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The Excellent Adventures of gootecks & Mike Ross #14: CANADIAN PREGAMING f. Justin Wong - Super SF4

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We're currently planning Season 2 of Excellent Adventures and we need your help... please read! http://www.indiegogo.com/excellentadventures Episode #14: CANADIAN PREGAMING Excellent Adventures hits the road, as gootecks and Mike Ross are joined by Justin Wong in Calgary to represent Team USA in the Canada Cup! In this episode we give you a behind-the-scenes look at Team USA's pregame strategy, in what led to gootecks' OCV (One Character Victory) over Team Calgary... which eventually helped Team USA win the entire team tournament! Team USA vs. Team Calgary complete match: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnsBwz2adUc All other Canada Cup matches: http://teamspooky.com/content/?p=932 Special thanks to the 100 Yen: Japanese Arcade Experience crew for filming this episode and Team Spooky for the gameplay footage! Canada Cup: http://www.canada-cup.ca 100 Yen: http://www.indiegogo.com/100Yen Team Spooky: http://www.teamspooky.com Editor: http://www.focusdocumentary.com IF YOU ENJOY THESE VIDEOS: Please share them on Facebook/Twitter and Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/crosscountertv FREE SSF4 STRATEGY GUIDE: Download the Cross Counter Guide to Beating Your Friends at: http://crosscounter.tv You can also connect with other serious SSF4 players and post blogs, videos and more. FOLLOW US: http://twitter.com/crosscountertv http://facebook.com/crosscounter http://twitter.com/gootecks http://twitter.com/thatmikerossguy http://facebook.com/gootecks http://facebook.com/thatmikerossguy
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Text Comments (173)
SexCannonMusic (1 year ago)
everyone was so young :O
Helel Alexander (3 years ago)
Mike Ross and Gootecks are definitely the most handsome gamers on youtube.
Embidd (3 years ago)
Mike "your character is trash" Ross
Nick Alli (3 years ago)
Idk why but this is really like my favorite video lol. I just like how it was done. Should defiantly do more like this.
Arch P (3 years ago)
interesting torso mike ross
Rashaad Duncan (1 year ago)
Arch P lmao
Chris Duncan (4 years ago)
Need more videos like this! Need need need! Wish all documentary style "ish" videos were this entertaining and well put together.
HotaruQQ (4 years ago)
sooooooooooooooooo.. who won? And why was only Gootecks playing and not Mike & Justin?
HotaruQQ (4 years ago)
+Joey Wood oh ok I see 
Joey Wood (4 years ago)
in some team tournaments, you stay on until you lose. So gootecks never lost, so he stayed on and ran through their whole team. It's called an OCV (one character victory) a term mostly used in games like MvC where you beat their whole team with your first character but got translated over to team tournaments.
The Pluto Lounge (5 years ago)
This video was awesome, it felt like mini documentary.  Kudos to the editor, and I hope you do more like these, or even a full on documentary.  
Meat Helicopter (6 years ago)
It was a joke, chill out bitch.
Sir Caco (6 years ago)
I don't know what it is about this video, its so entertaining.
phamhienp (6 years ago)
i already miss gootecks..
throwryuken (7 years ago)
I wish cc would put together more mash ups like this... Throwryuken approves
bobos16hobos (7 years ago)
this was the best clip you've put together that i've seen, still catching up though. good shit.
Masta007Snipa (7 years ago)
Mike "nipples" Ross
Jack (7 years ago)
@theswitcher Justin double OCVed their team bro.
Jack (7 years ago)
@fl1pk1d23 THE Combojack. Combojack is a Cali player. Plays Fei Long.
Quay Huong Tran (7 years ago)
Lap Chi looks like Donnie Yen.
fl1pk1d23 (7 years ago)
How old is this video? AND YET IT STILL DOESN'T GET OLD! I laugh along when Gootecks realizes he got hit with a combojack =P
A Xzeihoranth (7 years ago)
Mike Ross rocking those nipples.
AceDrgn (7 years ago)
@Chiggyization He's a happy, happy man.
Longshot3181 (7 years ago)
fuzzcentralage (7 years ago)
It's godlike... It's trash...
