault Boi (7 months ago)
Why am I here???????
Damon Clark (7 months ago)
I’m turning 14 today
Sammy Matthies (7 months ago)
I'm turning fourteen and I'm going to be in eighth grade
Stockton Perry (7 months ago)
Thanks!- that awkward 14 y/o in 9th grade (middle school where I am)

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