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How to Send a Private Message on Facebook

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In this Video Tutorial I'll walk you through the steps to send a Private Message to someone on Facebook. You'll also learn about Instant Messaging, Group Messages and your Other Inbox on Facebook that you probably didn't even know you had.
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D H (12 days ago)
Great video. Thank you.
Shahzad Rao (2 months ago)
Thanks very useful information for me well done
Paula Satterfield (3 months ago)
I have recently tried to send emails on a human interest story of a 15 year old teenage student from Hunting WV that has for the last 2 and 1/2 months been in Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus Ohio. Wade Smith, the son of Robert and Elizabeth Smith has been battling a rare heart condition, Cardiomyopathy, after he contracted a rhinovirus. He is in need of a Heart Transplant and I would like to find the family a National Platform to help with their cause. My name is Paula Satterfield and I can be reached at 1-304-363-8360. I can get you all the info you may need if you pick up Wade’s stories. Please help this family. They need emotional, mental, psychological, monetary help of any kind. Thank you for your time. I pray to hear from an associate at FOX NEWS.
Quabledistocficklepo (4 months ago)
I don't see "Message" or "New Message" on my Facebook screen.
John Henley (5 months ago)
Hello, can you please update this vid, thx.
talat hussain (5 months ago)
help me
Gary Chan (6 months ago)
how to do it on mobile device
on mine it does not say messages it says messenger
Protector Drone (7 months ago)
facebook took a turn for the worse. A guy is threatening to commit suicide so I send his family a message telling them to look at his posts and showing my concern and seeing if they can get him some help, but it gets put into their spam folders so they don't see it.. I then report his post and FB automated message tells me to call a suicide prevention line and I don't own a phone, so then I try and add his family so that I can tell them about his posts and his family remove the ability to add them now as they saw my invite from some stranger and got annoyed.. then few hours later i'm blocked out of my account from sending invites to people that I don't know... mean while the guy in their family is cutting himself up in his bedroom.
Eli Gaiz (7 months ago)
For me it doesn't work I have two accounts and I tried to send message in simple way and the way you should on your video and I got the same way message.And I like to know how to send message that person would see directly on his Inbox in the same way as I would be friends with him.
Res (7 months ago)
I just love how you use your sister as an example for tutorials in facebook messaging. Haha
BANE KITTY (7 months ago)
I'm pleased to see few trolls. Can't stand online tough guys. Peace!
Norma T (9 months ago)
I understand what you are saying, thank you so much.
Ajith Kumar (9 months ago)
Is it not possible with mobile
Nancy Lane (10 months ago)
this does not work for me messenger not listed cannot send messages, must be too old
Chris Martin (10 months ago)
I am an admin for a group. Is there a way to send a message thru Messenger or anyway to all my group members
Jarrold Bates (11 months ago)
Too much bs. just want to send a simple private message.
BANE KITTY (7 months ago)
Jarrold Bates then I guess you should look else where......
mathius witty (11 months ago)
i wish u the best my friends
Eugene Dubreuil (1 year ago)
says my file is to long
Connie Johnson (1 year ago)
your how to was fine but you described what this is and that does. prefer you just tell us how.... then point out the important info to the least then other avenues. Thank YOu
just knowledge (1 year ago)
Nice tutorial.you sweet voice and clear accent.
Virtual voice86 (1 year ago)
Thank you for your video
Frost (1 year ago)
Bitch this video does not need to be fucking 6 minutes long.
k 7 (1 year ago)
I have a mobile
cg plott (1 year ago)
6+ minutes... Really?
BANE KITTY (7 months ago)
Yes, yes it is. Any other questions?
Stephen Jones (1 year ago)
"Messages" are not shown on any Facebook page I look at. :(
james cox (5 months ago)
How about "Messenger?" Didn't Facebook's Messenger App. come out about the time she seems to have uploaded this video. Does this dovetail?
David Spector (1 year ago)
I don't have 'Messages'. I have 'Messenger'. I'm lost. Otherwise, I learned a lot.
Denise T (1 year ago)
Easy to understand tutorial. Thanks.
Yusuf Hersi (7 months ago)
Denise T yhùgfyggcnbyivgoh5xjfghuyuugjgtuuyugfhgghgh yyyúuyuuuùuuuyv8jdufhjjhjhbhjijikoiiokķîphhb8n9j9hj
You're welcome, Denise. So happy to hear that. Be Blessed, Audrey
Basan Ghimire (1 year ago)
I have sent you a friend request accept it !