SFCatgirlFanatic (7 years ago)
@baylakerfan Combojack is a player lol
ssjkiego (8 years ago)
@geometricpatterns you mad bro
max johnson (8 years ago)
why is gootecks ALWAYS smiling
dezeethebeast88 (8 years ago)
omg mike coming at justin ryu is classic cracks me up every time i watch this!!!
guesswhoy0 (8 years ago)
justin played him in 4 "casual matches"
Fenton Miliona (8 years ago)
2:16 It's Daigo~Lyke Hahah
murrowboy (8 years ago)
@KingofKH Dota-Clone?! Isn't that Heros of Neworth!? or HON? That's a Dota clone if I ever saw one.
iorilamia (8 years ago)
mikeross man tities a cup
fl1pk1d23 (8 years ago)
I love how you insert the matches into what your dialogue.... Simply brilliant
legoka0 (8 years ago)
lol they were right about jsmaster lol
legoka0 (8 years ago)
@murrowboy league of legends
murrowboy (8 years ago)
Legal engines? Never heard of that game.. I search google, I get nothing.. lol
juju52291 (8 years ago)
@flyLeonardofly US didn't have to fight Japan because of JSMaster's dominance.
Luis de Lago (8 years ago)
who won the team competition? i cant find japan vs usa
2Cups (8 years ago)
good to see gootecks coming back
blah (8 years ago)
@Roquefort1889 that was the dumbest thing ive ever heard........
hamburg1ar (8 years ago)
dammit hurry up and post new excellent adventures!
meelodmmm (8 years ago)
"What's Gamerbee doing rite now? He's probably playing League Of Legends." hahaha that's so dope cause I play SSF4 and League more than anything.
Daniel Durman (8 years ago)
@Roquefort1889 Or I think he meant that they're just like casuals, I dunno just my interpretation.
Blue Lightning (8 years ago)
I... did not get JWong's joke ._. I barely even understood what he said
Joseph Lopez (8 years ago)
You guys should troll mvc2 and tekken and the xbla kof games. That would be awesome =D
Cross Counter TV (8 years ago)
@geometricpatterns for the record, there's nothing about this that was staged. if it's a bad soap opera, it simply means our lives are bad soap operas lol -g
Mellow (8 years ago)
@Snigiro that was just too funny lol Mike Ross is hilarious
Vietnomeez (8 years ago)
I love the back and forth with Ross and JWong he had Mike at a loss for words. Funny because Mike usually has some kind of witty comeback. Ryans just eating up the free entertainment lol I think he enjoys seeing Mike being exposed.
Heart of Space (8 years ago)
@geometricpatterns Gootecks taking like a day to understand Justin's joke other little manerisms show that it was obviously real. They may have just fealt a little awkward with the cameras around them.
amidamaru442 (8 years ago)
@ItsJamRock It was a joke because Justin Wong bodied him super hard, so it was like casuals.
Kaname Tousen (8 years ago)
@geometricpatterns how do you know they were staged and they just didn't say "hey guys lets record our pre-game plan?"
LoL Coffeemelt (8 years ago)
Holy. Crap. I have to hand it to Justin, he is a very smart guy.
Gatz (8 years ago)
Just gonna throw this out there but this is pretty much my favorite channel right now on Youtube, Good job guys, it really is interesting even though im not a fanboy of any one.
Jack (8 years ago)
@geometricpatterns It's being taped for a documentary. What else do you want?
Luke Holt (8 years ago)
Hai's face at 3:42, you can tell he knew it was over.
claypool0 (8 years ago)
Great editing, nice post.
GRRAB (8 years ago)
really great vid
Mastershake1234567 (8 years ago)
yall play LoL yessss
LinkLeoSF (8 years ago)
bro... the quality of your uploads are amazing... and i don't mean just picture quality, from a directive perspective as well... love your vids and your Rose keep it all up!
Tysan Realm (8 years ago)
Video quality is so great, really entertaining clip also!
todzilla26 (8 years ago)
Mike Ross is epic!
kyosuske (8 years ago)
@jw821 I totally agree, the way you guys did this video is amazing.
lordofultima (8 years ago)
@coastalmixx Well, he would just let a level 3 focus attack rip at the weirdest time, and you'd get clipped and be like, "GOT HIT WITH THE COMBOJACK, SON OF A!"
lordofultima (8 years ago)
@coastalmixx Player in socal named Combojack, that should clear up any confusion.
Kody Han (8 years ago)
@redrover3456 I believe you mean OCV. It stands for one character victory. Basically, when gootecks OCVs a team, he beats the whole team by himself.
Halibut86 (8 years ago)
Quality so godlike.
claypool0 (8 years ago)
@MikeyFADE NYC humor
ken123103 (8 years ago)
The more and more i watch this series, the more and more i notice how normal Mike Ross , Justin , And Gootecks are....i only wish i knew them lol
doggpoundDave (8 years ago)
Team USA killed it and they had the personality to boot! wicked shits dudes!
xgooglex (8 years ago)
@crosscountertv If you don't mind divulging, what camera do you guys use?
ShinMike (8 years ago)
que buena saludos desde mexico :)
G Amano (8 years ago)
holy shit, what camera did you use?
