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Runnin' Sets Ep. 28: STREET FIGHTER x TEKKEN! Gootecks & Link vs. ClakeyD & KillerKai

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We are back at the Comboratory, this time with the brand new Street Fighter x Tekken! Names were randomly drawn from a hat (metaphorically), resulting in some intense 2 on 2 tag matches. What tag team overcame the pressure, developed the synergy and was crowned the champions of the night? FOLLOW US! http://crosscounter.tv http://facebook.com/crosscounter http://facebook.com/crosscounterlive http://twitter.com/crosscountertv -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-THE TOKIDO FORMULA-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- http://store.crosscounter.tv Learn the secrets of a world champion! Legendary top player Tokido shares his knowledge and secrets of playing Akuma in this exclusive in-depth 2 hour training video. This is by far the most comprehensive and advanced training video we've produced this far and we're excited to release it to the world. Hosted by fubarduck who serves as an eager student and translator, this video will provide all you need to know to take your Akuma game to the next level. =========SUPPORT CROSS COUNTER========= If you enjoy the work that we do here at Cross Counter, there are a number of ways you can support. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Cross Counter x Broken Tier Shirts-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Save 10% with coupon code: CROSSCOUNTER http://bit.ly/crosscountershirts -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Training Videos-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Trying to step your game up? Check out our Super Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat training videos: http://store.crosscounter.tv -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Head Sets-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Check out Creative's line of Sound Blaster Tactic 3D gaming headphones:http://www.creative.com/soundblaster/products/gaming/
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Text Comments (217)
retnuHDJ (6 years ago)
3:45 - How baked is that guy? lol. Whats the score? 1-0.... He looks stoned anyway haha. Good stuff
DragonPunch2theFace (6 years ago)
why doesn't the ling player use her cheap juggle that you can spam repeatedly, i've seen it in heaps of youtube videos just keep kicking them up in the air with her special stance
Dogs N Hogs (6 years ago)
我喜欢link.他是不同. I really like Link's playstyle. He chooses characters I've never really seen get used before.
seanbondconnery (6 years ago)
that's why gootecks left lol
blazinboi031 (6 years ago)
I have yet to play this game but hugo seems overpowered. 50 % combos lol
SP1rAlinGDowN (6 years ago)
Hugo is fucking broken.
KingNaesala (6 years ago)
Also comes packed a fair bit of whine, too.
Ron Romano (6 years ago)
it's street fighter third strike all over again!
Anthony Carrera (6 years ago)
killerkai is wack
Zetta Zorched (6 years ago)
Damn, grapple characters much?
Prune Tracy (6 years ago)
Yeah, and that thing that Ken keeps doing? Shoryuken or something? Get rid of that shit!
Dennis iNSOMNiAQ-. (6 years ago)
If you know how 2 do the Mist Step constantly it isnt hard at all ... I dont even know its a 1 Frame Link lol I can do 5 EWGFs in the corner and its really rare that one of it misses
IRV316 (6 years ago)
If you consider multiple EWGF's in one combo which all require 1 frame links easy then you are crazy
Dennis iNSOMNiAQ-. (6 years ago)
Alot of execution ? You kiddin me ... i main Kaz and his combos are easy as hell ... Btw. using EX Backbreaker is a waste of meter ... I would rather use the EX Version of the Armored Punch and Tag into Partner . 2 Bars for 850+ Damage (Depends on 2nd Character)
Amante (6 years ago)
Hugo is more or less this game's Sentinel -- high health, high damage, and easy to play on the surface, so people are freaking out because almost no one has learned the intricacies of the game yet. While it's unlikely Hugo will ever be completely non-viable, mark my words: he will NOT be considered top tier once the game is more established.
IRV316 (6 years ago)
@keroberus2 Ok Kazuya has no good high low mixups and characters that have good lows give him hell the only thing overpowered about Kazuya is his damage but his combos require alot of execution so hes not overpowered.
