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Runnin' Sets Ep. 30: STREET FIGHTER x TEKKEN! ClakeyD & KillerKai vs. Mike Ross & Combofiend Pt.1

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We are back at the Comboratory, this time with the brand new Street Fighter x Tekken! Names were randomly drawn from a hat (metaphorically), resulting in some intense 2 on 2 tag matches. What tag team overcame the pressure, developed the synergy and was crowned the champions of the night? FOLLOW US! http://crosscounter.tv http://facebook.com/crosscounter http://facebook.com/crosscounterlive http://twitter.com/crosscountertv -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-THE TOKIDO FORMULA-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- http://store.crosscounter.tv Learn the secrets of a world champion! Legendary top player Tokido shares his knowledge and secrets of playing Akuma in this exclusive in-depth 2 hour training video. This is by far the most comprehensive and advanced training video we've produced this far and we're excited to release it to the world. Hosted by fubarduck who serves as an eager student and translator, this video will provide all you need to know to take your Akuma game to the next level. =========SUPPORT CROSS COUNTER========= If you enjoy the work that we do here at Cross Counter, there are a number of ways you can support. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Cross Counter x Broken Tier Shirts-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Save 10% with coupon code: CROSSCOUNTER http://bit.ly/crosscountershirts -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Training Videos-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Trying to step your game up? Check out our Super Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat training videos: http://store.crosscounter.tv -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Head Sets-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Check out Creative's line of Sound Blaster Tactic 3D gaming headphones:http://www.creative.com/soundblaster/products/gaming/
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Text Comments (329)
Sina Madani (5 years ago)
mike ross always has the best shirts
Sohaib Khan (6 years ago)
Yooo get em mike!!! LOL gets me everytime i just hope capcom does something with this game and makes it better since its so damn broken and incomplete xD
Momo Mizrahi (6 years ago)
Clakey said that lol
Andre Stuart (6 years ago)
it would have been funny if combofiend said what character in this game got a boinic arm LOL
msjenlyn (6 years ago)
"I GOT THAT SHIT!!" Me: (spits out coffee laughing)
DjShini (6 years ago)
I keep staring at it, I'd rock that lol
kevinhgame (6 years ago)
6:05 Combo- "I GOT THIS SHIT!"......then gets slammed lol!
Max Lupton (6 years ago)
hugo needs to be nerfed. thumbs up if you agree
AKATheBartender (6 years ago)
The hype in that room is so infectious...I'm buzzing from this xD
HarrisonFordJr (6 years ago)
haha i laughed my ass off at "thats the hart foundation right there"
Phil Cho (6 years ago)
haha mike ross seems like such an annoying person to play fighting games with. but then again i get really loud like that too.
SIKRIBBZ (6 years ago)
surprisingly the only person that looks like they would actually play video games out of all the runnin sets videos is marn just a random thought i had hahaha
TheSnorlax420 (6 years ago)
mike ross' shirt is amazing
krysis54 (6 years ago)
I never knew black ppl drank snapple...LMAO
herban123 (6 years ago)
salty games
MajorBosco (6 years ago)
dat hugo
bootes (6 years ago)
You all realize these guys are friends right? They might get a little salty but no one is seriously angry.
smashbro5 (6 years ago)
PigkillerGaby07 (6 years ago)
nike should stay in SF4 lol he sucks at this game
bottosrob (6 years ago)
wolvzzz5 (6 years ago)
Greatest battle cry ever 11:40
RedGorilla10 (6 years ago)
11:22 - 12:04 ... (o_o)
JTing5 (6 years ago)
Apollyon TD (6 years ago)
@markbuzzinnggg It was "You have no life" mocking what mike had said earlier...still pretty salty though haha
Apollyon TD (6 years ago)
flagged for excessive sodium content
AkuenSan (6 years ago)
@crosshairs13 He's really hard on himself whenever he messes up, so he never relaxes.
halfstrike721 (6 years ago)
@Lipidman0 either way is was so fucking awkward and gross i had to take a shower afterwards.
halfstrike721 (6 years ago)
@crosshairs13 all the fucking time hes so awkward as fuck that i cringe when they show the players instead of the match
pasGedden7 (6 years ago)
Get HYPE!!!
