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The Excellent Adventures of Mike Ross & Clakey D S5 Ep. 15 - RYU ON RYU ACTION (SSF4 AE)

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Mike and Clakey are at it again! This time they go head to head in Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition. They start a friendly game of Horse to see who is the superior overall player. Will Clakey make Mike his Ho? FOLLOW US! http://crosscounter.tv http://facebook.com/crosscounter http://facebook.com/crosscounterlive http://twitter.com/crosscountertv =========SUPPORT CROSS COUNTER========= If you enjoy the work that we do here at Cross Counter, there are a number of ways you can support. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Cross Counter x Broken Tier Shirts-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Save 10% with coupon code: CROSSCOUNTER http://bit.ly/crosscountershirts -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Head Sets-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Check out Creative's line of Sound Blaster Tactic 3D gaming headphones:http://www.creative.com/soundblaster/products/gaming/
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Text Comments (335)
MajorEmptySet (3 years ago)
Mike makes the funniest joke no one but he gets at 9:01 ..... and for this, Mike gets a +1.
sasho (4 years ago)
the miracle of internet - having fun by watching people playing games for fun
DrClawizdead (5 years ago)
Hey no making fun of Mike W!
Babsi Goblin (5 years ago)
horrible playing :D
DrunkenSamurai18 (5 years ago)
wow that guy made it to 226 ryu playing like that?
Sina Madani (6 years ago)
Clakey D seems to be the better player in most of these episodes
OrochiHankHill (6 years ago)
4373fg (6 years ago)
I feel so good knowing that I use the exact same Hori stick that they are using in these episodes
Gerardo Montalvo (6 years ago)
lol that poor ryu at the beginning got exposed
Baka Wolf (6 years ago)
Dude my post is 3 months old and everyone said he left on his own, but Ive seen him back now so it doesnt matter
Sulman00 (6 years ago)
how do you know that? Can you please cite support.
CharmingRogue (6 years ago)
lol Mike Ross, your cammy is sooooooooo bad. I'm glad Clakey knows how to play her, cause he's playing her like the game intended her to be played. Loving these series though, so much fun to watch haha
Adloquium Dubious (6 years ago)
That's what makes Clakey funny, he fits in with Mike with his douchness. hell if I ever met Clakey I would love to be a friend of his. Besides, he is not really a douche, he is more of a funny guy but he just seems like he is being an ass.
Mugen123456789 (6 years ago)
i KNEW he was a pothead.
Mr Reece (6 years ago)
I hope that is not how Clakey D is because if so he is a douche
Mcfat89 (6 years ago)
he was supposedly high during a live broadcast, thats about it
Steaven Fernandez (6 years ago)
What sticks are they using
MarginalSC (6 years ago)
Get Action89Jackson in there.
MDKVideo (6 years ago)
Man, clakey is a sick player, but he never shuts up
broceratops1337 (6 years ago)
Mike "I Ain't No Ho" Ross
ExCoMet VRoSe (6 years ago)
he didnt curse you guys out cause he knew he was being recorded live lol if it was any1 else he wouldve cursed them out fucking scrubby ryu
x3Kittens (6 years ago)
yo mike ross play dota2 with me, i know ur prolly low tier since u played LoL ..... ... .. . but i can get u wins. also i know clakey thinks hes some shit in LoL so if he wants to get on dota 2 and get worked 1v1 mid, im down.
G.Zombie (6 years ago)
Grats bro. Because of your strategic use of CAPS LOCK, you managed to get my attention. How fitting that you would say it's "just a name," when we take a look at yours.
Zeo11 (6 years ago)
Sloppy second round funny stuff lol
G.Zombie (6 years ago)
It was because of certain.... "events" that he left. But yes, you're right -- it's ultimately his decision to come back, I'm sure.