Pabel casimiro (6 years ago)
Grab that bitch? CALL KOTAKU
SurroundedByLags (6 years ago)
Gootecks looks like hes on some major drugs
RELLlK (6 years ago)
HOLY F*CK dat Xiayou backdash O_O
ScytheDragon (6 years ago)
AuBeastIII (6 years ago)
ever notice how capcom makes characters big characters have high health and high damage while average and small characters get lower health and low damage cause that fair
Kelberoth (6 years ago)
6:46 duration? this will suck
toxic025 (6 years ago)
Hugo doing 1 combo that takes 55% of health, not overpowered at all
TheNewDemoman (6 years ago)
CLAKEY D holdin it down
TheNewDemoman (6 years ago)
@th0mez IKR he may be ass, but his assness is so great, you cant fight it, truly skill
Samuel Ribeiro (6 years ago)
Hey this Link is kinda toasted...kinda black
Stef P (6 years ago)
Gooteks was maaddddddd
T R (6 years ago)
hahahaha clakey d has the stupidest hugo i have seen.props
JuneauGamingBox (6 years ago)
Quickest Runnin' Sets, Ever.
vichetisicky (6 years ago)
You know what I haven't seen? Hugo vs Hugo o-o
Christomonte (6 years ago)
hugos sooo good
Spectre Jordan (6 years ago)
Man, fuck Hugo.
AverageGuyTV (6 years ago)
@bomberdudeify That is the longest run on sentence in the history of time.
OrbitOnceAround (6 years ago)
wow I wouldn't gootecks, that was just rape. I'm surprised nobody picked Jin or Kazuya
bomberdudeify (6 years ago)
@laxwithme whao boy calm your little attitude down they not playin for money or a prize it's runnin sets for fun this game was made to have fun like all video games so watch your anger and yes the game is new and this is my opinion just like the other thousands of ppl who say the same thing about Hugo so who do u think you are cussing at me boy your a nobody.
JCrescini87 (6 years ago)
Hahah ClakeyD such a ball hog
TheVardek13 (6 years ago)
@stevend24 I absolutely agree with you! ^^
Thienthan (6 years ago)
Killerkai all left out!
RagingWolf (6 years ago)
Shout-outs to Iron Sheik!
Jordan Cook (6 years ago)
Skub (6 years ago)
@bomberdudeify punctuation.
Failingsphere (6 years ago)
WESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSKERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !! ....Oh wait wrong game..... HUGOOOO ! CLakey D def went in hard though =) That R Kelly was hype at least i know i was.
bomberdudeify (6 years ago)
I thought this was a team effort game not letting his partner have fun at all while he uses that big retard and does 1 combo and spams claps and has super armor long reach on his jab and sweeps then need to add more frames on his jabs and more recovery time on that clap thts no fair that u can get trapped in block stun in the conner u can't even punish him either let him keep his damage but at least let us punish him on block and get rid of that back breaker confirm from a BD it's dumb
Russell (6 years ago)
Ohhhhhhhhhhh That was Too funny.
Junpei_ (6 years ago)
goddamn Clakey's Hugo
murkdd (6 years ago)
Superman dat ho bahahahaaha
kway26 (6 years ago)
gootecks is so salty
Nick Haley (6 years ago)
@Ram3nf0x668 The difference is Zangief was quite a bit slower than most other SF characters.
Nick Haley (6 years ago)
@t4bk3y The whole reason I mentioned that I have not played the game is to let people know that my post is not as informed as it could have been. But looking at videos of people playing it really does appear like he needs some for of MINOR nerf. Maybe slow him down a bit or make him do slightly less damage. You have to admit that him killing Gootecks' Rolento in a total of 10 moves is pretty fast. I think the issue is his speed. He can just put insane pressure on supposedly faster characters.
