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Vitality Jiizuké | Challenger SoloQ Montage . (reverted)

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(reverted) ► Player : Jiizuke https://twitter.com/JiizukeLoL https://www.facebook.com/jiizux https://www.twitch.tv/jiizuke ► Twitter Effaenrys : https://twitter.com/Effaenrys ► Twitter Elicast : https://twitter.com/Elicaast ► Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Elicaast ► Plays.tv : http://plays.tv/u/Elicast ► Music : Thutmose - Run Wild (feat. NoMBe) https://youtu.be/2TGK7kzHoLc ► Thutmose Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/Thutmose Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThutmoseMusic Twitter: https://twitter.com/thutmosemusic Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thutmosemusic ► NoMBe Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NoMBeMusic Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nombe Twitter: https://twitter.com/NoMBeMusic Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nombemusic ► Splash Art by Riot Games https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/ Photos by Lolesports https://www.flickr.com/photos/lolesports
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Text Comments (47)
Elicast & Effaenrys (8 months ago)
Hey! We were planning for a while to make a video about Jiizuké but we didn't find a lot of plays in SoloQ because he stopped playing right after the end of the spring split, hope it's still enjoyable! If you have any players suggestions, feel free to share.
Masna Mast (6 months ago)
Where is the new video? Shouldn't there have been one recently?
Random Weeb (8 months ago)
Upset is rank 1 and 2 in soloq atm
Elicast & Effaenrys (8 months ago)
I actually started recently to watch Levi soloQ!
Just Myth (8 months ago)
Make one for levi. Dude is in rank 4 rn.
Seven (8 months ago)
Rekkles #3
狼singedGFX (4 months ago)
bad editor!! cowboy emoji
Elicast & Effaenrys (4 months ago)
Hugo Villar (5 months ago)
Try making a montage with the song “I am Defiant” by The Siege
Gyula Bojtor (6 months ago)
Pls do one about Upset. ^_^
I WILL BE HOKAGE (6 months ago)
You should monetize all videos because youtube will always promote videos that earn them money more than demonetized videos. I would say you can have 2x views. If you don't believe check Derral Eves.
Elicast & Effaenrys (6 months ago)
All of our videos are "monetized", just not for us for most of them because it's the song owner who got the right. Problem with this one was she got "blocked" by the label of the song we used.
Masna Mast (6 months ago)
too bad these videos get only about 3 or 4 K views, it deserves at least 100 K views!!
Masna Mast (6 months ago)
Elicast & Effaenrys oh ok, but i didn't delete a comment, it was a reply so it's probably somewhere down there
Elicast & Effaenrys (6 months ago)
saw you deleted a comment' . I don't know when we'll be able to work on our next video.. We already did a bunch of videos outside of our channels so that's why.
Hladno Krvni (6 months ago)
with these editing skills, i have no idea how do you not have atleast 50k subs by now. your videos are amazingly good quality. hopefully riot shoutout will help you get some more fame. GL!
Elicast & Effaenrys (8 months ago)
Unlucky the video was copyright claim and blocked so I made the choice to remove the sound. It's actually the first time since we don't monetize most of our videos or we are just letting them getting the monetization. Guess that was expected for using copyrighted song over and over. Can still start the song at the same time with our video, it's the same :D Edit with music link : https://youtu.be/2TGK7kzHoLc
SupportTheAdc (4 months ago)
Elicast & Effaenrys (8 months ago)
should try to start the music who got blocked at the same time
The wanderer (8 months ago)
guess ill just have to open some random music at the background while watching this...
Elicast & Effaenrys (8 months ago)
Thanks, really means a lot!
Audric Ogez (8 months ago)
its ok, i really love your montage :x i cant stop watch them all.. <3
László Ernecz (8 months ago)
How can be a montage so good?? I love it 😍😍
Quentin BENETEAU (8 months ago)
so clean
Procetcic (8 months ago)
I love your montges but unlike Deonade you don't have that feel where to edit more and where not some parts are just overedited whereas some are underedited (if thats even a word LOL) anyways still great work since you are 1000 times better than me at editing
VICTOR GOSSELIN (8 months ago)
very good as always !
Waiting for uzi's
Elicast & Effaenrys (8 months ago)
I'd love to but sadly I don't know how to get replays from China
TryNTouch (8 months ago)
I really like it
Michal Tkacik (8 months ago)
Haitaish (8 months ago)
Your music choice is incredible!
Seven (8 months ago)
Dream Tricks (8 months ago)
Clean as always , ready for the next
Sylvean97 (8 months ago)
Dayum son where did you find this.
Elias Zanghnaeh (8 months ago)
I am stunned by this quality! Astounding montage!
Fernando Arredondo (8 months ago)
epicoooo amigo
Scimmia44 (8 months ago)
Really nice montage man ^^
Random Weeb (8 months ago)
nice to see another montage from you guys. keep up the good work
Nicola Padoan (8 months ago)
Cool montage, upvoted! Do you accept personal requests? :)
Elicast & Effaenrys (8 months ago)
Thanks. We don't usually because it's pretty hard to find some free time when we want to work on our channel and with orgs/teams but feel free to message me on Twitter if you want to discuss.
Antonis Georgopoulos (8 months ago)
Great work and great editing!Keep it up❤
Dirt RotMG (8 months ago)
Fuck I love these edits. Keep it up!
Just Myth (8 months ago)
spliffiam (8 months ago)
This one was great! <3
Elicast & Effaenrys (8 months ago)
Thanks <3.

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