OrochiHankHill (6 years ago)
that set was saltier than a sidewalk on January
faint255 (6 years ago)
was that a just frame kick from Hwoarang?
Lipidman0 (6 years ago)
@markbuzzinnggg He actually said "Yeah you had no life"
@barnstormewtf yea I KNO right? its just flashy, but my 1 meter combos with King are like 425-465, it doesnt make sense to use three meters unless u r setting up a mixup. There is a high damage combo I came up with, It goes: Jump in HP, knee 3 times low MK , super (with muscle buster) it does like 525
u can do cr.LK or cr.MP into MK, EX Con. Kick, cr.MP, cr.HP, EX Con. Kick, Knee 3-4 times then power bomb
Owner of the Internet (6 years ago)
Peter has to sit on the floor in his own house?
Stef P (6 years ago)
what is that combo that King belts out...few kicks, konvict kick? anyone know?
DanAroi (6 years ago)
Killerkai is a serial killer
elvin (6 years ago)
@crosshairs13 He's probably not used to being in a sausage fest. getting bitches all day.
minusxero (6 years ago)
@Elmalab Clakey is Joseph Gordon Levitt Part 2 (playing Hugo). Killer Kai is his partner (Hwoarang).
Elmalab (6 years ago)
clakey is playing hugo?
Elmalab (6 years ago)
which one is clakey and which one is killerkai?
DiggyFFXI (6 years ago)
man, I really can't stand hugo they way he is right now.
dontmindmeimAzn (6 years ago)
@RudeWARRIOR83 whoa man this was from the first week of release. What do you expect?
Lee O Nardo (6 years ago)
If Mike Ross ever appears in a fighting game I want him to scream "PETER I'M SORRYYYYY!" when he's KO'ed xD
Isaac Galloway (6 years ago)
@RolandTheYellow Even better. It was Sodium Fighter X Tekken!
dfg lmnop (6 years ago)
Eliver "I have a Life" Ling
MasterMITSURUGI (6 years ago)
This is what gaming is all about. :-) LOL
yoshicam112 (6 years ago)
I know there is a lot of hate for this game lately, but watching vids like this gives me hope! :3
npooh12 (6 years ago)
@sktrplx true that dude ALSO! im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted: bit.ly/x9LPsU?=vodbt
TheSpeedKeed (6 years ago)
@crosshairs13 Putting it in a Mike Ross way. "Yo, he ain't use to being around all Da Brothas! I'm about to get in dat ass with Mardook!"
chanalex7 (6 years ago)
lol Combofiend smiling at every round lost because he knows everyone knows the reason they lost was because of Mike Ross. >.<
69sins (6 years ago)
Lol "and you are useless".
Chocobuny (6 years ago)
This was amazing. Nothing else to be said.
BCBtheBeastlyBeast (6 years ago)
15:42 "Yo get him Mike! AAAAAAH!" XD
Sandor Sanchez (6 years ago)
"sodium levels rising" 4:15
Roxas258 (6 years ago)
Clakey and Kai are so damn white.
specdotsign (6 years ago)
Mike "NOT LIKE THIS" Ross and Peter "Combofiend aka 'We can't work together, Mike'" Rosas are the new Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage. Love it!
ハンター (6 years ago)
Floor (6 years ago)
Mike "50 Percent" Ross
blkart15 (6 years ago)
For some reason I feel like killerkai takes the smack talking a little to serious, and the others in the room can feel it cause they become quiet when killerkai plays. I guess they're all afraid of his kung Fu skills
Christomonte (6 years ago)
@7foldsin yes! he is lmao
Christomonte (6 years ago)
killerkai always looks pissed off lol
7foldsin (6 years ago)
hugo is so gay to fight against
KeijiMaeda86 (6 years ago)
In every video that has mike playing some game I always here "not like this". That should be his official Mike "NOT LIKE THIS" Ross name.