CHEF KEV (6 years ago)
@nick585 thats like calling zangief OP cause he can 2 shot people..
t4bk3y (6 years ago)
@nick585 How about you actually play the game before you go spouting off uninformed shit like this. This game is still in it's infancy, so it's not yet possible to say with any certainty who is and isn't a strong character. Characters like Hugo (big, slow guys with high damage output) tend to seem really good in the early stages of a game's life then get worse as time goes on and people find ways to avoid their gimmicks.
schweedy1985 (6 years ago)
@nick585 The thing is, he's OP in the same way the sentinal was "OP" in the beginning of mvc3. He has high health, does high damage, and is easy to use. But in no time, once people learn how to better exploit him he'll be easy to deal with for most of the cast. People blew sentinal way out of proportion, and hugo isn't anywhere near as bad as sentinal was. He'll still be high tier, but not top tier, or OP.
ZoneXXL (6 years ago)
xiaoyu's style fits street fighter well
MengoMango (6 years ago)
Clark is hot... sorry.
forbiddenXsanctuary (6 years ago)
In every Capcom fighting game there's always a character thats OP'd.
Nick Haley (6 years ago)
@jSOPURE sure thing. I do hope to get the game at some point but since I'm living on a University student's budget so it will have to wait for summer. Which is why I;ve been watching a lot of these videos. Cheers.
jSOPURE (6 years ago)
@nick585 Agree to disagree. You should buy the game. It's great.
Daywalker (6 years ago)
Hugo with that Soulja Boy @5:51. Superman that ho...
Nick Haley (6 years ago)
@jSOPURE Like I said my opinion is not the most informed. However I disagree with your comparison because if you do not see the movie you are missing almost 100% of it (with the small exceptions of what people may tell you about it or what you have read). However with a game I can judge what I am seeing even though I am not personally controlling it.
jSOPURE (6 years ago)
@nick585 I think it's a fair comparison. Since you haven't played the game, you are watching the game like a movie. Hence, a youtube video? Hugo is an awesome character and his damage output is amazing but he's hardly OP. I myself am trying to still main him or fit him onto my team.
Nemonstitch (6 years ago)
Man, remember all those other games where having high hp and doing high damage put you on the top of a tier list? Oh wait...
Nick Haley (6 years ago)
@jSOPURE That's a terrible comparison. A movie is only audio and visual, seeing it is the only way to experience it. This is a video game, I can see it, hear it, and have input in what happens in it. I personally have not played it so clearly my opinion is not the most informed, however from what I have seen the character covers massive space, does huge damage, has high health, and has pretty decent speed. The only negative he appears to have is his hitbox.
Ryan Zuvich (6 years ago)
Seriously, Hugo isn't that OP lol. Right now, is he scary? Yes. But i feel like hes gonna be just like sentinel. When Vanilla marvel 3 dropped everyone was on the sentinel bandwagon, and now very few people use him. I feel Hugo will have the same thing happen to him. Hes not that good. But hes just SCARY. When hes clapping you and doing all this shit to you in the corner, its scary. But once people figure out how to beat it, hugo will be free.
shmanti (6 years ago)
The tears are flowing in the comments
jSOPURE (6 years ago)
@nick585 Hard to consider your opinion if you've never played the game before. That's like having an opinion on a movie you've never seen before.
tazer95 (6 years ago)
Wow, this video makes it clear that Hugo is mad OP. One 8 hit combo of his did 50% damage to Rolento, and then when Gootecks spit out an 18 hit combo on Hugo, Hugo still has 80% health. He has a massive hitpool and does massive damage.
Cat and Monkey Gaming (6 years ago)
@obsiosiris "unpatched" Sentinel would be a slightly better comparison. (Hugo with 2 life bars... ugh...)
malik11212 (6 years ago)
capcom needs 2 change dat 2 120 sec -__-
obsiosiris (6 years ago)
lmao at how OP hugo is, its like pheonix all over again
Randall C (6 years ago)
Broken Hugo lol.
Nick Haley (6 years ago)
@Mezc0 I think the issue is that the hit box is really the only serious negative about Hugo (I am by no means some kind of fighting game pro, just something I've observed). He has huge range, huge power, a ton of health and is pretty fast for a character his size.
