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How Soon Is Too Soon to Sleep with Someone? - Dating Advice for Women

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THE TOP 10 RELATIONSHIP TIPS NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT: http://bit.ly/2vZgcs0 LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST : http://apple.co/2yG7z8r VISIT THE LADIES COACH: http://www.theladiescoach.com LET'S SNAPCHAT: http://snapchat.com/add/christalfuentes LIKE THE LADIES COACH http://www.facebook.com/TheLadiesCoach FIND ME ON INSTAGRAM http://www.instagram.com/TheLadiesCoach _________________________________________________ Are you seeing someone you really like but having an internal battle of when it’s “appropriate” to have sex with them? You feel a really strong connection, but you don’t want to give it up too soon because you want him to respect you? If there’s one thing that irks me most, it’d have to be people telling women when it’s “appropriate” for them to have sex. You know that advice that says: + Guys won’t respect you if you give it up right away. + If you’re looking for a real relationship, then play hard to get. + Giving it up right away shows the lack of self-respect you have for yourself *CRINGE* Can we not please? As well intentioned this advice might be, it’s dangerous. It creates a fear-based belief that respect is dependent on someones ability to see your worth. You waiting to have sex or not has nothing to do with your self-worth. NOTHING. You already ARE worthy of respect regardless of when you choose to get intimate with someone. With that said, there’s one variable that would make having sex with someone wrong no matter how long you wait, and that’s exactly what we discuss in today’s video. I think people forget women are also sexual creatures and should feel empowered to make sexual decisions for themselves. Please refrain from shaming. In fact, take your shame and judgments you have of sexual women, crumple it up, and burn it because it serves no one. The best thing for everyone is for us to actively rid ourselves of the taboos we have about sex (a taboo mostly placed on women) and retire the narrative that there should be a waiting period for having sex. [DISCLAIMER: This is advice is for consenting adults only of course] Guess what! If your choice is to wait to have sex. That’s amazing! If your choice is to have sex right away. That’s amazing! It is an empowered decision only YOU can make. NOT a choice based off what your sexual partner is going to think of you. Your body is yours. No one else’s. I’ve seen beautiful and sustainable relationships spark from sex on the first night, and I’ve seen beautiful couples who chose to wait. You know why because the sustainability factor of your relationship doesn't come from when you choose to have sex. It comes from… shhhhh…. don’t tell everyone…. CHOOSING THE RIGHT PARTNER! The right person regardless is going to respect you no matter what you choose. But here’s where the real issue is that no one shines a light on. Our ability to trust ourselves. Do you even trust yourself to make the right decision? That’s where the real conflict is. And if you are stuck here, GURRRLLL we got you covered! It’s TLC’s mission to make women all over the world feel more empowered about who they are so they can make EMPOWERED decisions for themselves! So you are in the right place! Let me know what you think of today’s video by COMMENTING your “ah-has” below! We love hearing from you!
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mememeome (1 year ago)
You give such great advice. I feel like you get down to the truth of it
The Ladies Coach (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!
PLEASE No 1 is he willing to get STD Tested the f??? Is she talking about???
Wow, with all due respect, "self awareness" is exactly NOT the deciding factor on when you should sleep with you man. To make it short, you can sleep with your man when he "falls in love" with you. When does he fall in love with you? When his body go through a biological change to a new state (this is another topic) where those love hormones are adjusted to a new level/ratio. And at this new ratio, sex is perceived differently and will encourage (the man) to do actions that build relationship stronger and protect/provide his woman. There are more to say about this, but I think this is enough for a comment. That's when sex makes the relationship strong, otherwise it will make your man start losing his "love" feelings for you and even he still doesn't know why until one day he will leave thinking "this woman is not for me"!
Crazy Life (10 days ago)
Well said coming from a man. :-)
The Ladies Coach (10 days ago)
Thank you!
Jenn Smith (28 days ago)
You are completely right! Those three questions are the most important thing to think about when you are trying to decide. Great advice! Thanks :)
The Ladies Coach (27 days ago)
Thank you for watching Jenn! XX
Violetta Salander (1 month ago)
The most empowering sexual decision I made was not sleeping with a dude I really fancied because I knew deep down he just wanted the worst for me.
YK_Beats (1 month ago)
1st gf made me wate 3mos most let me smash asap
Heinrich Swanepoel (1 month ago)
I found your opinions to be much more enlightening than other (male) influencers on YouTube. You focused on self-choice and personal gratification - opposed to either justifying or debunking stereotypes. I agree with everything you said!
The Ladies Coach (1 month ago)
This comment means so much, thank you for watching and sharing! XO
J.R. THE GMAN (1 month ago)
If she not giving it up in 30 days I'm out! Pussy is special not rare FACTO!!!
Dion West (1 month ago)
There are no rules ....women make men wait and still get left, you idiots better go out and enjoy life .......just protect yourself
jakc3d (2 months ago)
The answer to these questions is strongly dependent on how sexually attracted you are to the other person. No matter what anyone says: Looks matter a lot!