Jamesonthemoon (1 year ago)
hi - thanks for the video ..... I see messenger , but I don't see the Message sign on the left . Messages is in the top left corner of my home page . Im a rookie at using FB . Thanks for the help ! Are "new message" and messenger the same ? if not how do I access the e-mail feature . Im ok at getting into messenger !
Hey there, Yes, Messenger is the same as Messages. Messenger is Facebook's app that was only being used on mobile devices and tablets but within the last month they have added this app to Facebook. You are able to do so much more using Messenger but it's basically still the same...Private messaging, group messaging. Hope that helped! Be Blessed, Audrey
Kaz (2 years ago)
I've been scammed on fb please help find these people
Kaz, Have you contacted FB in order to report these people? If not follow this link and it will tell you where to report them at. https://www.facebook.com/help/199655413426788/?ref=u2u
Allan C (2 years ago)
Can a video be sent with a private message on Facebook?
Hi Allan, Yes you can send video through private messages on FB. If you're on your computer using FB then just click on the paperclip and find the video you want to send. If on your phone/tablet using messenger app then tap on the icon that is below your message to that person and it's right beside the camera icon. That will allow you to attach a video from your phone to that person you're messaging. Let me know if that helps. Be Blessed, Audrey
Neil M (2 years ago)
Stop calling them private. Facebook can and does read everything in them. Call them "direct messages"
Neil, you're absolutely right, FB can read your "private" messages but when it comes to other people being able to read them it's between you two or the group of people you're messaging. Of course EVERYTHING you put online has the ability to be seen and nothing is ever really "private" online. However, there are a lot more people that still think of it as private messaging than direct messaging and that is why I still use that terminology. Be Blessed, Audrey
Carlene Boulden (2 years ago)
What happened to your parents friends friend?
Gary Chan (2 years ago)
how do I do that if I am on mobile device (I don't want to use Facebook app or message app)
Gary, if you log into your account using the browser on your mobile device you're able to send message as if you were using your desktop/laptop. Just go to Facebook on your browser and it will automatically have you on the mobile version of Facebook. Send a private message the same way I show you in this video. This will allow you to message people and not have to do it through the messenger app. Be Blessed, Audrey
kris cruz (2 years ago)
how to hide messenger in my profile? because he is not my friend or friends of friends. i don't him! how to hide?? thank you
Hey Kris, Unfortunately you can't hide your Message icon where people can message you but you can block that person and they can't contact you anymore. Also, not sure if you are talking about the Messenger app on your device or just your messages on Facebook through your computer/laptop. Let me know which one you're talking about and I'll explain how to block that person. It's a different process depending on how you're using Facebook. Be Blessed, Audrey
Michael A. Stecker (2 years ago)
Thanks, but how does one get to the page where Messages and Inbox is listed on the left? When I click on Messages at the top of my Timeline I see a drop-down list of messages, but no Inbox nor New Message button. Is there a way to get to New Message from my Timeline? Facebook is so confusing.
Hi Michael - Facebook changed it up a little bit and when you click on Messages you should be automatically brought to your "Inbox" but now it's called "Recent". Also to get to the "other" box you would click on More with the down arrow beside it and then choose Filtered. This more button is located to the right of the Recent and Message Request at the top left of the Messages page. Hope that helps. Be Blessed, Audrey
Warren Wes Evans (2 years ago)
Between her and me. (object of preposition) Not "between her and I" Warren -- Ajax, Ontario, Canada
james cox (5 months ago)
Right on, Mr. Evans! Where is Edwin Newman when we really need him? This (and all of its variations)is a real groaner; "just between you and I" seems to have become pretty standard, and even constitutes some sort of linguistic social-climbing to many people.
Clarence Scott (7 months ago)
Canadian dick.
Phøenix FøxTail (1 year ago)
Warren Wes Evans ?
thegreenweirdo210 (2 years ago)
I have a question -I'm on my mobile and I message and old friend who's on private and I'm not friends with on facebook. she replies and tells me to add her but we both can't figure out how to add each other as friends because that option doesn't seem available! please help!!
Awe YAY, I'm so glad that worked for you. Thanks for the virtual hug, it was felt across the Internet. :) Be Blessed, Audrey
thegreenweirdo210 (2 years ago)
+Social Media 4 Beginners thank you so much Audrey, you were a great help! :) *gives you a virtual hug*
Hey there! The reason why has everything to do with both of your Privacy Settings. You must have it set to allow friends of friends to be able to send you a friend request. You'll need to set it to everyone. To do this you'll click on the blue down arrow located at the top right of your account. Then click on Privacy over to the left of the screen. Then where it says Who can contact me? Who can send you friend request? click on the Edit link right beside it then choose Everyone. This should do the trick and you should now be able to send a friend request to each other. You can always change the privacy back to friends of friends if you want to. Hope that helps and you're able to connect. Be Blessed, Audrey
Jackie long (2 years ago)
My Facebook page does not look like this so I cannot follow along. Now what?