Chris Babaganoosh (6 years ago)
Hugo always claimed he was Numbah Wan, he's finally proving it.
Dave Grouwe (6 years ago)
@nick585 Ey yo ONLINE WARRIOR
Dee Gurz (6 years ago)
@nick585 T.hawk is tied for first in health and can do 65% of a character's life in one move. And el fuerte can kill an opponent with only one combo, meterless. Obviously these characters are OP, right? Right? In all seriousness, I think Hugo is better off than both of these characters, but to say that damage and health are what make a character broken is fucking dumb.
EvanDaWickeD (6 years ago)
Hugo makes me SALTY!
Mjdemon (6 years ago)
im already tired of seeing ppl play Hugo
TheSpeedKeed (6 years ago)
@nick585 Hey, gotta have some type of pro to make up for the con of having a massive ass hitbox.
ms03878 (6 years ago)
@MrSloopful That uses an assist so it's not a single character combo.
Phoenix Steel (6 years ago)
What I didn't like was, "I didn't even jump, I just backdashed!" Hugo's Torture Rack is ridiculous.
Mattwi (6 years ago)
@nick585 Yea you cant zone him out easily or anything. and its not like raven or ryu are way better. you just dont know how to fight him. people said sentinal in mvc3 was op so they nerfed him. then about 2 months later people found out how to fight him. now he sucks really bad.
AcidGlow (6 years ago)
Hugo needs a nerf to damage or to his palm/tackle so you can't link 3 specials after it.. retarded for a "no meter" combo.. Maybe his palm should have more pushback so you can't link anymore Cr MP to it anymore after the first one. Or if you want the juggle you gotta use cr, MP into tackle then do the remainder but as it stands he is clearly overpowered with that simple combo.
meteor22 (6 years ago)
@SyferOnline I know that infinite with Kazuya would have had me pissed off to.
BasedSif (6 years ago)
"I didn't do anything though!" "You're on my team~" xD
Diego Queiroz (6 years ago)
If they were using damage gems...
blackghost1791 (6 years ago)
@Nuance6 hes a grappler grapplers always hit hard
therealTHEyTOOKMyJOB (6 years ago)
Super ClannnnkyD....yup i said That
SrKingKuma (6 years ago)
I DEMANd MOAAAAAR!!! Please and thank you.
T.M. Samuels (6 years ago)
@TheEndlessObsession LOL
Kenneth Massey (6 years ago)
hugo fraud character of the century
Vamplike (6 years ago)
Coolest looking group of nerds ever.. lol. They look like normal dudes..
JML013 (6 years ago)
So much sodium building up in Gootecks! HUGO OP!
TexasPower (6 years ago)
If you guys think Hugo is op, you should of witnessed Cross Counter Invitational yesterday.. Sodium levels exceeding bandwidth..
UltimatePotato (6 years ago)
@CosmicGiggalo The community still thinks Hugo > Raven, and that's who Capcom will be nerfing in the future because the community is always right. ...right?
UltimatePotato (6 years ago)
@Elmalab You are right. A-tier is better than A+++ and S tier
Elmalab (6 years ago)
@UltimatePotato acording to early tier-lists raven is S-tier with ken and ryu. rolente a+++ and hugo "only" a.
Elmalab (6 years ago)
@FxckCensors the gran khali had his debut in 2000. the character of hugo first appeared 1989 in final fight
UltimatePotato (6 years ago)
Capcom should nerf this Hugo character. He is incredibely overpowered, while underdogs like Riddi..I mean Raven don't have nearly as many tools. They should also give Rolento a machinegun and put Wesker in the game.
rollerkas (6 years ago)
3:40 Super Salty Face Alpha Strike Dash Turbo Tournament Edition! Awesome videos guys! Keep up the good work.
Filthy Casul (6 years ago)
Hugo is not broken, neither is gief. Stop being bad and learn to zone them out with your characters or a counterpick.
Nuance6 (6 years ago)
lol hugos dmg is so bs

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