Baka Wolf (6 years ago)
Clakey is rude
Baka Wolf (6 years ago)
Gootecks left on his own they cant bring him back >.>
G.Zombie (6 years ago)
Because it would be horrible if they used an account that wasn't named after the guy who isn't there anymore. O how tragic it would be if their account name were ANYTHING other than Gootecks! O thank the gods they don't care about my opinion! OH HAPPY DAY! Now Gootecks will forever be on the show as the guy whose account was used in his absence. *standing ovation from the maccajoe supporters*
maccajoe (6 years ago)
im glad they dont value ur opinion
Hao Nguyen (6 years ago)
man I rather have Combo then Clakey, at least when combo insult he make it funny and not that offensive. he give props here an there. Clakey just plainly talk trash every moment D: god it's awful, I mean trash talk is all good but every word coming out of his mouth sounds like trash... Fuck bring in steve dammit D:<
BrunoTheViking (6 years ago)
I agree with you. Also I believe that kind of teamwork is essential for any group of friends.
Forest TekkenVideos (6 years ago)
That guy Stolenfaith or whatever is a Tekken player. I play him online alot. He is quite decent. Not great, but capable.
Lavabeast (6 years ago)
Mike"needs a new partner" Ross
FishHookFPC (6 years ago)
I think online HORSE should be its own separate show.
Morty (6 years ago)
Im a hoe, and I find this offensive.
Thundernoe (6 years ago)
okay thanks
soopaflyy (6 years ago)
they are playing HORSE. if only one person fails the challenge, they get a letter. if both fail or succeed, neither get a letter. so far, clakeyd has H and mike ross has HO.
Thundernoe (6 years ago)
what does it mean when they calling each others hoe's that makes no sence is it like a joke or somthing
Rob Dust (6 years ago)
Mike "Errbody's Hoe" Ross
G.Zombie (6 years ago)
I don't condone the use of an account whose name is the name of the guy that is no longer there. FOUL PLAY. Bring back Gootecks.
Don Duvall (6 years ago)
Mike "2 men gettin' it in" Ross
TheLayzeeHunter (6 years ago)
gg guys, Clakey - nice links, Mike - put on your miniskirt and heels and meet me at the corner OH SNAP ST0L3NF4YTH
prototypeoflife (6 years ago)
RIP Gootecks
KyleKiwi (6 years ago)
He died in a brutal accident. Truly horrific.
Vamplike (6 years ago)
Cerises (6 years ago)
wheres gootecks?
Sabin1936 (6 years ago)
He got it so bad he didn't realize it was two men! -- Mike "Buttsex" Ross
HigherDanLo (6 years ago)
but no one can replace gootecks laugh
irving Vega (6 years ago)
oh ok. Thanks
kingmanmillenia (6 years ago)
Yeah when Combo does it you know he might be for real but the friendship there allows him to do it because its genuinely all in fun. The thing about Combo is that isn't like Clakey or Marn and talks about how great he is, and his play is better than the next guy, or how he should't lose. Plus the chemistry between Mike and Combo it that of Mike and Gootecks.
SinisterMinister (6 years ago)
that ryu gameplay of clakey was really impressive but then he started the whole "yeah i'm the best, call me ryu master, bla bla " and i started to hate him again...
maxillain (6 years ago)
much better than sfxt adventures.
monkeyphang (6 years ago)
"Ryu on Ryu"... "Two men getting it in"... "I bet he's salty"..."yeah, Yeaaah do the light one"... Too much manliness in one video...
TheAcad3mic (6 years ago)
I see, it's a spit roast. Cheers.
liamvg (6 years ago)
google..it's a sex reference
TheAcad3mic (6 years ago)
For real, can someone explain what this whole 'H' and Wobbly H shit is about?
AverageGuyTV (6 years ago)
Mike "TAKE THAT H SON" Ross.
Galaxcy (6 years ago)
cuts as in, "takes away from." did you really think that "his cheery attitude" was physically cutting salt? lol, maybe you should hold off on calling people idiots next time.
oneupadvanced (6 years ago)
wow this is way more entertaining than xtekken.
freitasv (6 years ago)
It's called entertainment, good sir. Please take it with a grain of salt. See what I did there?
Kahlil Munlin (6 years ago)
Clakey D & Mike Ross. Clash of the egos makes for pretty good entertainment! The snide remarks to each other are all in good fun people.
NitinGale (6 years ago)
Mike" You a Ho" Ross
Murdoku (6 years ago)
finally some sf4!
