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Hacking a library computer

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Good trick
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Defendingmyfuture (5 years ago)
Didn't work!!!
verizonkeybored (6 years ago)
or you can just create a bootable windows usb disk onto a pendrive and install it on the library ccomputer and get unlimited access takes about 2 minuetes but be careful you can get kicked out
baileydrain (6 years ago)
Here is another way to hack a library computer Step 1. Go to computer that has access to the internet! You will have to put your library card information in. Step two. Download google chrome! Google chrome can be installed even if you are a limited user! google chrome has all the acces to the drivers on the computer. To open programs hidden on the computer, type the hard drive letter. (most likely C:\) type enter. Step four now you can view the folders and files on the hard drive! Good luck!
Stephanie Li (6 years ago)

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