El6t6one (8 years ago)
@InfamousShogun One more thing, I can only assume if you don't get why people like him you haven't watched this series "The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross" from the beginning. I suggest you watch that shit right now, drop whatever your doing and get on it. Should clear up why Gootecks is a team NAH and streamonster favorite. Also watch the matches from Canada Cup, Gootecks might not be an S-Tier player like Mike or JW but he's still got skills and understanding of the game.
El6t6one (8 years ago)
@InfamousShogun He's popular because unlike most of the community he is smart enough to try to foster new players and help them become competitive so that the scene will grow. He's done a lot of work and put a ton of information out there to help people learn the basics. He also has helped put together some of the sickest events esp early on in SF4 before ipw levelup and spooky were broadcasting every major. How can he be a wanna be when he actually plays in tournaments?
El6t6one (8 years ago)
1,000 times this. Who does he play I wonder... Akali?
El6t6one (8 years ago)
@PinoyBataa its probably going to be in a movie, this isn't just a regular episode of Excelent Adventures. The fighting game doc 100 Yen had its crew in Canada for the Cup and they shot this. Nobody reads credits anymore.
El6t6one (8 years ago)
@Keldarain you should really watch the matches since they are hype as fuck, Team Spooky has them up. But yeah JS Master was reverse OCV'ing team Japan out of nowhere while they are talking and then Team USA prevails in the finals.
El6t6one (8 years ago)
@xtxoxpxd mad credit to the 100 yen guys, all the footage we've seen from them so far has been incredibly high quality.
Mellow (8 years ago)
@sharky168 what does fatness have to do with fighting games and competing in tournaments? I swear people are so ignorant these days.
Duelingk101 (8 years ago)
4 money matches, I mean 4 casuals.
Burnaki (8 years ago)
Ross: "Your WHAT?" Wong: "My Ryu." Ross: "What about it?" Wong: "It's godlike." Ross: "It's TRASH." Fucking hilarious.
Kirioger (8 years ago)
yo, gdlk call about jsmaster beating mago tho
ThirtyfourEC (8 years ago)
real life doesnt look this good
oSENSEIo (8 years ago)
holy shit u guys are so blitzed
Andy Sanchez-Contreras (8 years ago)
@19TSEliot48 <---Troll, this guy subbed to i playwinner, eventhubs, etc check his troll of a page.
JoshuaMari (8 years ago)
Mike Ross and Gootecks starting to sell out?
warreaper1 (8 years ago)
Gootecks, and this video, are godlike.
theprat (8 years ago)
100 yen looks great can't wait
LaurenceTristan (8 years ago)
I like this down to earth style of films you guys are putting out. Keep them coming please! Really interesting and entertaining.
Alan Aure (8 years ago)
MAN mike ross is a funny dood. and this episode was pretty awesome. i mean sure it was filmed pretty great, but def the pregame strats was very interesting to watch! would have been cool to see the reactions after you guys played also.
IEOA (8 years ago)
@Theocrooks Yes Gootecks is good in 3S. The US Team he was on was able to make it past the first round of SBO 2008 for 3S lol. Yea he is sort of rusty. I agree he did well in the Canada Cup. But a lot would say Gootecks would be even better in tournament if he had played more instead of organizing events. I think he did pretty well against Mago. Some would say Gootecks could have won that match lol.
Meng Vang (8 years ago)
justin wong senses are god like lol
JBhag21 (8 years ago)
New movie. Gootecks vs the WORLD.
rabblerouser (8 years ago)
this is too weird. you guys are like psychic
Theocrooks (8 years ago)
Holy Crap. Justin Wong's yomi is good in and outside the game. He called Japan losing to Canada ahahhaha..
Theocrooks (8 years ago)
@InfamousShogun He has placed well in multiple tournaments. AFAIK He was first known for being good at 3s. He's placed well in sf4 and some ssf4 tournaments. Why the elitist comment? Do you know him? Is that just a judgement from this video?
Theocrooks (8 years ago)
@IEOA Is Gootecks rusty? He just OCV'ed multiple teams. Plus Gootecks is more known for his performances in 3s. He used to be quite good at that game.
IEOA (8 years ago)
@Tiddle6000 Justin Wong, Gootecks, and Mike Ross (Team USA) won the team tournament at Canada Cup. In the singles tournament, Justin Wong tied for 7th place, Gootecks tied for 5th place, and Mike Ross got 4th place. Top 3 was Daigo, Mago, and JSMaster lol.
hustler6t9 (8 years ago)
lol mike ross has tits loooooooooooooooooooooooool omg mike ross has bitch tities!
Tiddle6000 (8 years ago)
did they win canada cup ?
Cross Counter TV (8 years ago)
@KiteStrongart updated description with the link!
Taktiikka (8 years ago)
The Excellent Adventures of gootecks & Mike Ross is Godlike, keep it up :)

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