7foldsin (6 years ago)
@JSedita82 its SPD for spinning pile driver (zangief's full circle grab move)
HafusSM64 (6 years ago)
@JSedita82 I beleive you heard SPD it stands for spinning pile driver and its a move that zangeif and hugo have as well as seth in SF4. Its done with a circle motion with the stick and a button. It picks em up and goes into the air spinning and then smashes their head into the ground.
GainsGoblin (6 years ago)
killerkai with thoose crazy eyes
Joseph Sedita (6 years ago)
what does "SBD" mean?
Matthew Phillips (6 years ago)
Hugo play is boring as shit to watch
kitnammm (6 years ago)
i started playing hugo after i saw their first set. man, he has a lot of potential imo. but seriously though, where the heck can i find a go bananas snapple?! i've been wanting to trying after watching yipes talk about it during the curly mustache tourney.
Scarzig (6 years ago)
4:48 Hugo has fuckin X-factor! Check that Soviet Damage!
ShInKuHaDoKeN154 (6 years ago)
Combofiend's Wall just got painted with his own blood. Mike painted the whole house!!!
DavidGodd (6 years ago)
bootes (6 years ago)
This series of sets is great, except the one where gootecks cries
Russell (6 years ago)
@ashin809 Why do you watch videos that are annoying to you? And then comment? Im just asking questions.
meu02136 (6 years ago)
Even though Hugo is the cheaper than Sentinel, Clakey D and KillerKai completely outplayed Col.CC. I mean who wake up mashing the basic chain? Deserved to lose.
nbtyuiop (6 years ago)
@MuminJumper I think it's a bit past solid
MuminJumper (6 years ago)
God damn, Hugo's looking solid in this game!
g97erry (6 years ago)
Good times,again!!!
Victor Doom (6 years ago)
Anyone else think kai kinda look... never comfortable? awkward as fuck like all the time
freestylem15 (6 years ago)
@DawnShinto Its all about that BRISK!!! 99 cent big bottles!!! (no hate though, snapple is delicious)
Kuya117 (6 years ago)
Clakey Kai for EVO!!!
criminaldonkey (6 years ago)
7:10 dat gootecks
psxsquall (6 years ago)
11:55 dem reads
ThePlatapus (6 years ago)
15:41 Oh god, combofiend is so silly.
prototypeoflife (6 years ago)
@JCrescini87 So he's not cheap, but he has high health, damage, anti-air, poke priority, and throws. Right.
Swsh (6 years ago)
Now this is running salts!
Guibbowzs (6 years ago)
"i hit the panic Button" - Mike Ross, 2012
glennxi (6 years ago)
12:05 the exposure rages on.
MasterCheeze (6 years ago)
poor clakey d. he has a bald spot
Sleezbag (6 years ago)
Clakey "No Fly Zone" D
Paranoid Android (6 years ago)
serously fuck hugo
ViewtifulJC (6 years ago)
Zap (6 years ago)
I bought Soundblaster Sigma because of Gootecks & Mike Ross, they actually make a darn decent headset.
dpgerarddp (6 years ago)
@JCrescini87 but he is definitely is annoying.
cahl1337 (6 years ago)
I like when they take time to actually play in the normal setting i think playing for 8 hours with a whole bunch of people from the FGC and make a ton of episodes off it is kinda lame. Still alotta good stuff though.
CypherZero (6 years ago)
this running sets was really good.
JCrescini87 (6 years ago)
Hugos not cheap but he is definitely S tier. Highest health, highest damage output, best anti-air in the game, good pokes, strong throws. Hes pretty much got it all.
Sodium Patrol 2 (6 years ago)
note the full salt meter on mike ross and combofiend at 5:09
JCrescini87 (6 years ago)
Give hugo damage gems and his bnb does like 627 damage.

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