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10 Reasons Why...Dating Apps Suck

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Screw you Tinder and Happen Em xx @emilyhartridge Fb Group: 10 Reasons Why
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Text Comments (390)
Aaron Mays (1 day ago)
Ty for your honesty
R Pumpkin (4 days ago)
And yet Emily Hart you never matched with me lol and I'm actually awesome 😆
Me Myself (1 month ago)
Well, times are changing. Apparently the concept of "the one" is outdated.
D I (2 months ago)
Love your videos. I totally agree. Few years ago I used a dating site and it was horrible.
tanu sardar (3 months ago)
i love you...
0nem1leh1gh (3 months ago)
Ah Emily, do not destroy the last thin thread of needy people.
Ameer English (4 months ago)
You are so funny
Krypto Dogg (4 months ago)
Women hold the power in dating apps. Shallowness is all you'll get as a result. It's easy to pretend
Alejandro Cordero (5 months ago)
I might just give up in these dating sites.....
Scott Lavoie (7 months ago)
Dating apps suck big time, think we put too much pressure on a date and it screws it all up. I find I can talk to women more naturally out in the real world, as opposed to on a dating site. I'm through with dating apps, time to get out in the real world and let it happen.
Fuck You people
Deyn Parssley (9 months ago)
Hahaha your right chemistry is the only way
ThePoisoned Goth (9 months ago)
Look up the term Cat Fish it will shock you
HiddenWen (9 months ago)
The thing I find about online dating is how superficial and unnatural it is. You are literally just looking at some hand selected photos and a fucking resume to decide who you potentially want to meet. After swiping through some people, I realized how bad it felt just going through people like they were some kind of product at the supermarket...most of these people I don't even know who they truly are. Like some of you said, it's really a place where the most attractive people come to have their ego's stroked or pick another hot person to have a fling with.
Dating apps suck because of you females you’re all a bunch of garbage ass people. Especially white females you’re a bunch of garbage and jerks
supermariofan03 (11 months ago)
Another reason why dating apps are terrible is because it requires you to enable your location, maybe it’s a “me” thing but I don’t want to tell random people my city and my address. Even if you are a sweet person it’s a nervewrecking situation. Also people would ask you for your debit card number...yeah...my debit card number is “Go fuck yourself for asking personal shit like that.” There, try to enter that!
anthony chacon (11 months ago)
You are a woman... Dating apps is so easy for women lol
conecturs (1 year ago)
What about Dave?
Teberer (1 year ago)
Just saw your video, well, how are you going ? Do you have that genuine story to tell your kids, locked eyes, etc etc. you are an attractive woman and looking for or was "a hot guy !". I tried dating sites and meet ups, as you said, fate or not its a matter of chance. some of your points are true.
Jart988 (1 year ago)
You look like a JoJo
Mark Thomas (1 year ago)
Hi Emily, What happened to the 'Match.com' you did with Jessica. Did you get any comeback?
ryan ferrey (1 year ago)
I smoked some 3mmc and I broke out, shit tasted disgusting, I just want diphenidine. maybe a little meth.
Mobin92 (1 year ago)
Because women are extremely picky and the top 1% male gets all?
Fuck you people for making me invisible everywhere
Honestly You shouldn't have a problem finding a guy in a laundromat. Bottom line. You don't need online dating.
Adam Ex (1 year ago)
Yes, dating apps suck. Although I live in Australia, you should inbox me. I'm great. No dating app required.
Fuck you people for making me constantly invisible literally everywhere:”””(
Females are assholes and stuck up shallow and bitches and racist.. Thats why “dating” apps suck. Females are toolboxes and assholes completely and racist shallow jerks completely
midget 4545 (3 months ago)
wtf u ok?
TR3WAY RED PILL GANG (1 year ago)
Stfu bitch your videos suck ass
TR3WAY RED PILL GANG (1 year ago)
Let's be honest fellas. A girl that looks like this ^^would curve every one of us on YouTube right now. The irony of a woman looking like her making this video insults me. She looks like every shallow stuck up delusional bitch on these apps. She needs to stfu and get her useless ass back in the kitchen. #MIGTOW
Erwin Dekker (1 year ago)
So funny
Leaders Speakers (1 year ago)
Entertaining. You trying to be informative or cultivate your YouTube presence retorically speaking..
Females, being assholes and stuck up and just impossible assholes and shallow. The attractive females. Smh females are jerks
Team_Batman85311 (1 year ago)
Trust a 2m sub
Mr T (1 year ago)
She ended up marrying Dave.
Females are assholes 1-10 reasons why dating apps suck! Females are shallow fucked up BITCHES
Prothorax (1 year ago)
You know what annoys me? The word "fucking"
Marc Dominique (1 year ago)
Emily Hart. your very pretty.
Amelia Pierce (2 years ago)
dating apps r so unsafe... effing pervs and weirdos
Don’t forget stuck up shallow racist arrogant bs bitches
Scarlett Taylor (2 years ago)
try At Hello - Safest Dating App
Tom Norris (2 years ago)
Have you ever gone on a real app sourced date? I'm married and have no use for one but i think it must be like buying a book on Amazon instead of a bookstore.