Kyle McCarthy (2 months ago)
damn you fine af 😍 my goodness 🤞🤞
Sanaz Safari (3 months ago)
Thank you for the advice. I was confused and did not know what to do. The question is always in my head. When is the best time?
Nesha Britwood (4 months ago)
I'd rather wait. To me, giving it up too soon seems a little too desperate. IMO!
Joe Jones (3 months ago)
Why are all of these ladies watching videos posted by dating coaches? If they are happy with a vibrator just go and buy one. If some unsuspecting male should come along and show you some attention tell him to go and watch as many Video's about the subject "MGTOW" as possible. That should change and improve his entire life and he will most likely thank you for the valuable information!
Private Private (4 months ago)
I am an older woman so, obviously, I find it kind of surprising that people would have sex on the first date. In an age where we’re supposedly aware of STDs, with some of them being deadly, I’ve got to wonder how someone decides, “Hey, I don’t know you but, you’re worth it.” They haven’t even taken the opportunity to get tested for HIV. Do they just not discuss it or is it something where someone thinks, “Well, you look healthy to me!” People aren’t even that comfortable in the first day of work. So, how do they feel that comfortable sleeping with someone on the first date? I’m not judging as, everyone’s life is their own. I am just curious about the comfort level when you don’t even know the person.
Amanda Akishule (5 months ago)
I think it's best to first get to know the person before sleeping with them.
apurva patil (7 months ago)
hey!! can you make a video on how to be more aware when talking to people in group/ how to interact with people without really putting yourself down/ what do do when you have verbally abusive mother..
andre silva (7 months ago)
The guy who waited 6 months to have sex must have something wrong or just side chicks! Well at least it's good to confirm that women really play games! Just count much times did she says the word "Power" or empowering"
Trumph Hgt876 (1 month ago)
what she said boils down to us men needing to have game, she basically said "do what feels right to you" and this is what game is all about, put the chick in a positive emotional state where she feels excitement and sexual arousal, from there, when she's horny she'll want to fuck your brains out right then and there immediatelly, no need to wait endless dates
Pablo Martinez (9 months ago)
Can you make a video about long distance relationship.
Redempta Nyamanda (10 months ago)
Woooow, i like you, such a beautiful advice
The Ladies Coach (10 months ago)
Thank you!! :)
La la la (10 months ago)
I show myself respect by having sex on the first date because I WANT TO. I love sex and it’s extremely important to me so I need to know right away if we’re compatible in bed. I feel so empowered and satisfied.
Megan Hensel (6 hours ago)
Try not to get a disease though..
Rashmi Mandre (20 days ago)
+The Ladies CoachA
The Ladies Coach (10 months ago)
Yes! It's all about your choice, and what makes you comfortable and feel your best, not about a time limit!
Anthony Appiah (11 months ago)
I have something for the ladies coach; why don't you use your life experience in addition to the coaching? It will be more fun and relatable. Are you shy or feel insecure to use your own relationship experience?
Love Lyfe (1 year ago)
I agree, that everyone should respect themselves. I don't agree with your other point though. Sex is a sacred act and giving it up before marriage is very whorish, unless you're remorseful for it. The societal standards are too low for women in this day and age.
Ari m (2 months ago)
Smh just live your life people
John Doe (7 months ago)
What about every living thing that doesn't have government issued pieces of paper that say both spouses names on it before reproducing.
La la la (10 months ago)
Love Lyfe please stfu and go back to 1818 where you belong because the rest of us are living in 2018
Wayne Hodges (1 year ago)
You usually give good advice for not only women but men could learn something here too but in this situation to a certain extent I have to disagree,
La la la (10 months ago)
Wayne Hodges WRONG
The Ladies Coach (1 year ago)
Thank you for watching though! We appreciate you.
Kristy Petersen (1 year ago)
Every Man and woman should watch this!! LOVE it!!
Ashy Bryant (1 year ago)
Love this, I agree 💯 you’re so wise to this stuff. I’m just gonna keep following you and only hope I get half as much knowledge! 🙌🏼 thanks for sharing 💖
The Ladies Coach (1 year ago)
Thank you for watching Ashy!! XOXO
Ashley Greer (1 year ago)
I slept with my boyfriend on the very first date because we felt like it! Great decision, we had a great night. And we've been in a relationship for 2 and a half years now!
Little Miss (1 year ago)
90 day rule
Leann2.0 (1 year ago)
This is 100% true any real man out there can spot a women who loves herself and is confident and theres nothing ugly about making love. ❤️
sssbrier S (1 year ago)
by far i swear to god lol you have given me the best advice.i like it that you always come from a place of freedom openness and at the same time awareness.i love it that you never tell anybody what to say or do which is the worst way of doing it.you always go for the root of the problem or thinking.and youre so prettttyyy love u :))
Melissa Marie (1 year ago)
When you are married.
La la la (10 months ago)
LivingInJMJ wrong. First date.

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