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How to login Facebook without Password

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How to Login Facebook Without Password, email and phone - No need to remember Facebook Account Password. login Facebook without password. Dear Friends, Here in this video I will tell you about some ways to login facebook without password, REMEMBER this not a hacking video. I will show you following things here: 1. How login system of any website works, 2. Ways to login without password, 1) Protect your profile picture Your profile picture is used as a primary tool for identification on social media. Trouble is, anyone can create a fake Facebook account using your name and even your actual profile picture. 2) Make your friends authenticators If Facebook detects an unrecognized login or hacking attempt, it will lock down your account, and you wouldn’t be able to access it. The process to regain access to your account used to be a long one and complicated one, but now Facebook allows you to simply choose up to five trusted friends who can help you regain access to your account. Go to Settings - Security and login - choose friends to contact, and select at least three people. Know which devices you use Under Settings - Security and Login, Facebook shows a section called ‘Where you’re logged in’. This section lists all the devices (laptop, phone, tablet etc.) on which you have logged in to your Facebook account. Remove any devices you don’t recognize or don’t have access to anymore. 4) View all your information When you open your Facebook account settings, you will notice a new menu item on the left – 'Your Facebook information'. Facebook has consolidated access to all of your information on a single page. You can view information about you by category (posts, photos, comments, likes, ect.) 5) Manage your Facebook data In the Facebook Information page, you also have a shortcut to ‘Manage your data’. When you access this feature, you need to select if you want to manage data on Facebook or Instagram. For Facebook, you get advanced control on how and where Facebook uses any of your data. 6) Control your third party login The majority of websites and apps give you the option to log in using your Facebook account instead of creating a new account from scratch. While this makes things easier, we often forget to revoke Facebook access for these third-party apps and websites when we stop using them. Head to Settings Apps and websites. So lets get started, watch the video and comment below. Follow Me: https://www.facebook.com/yogendrasinghsilvassa Yogendra Singh Whatsapp 8347285099 Email: 98247i3i89@gmail.com Legal Disclaimer: This video is made only for educational purpose, using this video by downloading and distributing other platforms expect YouTube is not allowed if found anybody in this activity, without written permission, we can take strong legal action against them. #FacebookAccountForget #LoginFacebook
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