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How to Know What IP Address Logged Into Facebook : Facebook Tips & Tricks

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Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Ehowtech Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/Ehowtech Figuring out what IP address logged into Facebook can help you see if someone has been logging in without your knowledge. Learn how to know what IP address logged into Facebook with help from a director and producer of media content in this free video clip. Expert: Anders Johnson Filmmaker: Patrick Russell Series Description: Facebook is a great way to connect with other people, share information, reunite with lost friends or loved ones or just generally express interest in a particular topic. Get tips on how to use Facebook and learn a few new tricks along the way with help from a director and producer of media content in this free video series.
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Text Comments (19)
Kate Deagano (3 months ago)
There is no option listed for me to see Active Sessions!!!
Harkiran Kaur (1 year ago)
Would you please make another video with the updated version of FB? Somebody keeps hacking into multiple accounts that are under my name. I have the said person's IP address from my gmail and I am trying to match it to the FB. An updated video of how to find an IP address on FB would be much appreciated.
Video Demon (1 year ago)
It says I'm in a completely different area of the UK
Rabia Maryam (2 years ago)
That was really helpful...how helpful "end activity"is helpful ..now i am gonna click it
ChristopherFrankTV (2 years ago)
Perfect video, thanks.
DmitryDaren (3 years ago)
just click on End Session, you are not supposed to think how it was possible to hack a strong 10-digit password with letters numbers and special characters. Sleep.
DmitryDaren (2 years ago)
+Rabia Maryam At this point I don't know, because it is not known how exactly that happened. Just for clues: there can be technical methods of getting your password, and there can be psychic methods.
Rabia Maryam (2 years ago)
Yes that is the point as well....but how can we protect?
iCroissant (3 years ago)
I can only view where I am currently logged in??
iCroissant (3 years ago)
I'm going to try to hack a guy who hacked me in shanghai.
lee young (3 years ago)
Some bastard was on my account in Spain!
Biji Kurdayetî (3 years ago)
+lee young And somebody in the UK o.o wtf
Partha Ganguly (4 years ago)
Boka Choda
Leonardo Sibela (4 years ago)
Thank you =)
Shora Gonish (5 years ago)
EvilKirby1999 (5 years ago)
My friend's facebook was hacked, and a lot of evidence points towards somebody we know, who constantly gives the guy crap. The "suspect's" phone number has turned up in the "victim's" g-mail account and recovery e-mails have been changed to some of the "suspect's" various e-mail addresses. however, the only ip in the security is the victim's own ip.
Artan Thaci (5 years ago)
I get just the Momentaly didn't opem me the past's
Artan Thaci (5 years ago)
i dont get the ip's i get just : operation systems p.s Chrome ..Android facebook i need this urgent
abdulla al hitmi (5 years ago)
wat about youtube account ?

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