Hey Jackie, Are you on a tablet or by any chance are you using the app on the Windows platform? If you're using either of these two it won't look the same. Let me know and I'll see if I can help. Be Blessed, Audrey
Barnie Ecke (2 years ago)
hello, i have a problem. i cannot make a comment because whenever i press enter, it doesnt post but just goes onto a new line. same goes for the Chat Pop úps. can anyone help me out?
Hi Barnie, You actually have a setting that you are able to change and that should help the problem. This of course is only if you are on the Desktop and not using Messenger App. From your Home page, click on Messages located at the top left of your account. (It's along the side with all your other options) Once on your messages click on any message as if you are going to respond to a person. You'll notice your chat box with the ability to Add Files or Photos. Over to the bottom right is a box that says Press Enter to send. If that box is unchecked then your message will only be sent when you click on Reply. Check that box so that anytime you want to send a message you can do so by hitting the enter key. Of course, when you say "commenting" are you talking about commenting on someone elses status's or just through messages? Hope this helps! Be Blessed, Audrey
Zane1246 Master of Ice (2 years ago)
Can this work on mobile?
On the mobile or tablets you'll need to install Facebook's Messenger app in order to send messages. OR you can always use Facebook's mobile site by going to your browser on your phone, typing in Facebook.com and then you're brought to their mobile site that acts just like it does on your PC and you can use these instructions. I'm working on adding a video tutorial for Private Messaging using the Messenger app but have a few things I'm working on first. Once I have it uploaded I'll be sure to come back and send you the link. Be Blessed, Audrey
Roy Lin (2 years ago)
basic stuff
+DS-Survolt-1386/1386 Yep, I'd agree, this video is the basic stuff compared to what you're looking for. That's way above my head. lol I hope you were able to find your answer though. Be Blessed, Audrey
Roy Lin (2 years ago)
well, i was actually looking for a tutorial on how we could send a private message on facebook via a Java coding program and I came across this video. It is a good video actually.
Basic stuff when you know it but when you first get on Facebook it's very confusing, especially for the Baby Boomers and Seniors that were not raised with even computer terminology let alone Internet Technology. Be Blessed, Audrey
Donna Allen (2 years ago)
Hi Audrey, What if you want to delete the private messages? Will the other person still see what you deleted?
+Donna Allen You're so welcome and so right. Many of my friends and family did not know about this until I let them know on Facebook yesterday. You would think it would delete the message from both sides but nope! Well at least for right now you are not able to, hopefully Facebook will change it in the future. :) Be Blessed, Audrey
Donna Allen (2 years ago)
Audrey, Thank you so much for that. You know we all have those friends and family that probably like myself was not aware of that. Maybe Facebook will change that at some point. Who Knows. So at this point it takes both sides to keep the chat box clear!
Donna, GREAT question. Just tried it with my sister and researched it and even though you can delete the message from your side it does NOT delete the message from your friends messages. They still see the message you sent them. Seems like lot's of people have thought they deleted the message only to find out that their friend still sees it. :( Keep the questions coming...We love it! Be Blessed, Audrey
Larry Janowski (2 years ago)
There is no "Inbox" on my Facebook page, nor any "message" link that I can see. Has Facebook changed that much since this video was created?
james cox (5 months ago)
Instead of "Message" does your Facebook page say "Messenger?"
That's what we're here for.. to help those that have questions about the Social Media sites. I like how my Dad explained FB, those that have been on it forever (like me since 2008) we know of all these little changes and additions because we've grown with FB. But, for those just getting on, you're tasked with catching up with 500 different changes and it can be overwhelming. That's why we love doing our Napoleon's Idiot Series where I teach Dad the Social sites so he is not so confused. Have you had a chance to watch those videos? If not, we have a lot of videos teaching you about FB. If you get a chance check them out here... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbbnKy5q8XTVClQ1ZmvvIoh7ItFRbk6ZW Be Blessed, Audrey
Larry Janowski (2 years ago)
You are extremely kind to send this reply and explanation. i have had a sense that Fb changes over time (though I have been a user for only about a year). It seems that it could be a bit more "user friendly" as they say. There seems to be an assumption that users spend a great deal of time on Fb and notice every nuance of change. Again, thank you for your kindness.