Diap (6 years ago)
wow that Clakey D ryu performance was literally perfect. seriously impressed
commentor981 (6 years ago)
mike "I'm a Ho" ross
Johnny Scissors (6 years ago)
What happened with marn? I don't follow the drama on twitter and what not
chiefmegadeth (6 years ago)
He is? The guy just insults mike. and then wants him to lose. so he looks better. great team mate.
chiefmegadeth (6 years ago)
I Totally agree
chiefmegadeth (6 years ago)
why the fuck was clakeyDICKFACE wanting mike to lose. like what kind of a team mate is that. Drop this guy... he thinks hes godlike with every character,hes so full of him self...hes just average TP it's ok when mike/combo fiend/gootecks do funny insults to each other.but CD is just a asshole,in the end Mike/Gootecks and combo always cheering on each other. Bring back SFxT Better when its real 2on2...
Gmork13 (6 years ago)
Clakey so angry/salty/insulting. Combofiend insulting but encouraging/happy/hilarious. Gootecks = Mike Ross's heterosexual life mate. Dump Clakey
Burnt Hombre (6 years ago)
a little sugar is the gateway drug to simple syrups and obesity so ya just be careful thats all im trying to say
Johnny Scissors (6 years ago)
A little sugar makes the salt not taste as bad
Burnt Hombre (6 years ago)
cuts the salt? lol its not butter you idiot
Fail2Logic (6 years ago)
He was getting hit by the overhead every single time.
WhoLenGen (6 years ago)
Anyone else thought it was gief? O_o
Saturnize (6 years ago)
Its just not the same without Gootecks.... or even combofiend for that matter.
EddyeT27 (6 years ago)
YOU A HO!!!!
Putridprudential (6 years ago)
Starting to like Clakey more and more, he kinda grows on you
Alex Gibson (6 years ago)
I think the difference is that Peter is so jovial and witty with his shit-talk, where as Clark is just blunt; it comes of way more derisive.
tazer95 (6 years ago)
Wow, I can't believe I thought of Rufus and Akuma for StopMashing before Mike and Clakey
WhoLenGen (6 years ago)
I hear this Clakey d fellow is some dude named gootecks in disguise.
UBOAF (6 years ago)
That blanka was ass...
UBOAF (6 years ago)
@DHpop072393 What?....option select is not a gamble and a prediction...it pick the right the choice for you
SkullSin21 (6 years ago)
I think Clakey just makes Mike look that bad. And I like Mike Ross, he's the people's champ. Therefore Clakey seems worse or more of an asshole. He's just the right combination of skill and arrogance.
uchihacharles X (6 years ago)
honestly? i dont really like ClakeyD. I know Gootecks is on a break but it really isnt the same anymore... Bring on combofiend n mike ross,
Ngatikuripup29 (6 years ago)
whenever i read "Clakey D" I always think of "Wacky D" of the movie cb4. Wacky d's in the house!lol
Gorionward (6 years ago)
Clakey has a good point. Mike doesn't know enough characters for them to random
jaye star (6 years ago)
Marcus Winger (6 years ago)
Yeah, Clark said in an earlier ep. that he plays LoL. He wins tournaments playing LoL BTW/
MrACeCakes (6 years ago)
Mike "Im a HOE" Ross
specdotsign (6 years ago)
We need more Combofiend.
C R I S C O (6 years ago)
Mike "double penetration" Ross.
williiiieeeee (6 years ago)
Hey, I was just wondering, is this the same Clakey D from League of Legends??
kway26 (6 years ago)
not always though, its boring eversince umvc3 cameout
monolith70 (6 years ago)
Stoned for Life!
Seigfreid (6 years ago)
Nope must be something your end. Open your sound mixer to check your PC volume levels.
Bob Simpson (6 years ago)
When you're fired up on tea and playing with your mates, everything is a mindgame and everything is hype.
Neniv (6 years ago)
Hey Mike, is Clakey D pressuring you to take it to the next level? Next time he reaches for the stick, slap his hand and say, "Uh-uh, no touch! I aint no ho ho!" See ya later!
DHpop072393 (6 years ago)
The gamble is a mindgame, it's a prediction. It's called option select.
inditled (6 years ago)
Where do i get that Avoiding the puddle shirt mike ross is wearing?

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