Mr Jihad (2 years ago)
dickish comment.
H1GHD3FF (2 years ago)
The comments below are very disturbing
Garin Goldsbury (2 years ago)
Hmm; my point of view is it seems to be all the women are drunks, drug users, sluts or have kids. So I'm sorry your hot guy isn't funny.
Visceral (2 years ago)
1:50 lmao!
John Doe (2 years ago)
Tinder, Blendr etc. all suck and unless you continue to pay out money to buy credits you won't get anywhere. I am a guy and I can tell you for a fact that the only thing that I find that works is go out into the real world and find someone. I have never had any real success and these latest apps will blend you dry of money.
John Doe (2 years ago)
PS, if you are spending $50 a month or close to it on dating apps then you are better to just save up and go go a country like Thailand and meet someone in real. You will have a much higher chance. Don't get sucked in to seeing young girls on these apps and thinking you have a chance, you might, but the odds are very stacked against you.
Rafael Franco (2 years ago)
Ahahaha I tend not to like these videos, but yours is great! Well done :)
Wil (2 years ago)
If you have seen the hot-crazy matrix this one is a 8-crazy and about a 6-hot. That's why she's even messing with dating apps. Her crazy > her hotness.
Ali Star (2 years ago)
dating apps suck, I message girls and they never message me
Alex Hein (1 year ago)
Ali Star true dating apps are dead
Because you females want wrong and shallowly or dumb choices
Inge Rush (1 year ago)
It goes the other way around as well ... I don't hear back except for those I don't want ...
Aieshoo 1234 (1 year ago)
Ali Star Same happens to me but I am female.
Ali Star exactly.. same here. Females are all assholes
hero mask388 (2 years ago)
judging like?
WarWolfen (2 years ago)
My gawd, that gorgeous accent...Marry me!
Females MAKE AND FORCE a guy to lower his standards period. Females are jerks severely these days. Assholes and idiots smdh
James Allen no. Respectfully,.. no they don't, for me. Not in person or online
Females make dating apps suck and horrendous experiences +AlexanderTheGreat Thank you man.. exactly. Females ARE all fullof bullshit and are assholes
AlexanderTheGreat Thank you, man! And its so messed up that they will NEVER change. Females are to pigheaded these days
AlexanderTheGr8 (2 years ago)
they really do. the females are full of bullshit.
Game glitches 4 you (2 years ago)
that accent is so hot ill call u Laura croft in the bedroom and raid your tomb lmao
Bogusgal (2 years ago)
His nose twists to the other side, slightly.
Aziza Who (2 years ago)
I love you lol your the best.
Aziza Who (2 years ago)
Invisible, Hated, Never Even Noticed, Alone I'm sending you love and light 💕💕💕.
Aziza Who you females are feminists assholes these days
Martin Pozzi (2 years ago)
i f i had send you a charm i would ask a refund
Djaroud (2 years ago)
Ho ! you were on tinder oO ,  I'll go quickly register (paradoxical effect of video hehehe)
Mac 514 Canada (2 years ago)
I agree
Roadkilla (2 years ago)
if you think DATING app suck maybe it's you that sucks
Smartassdroid (2 years ago)
I find it ironic that she makes ALL these complaints about dating apps when the ONLY reason she hates them is that she WONT inititate or make any effort to get to know them. Standards are WAY too high for women. Women judge men like we have to impress them, when most of the women on tinder are boring as fuck, attention whores or actually whore, our options are limited and we take what we can get.
Awakem (2 years ago)
haha class!
David Mitchell (2 years ago)
Comedy and satire is wonderful. It's so sad that our modern education system has made so many people stupid. (Just read some of the comments.}
Bobbel888 (3 years ago)
apparently a new word: "faith"
orando15 (3 years ago)
You just basically have to state what your looking for in a person & also I don't think its good to just meet someone from a dating app & automatically think your going to date if it goes well........you just physically met & an 1hr later your dating..... I'd start off as friends & see where it goes. It still kinda keeps the lovey dovey story since you just met but decided to be friends 1st. Than you guys started hitting it off & started dating BAM!!! I've used a dating app but its weird when some expect to date after the 1st date & in dating ur supposed to be open to each other BUT you literally just met so its still weird.
Aki U (3 years ago)
Funny that the guy doing the boring voice kept making you laugh. Boring guy wasn't so boring, was he? :P
Genius (3 years ago)
can I get your number
Fezz Bralter (3 years ago)
It's simple, women put themselves on dating sites to get the best deal for themselves. If they get a hundred messages and none of them are an upgrade from every day life, they won't respond. We have to understand that the closer humanity is to nature and to our natural selves, the more our biology (Our sex drives) will follow. But civilization is at war with nature. As a result, most of the alpha men who women sexually crave are in jail. Most of the men remaining are objectified for what they can contribute to her like beta men. The alpha men are in jail. The alpha women are not. This is not insignificant, because so many men are in jail/prison. What do the remaining alpha women do? They feel superior to the beta men. They make dating profiles in hopes of meeting an alpha male. In the meantime, they will have fun turning the beta men down. The Human race is out of its element.
They are dumb at noticing “upgrades”, second of all were men not cars! Thats what I’m saying, females look at options not REALLY RARE GREAT GUYS, they don’t have one because they don’t give chances at all to MEET OR KNOW SOMEONE they go off of shallow stupid judging and not finding out.. except for the stupid shit females do notice or want
Awesome Alligator 101 (3 years ago)
Teacher: So what did we learn from this video, kids? Kids: Swiping right on a screen is not fucking love!
Dolce Vida99 (3 years ago)
Kudos that Emily. Nothing like the real thing. Apps and social media can be shallow or distracting. Stay true and keep faith! Love all your videos! 👍
Marçal Dias (3 years ago)
you dont need to waste more of your time on Dating Apps bc the man u have been looking for is me lol ;D
InsubordinateProject (3 years ago)
random thought but beautiful accent
Jonathan Brandis (3 years ago)
Kind of strange when men go on dating sites or apps, they LOWER their standards dramatically whereas when women go on dating sites or apps, they RAISE their standards dramatically. Sorry women, you're not going to meet Bruce Wayne just because you used a dating site or app... especially on the first guy who wants to meet up with you.
Moca Chica (1 month ago)
I don't want Bruce Wayne. I want Batman
Females especially the attractive ones, and also theyA RE racist.. among being stuck up and .. females are just assholes. Its just a fact. The attractive ones. They're assholes.. smdh and Im done settling for fat and black. So Im done with females since white or asian females just aren't ever going to change into humble sweet easy nice not its my world self absorbed one sided narrow mind, blame the male- we dont do anything that you guys say, when its true-assholes.. females attractive white or asian or lightskin, slim beautiful females.. are ugly inside and bitches that cant be told anything. They are bitches yet ignore men who call them what they prove they are by ignoring someone and never responding or even speaking.. females are assholes
wolvorine origins (3 years ago)
+Jonathan Brandis well said
Jonathan Brandis (3 years ago)
2:00 "I'm not shallow at all." Well, this very video seems to prove otherwise.
Lalala123 (2 years ago)
Lol great job detecting the sarcasm Jonathan
Angie the Nanny (3 years ago)
She was being facetious, dear.
theperv01 (3 years ago)
Have u tried alcohol?
Black Cat (3 years ago)
Flying is the best super power with wings of course.
homer23422000 (3 years ago)
Skit #9 was the funniest one.
Peter Canonico (3 years ago)
Oh, my God are you so sexy.  What a bod.  Great hair and personality.   Your the woman for me.  Not really.  Just kidding.
Anthony N (3 years ago)
lol funny
Kitty McFurball (3 years ago)
funny shit, more of that! :)
linkcell (3 years ago)
"So yesterday I decided to fuck them all... and delete them (...)" my heart just stopped for a second there, in the middle. I'm glad you're okay Emily.
Joshua Schofield (3 years ago)
iv fuck you lolpolololllolllllllllllllloloooooooolol
MrMocniMax (3 years ago)
Would you like to have your own wax statue at Madam Tussaud's museum?  
einc70 (3 years ago)
Online dating mehh. U get disappointed. People usually not that honest. U save urself time just by going out. U sort potentials quickier than thru a picture really. Dont u think?
Alex Gill (3 years ago)
Everything about her is immensely attractive and dateable, She probably acts different in front of the camera. If she had the same awesome personality, men would stumble over each other to talk to her.
lThellRockl (3 years ago)
Im sorry i like u with blonde better... You look too much like Angelina with this hair color :P
Once again, I'm one of the classiest things in this comment section.
Harriet Adams (3 years ago)
Do 10 reasons why England is the best
Harriet Adams (3 years ago)
You are really funny and I love your show and your really really pretty
Nora Jandres (3 years ago)
Maybe date a women lol
Lusitanus (3 years ago)
Great video! I tried online dating but I just dont have the patience for it...
Lusitanus (3 years ago)
It is a mistery :-)
I haven't had much luck with Tinder; don't know what the problem is.
Wilson Her (4 years ago)
Emily! Nice vid, and I came here to say that I think you're beautiful and gorgeous :3 it's a shame that I live in Brazil so technically my chances has been lowered from 0.000000001% to 0.000000000000000... (you get the point lol)... anyways, whoever doesn't like you either in dating apps or anywhere else, they don't know who you are and there are millions of other people wishing to have just 1 chance with you ( like me :3 ) I'm sorry for this comment, I just needed to express myself :/
Eric Brooks (4 years ago)
I could listen to that accent for hours...
Georgia (4 years ago)
just go out with Dave Emily 
Group Therapie (4 years ago)
Well said: "shallow bitches"  : )
frogtastic1000 (4 years ago)
Nice eyebrows
Richard Mabey (4 years ago)
Don't know about dating apps,that particular tragedy passed me by.But has anyone seen the new i Brow app for the i phone apparently it helps people make the right choice for the upper third of their face? I don't understand a lot of this youtube business so why are beautiful Californian women including me in their 'circle' am I subscriber bait?
homer simpson (4 years ago)
Its clear your channel is only successful because your looks, had you been ugly or average looking, it probably wouldn't even have a 100 viewers.

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