Hi Larry, Yes, Facebook has changed that much since this last video. I went ahead and added an annotation to the video to lets others know when they watch it but I wanted to let you know where to find the Inbox. When you go to the messages from the left side of your home page you'll see RECENT | MESSAGE REQUEST and MORE. The RECENT link if now your Inbox and to see the "Other" box you'll want to click on More then choose Filtered. This will bring up messages that do not show up in your notifications. Hope that helps and I really wish YouTube would allow me to upload the most recent video I did for Private Messaging but they don't. I can't replace this one I'd have to upload a whole other video which I probably will end up doing. Be Blessed, Audrey
TBrusk Versace (2 years ago)
Can you send a file through private messaging?
Hi Torus! Yes, you can send a file through private messaging. To do this on a desktop you would 1) From your Home page, click on Message towards the top left of the page. Choose the person you want to send a file to and where you write your reply choose Send Files. Choose the file you want to send then send it. 2) From your chat box (this is the box that pops up at the bottom right of the screen when you're sending Instant Messages) choose the paperclip icon and that will prompt you to attach a file to the message. To do it using the Messenger App it looks like you can only send images or gif files. To do this you would choose the person you want to send an image to and then choose the icon below where you type your message for sending images or .gif files. Hope this helps. Be Blessed, Audrey
christoph lieding (2 years ago)
Hey and Aloha from the Maui isle. Mahalo or thanks / I tried to send this video as a email to a friend > somehoe it wasn't valid. Its no biggy but he will get it by himself, or maybe I will try to send him the vid here with FB / I love FB and damn I met a real nice lady from the swiss through that, >not bad</ it makes us both feel good and who knows where it might lead. Good day to you.
I don't know what happened but I know I responded to your comments but I don't know where it went. :( I hope you were able to get every thing straightened out for you friend. I was going to suggest just copying the link from the address bar and then pasting it in the email or on FB private message, but it sounds like you were able to get him the link. Be sure to watch some of the other videos we have up to learn even more about Facebook and if you ever have any questions just let me know and I'll help with whatever I can. Thanks for watching and commenting...means a lot. :) Be Blessed, Audrey
christoph lieding (2 years ago)
+christoph lieding just did send it per private message/ I used to send him small videos by email but somehow it doesn't work anymore/ I think the email-people did not like that, because now they are all to big in bites to send/ so we went to Face-book and now he can see how things are here on the east-coast >>of Maui.
Gilbert Leeds (2 years ago)
Thank you very much.
+Gilbert Leeds you are so welcome.
edward cawley (2 years ago)
OK good tutorial! Now how do I send private B'day messages/cards/vids without them showing up on MY wall as well.I think it looks tacky as hell when I have more than one (facebook)friend 's birthday on same day and I send same or even slightly different "card" to two or three or however many different profile pages only the have them all in a bunch show up on my wall.Sort of a HEY LOOK WHAT ED DID!Tattle tale BS ! >:( If nothing else it chaps the hide on several 'friends' who are in ballsitic mode with one another and now >somehow< I seem to have taken sides in their ridiculousness.
GIRL GAMER TH (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot
+GIRL GAMER TH You're welcome a lot. Be Blessed, Audrey
Max Stevens (2 years ago)
this happens a lot, Mine Facebook isn't the same as the persons doing the tutorials , I have no other box next to the inbox, do you have any suggestions.  thank you
You're welcome and I'm glad it made sense. :) Be Blessed, Audrey
Max Stevens (2 years ago)
thank you for taking the time that makes perfect sense. 
+Terry Holden Unfortunately Facebook is constantly changing so I'm sure aome of the videos you're watching are outdated and of course this one I put together about a year ago and Facebook changed the "other" box. Now if you go to your messages you should see Message Requests and then More with an arrow down. If you click on that arrow down and choose "Filtered" this is that "Other" box. The Message Requests are messaging from people you are not friends with on Facebook but that Facebook thinks you may like to read. Hope that helps and you're able to find that "Other" box. Be Blessed, Audrey
James Washington (3 years ago)
Thank you so much. Very helpful information.
+James Washington You're so welcome. Glad it helped
Anthony Chaney (3 years ago)
check yo inbox
David Lee (3 years ago)
This person is speaking like she's addressing infants. The ad was better than the video. My bet is that she no longer creates these videos.
BANE KITTY (7 months ago)
Welp, was going to crush this troll.....but you handled it completely. Well done.
Hi +David Cox Thanks so much for watching and commenting. Just wanted to address some of the statements that you made. This channel is called Social Media 4 Beginners and my demographics are those 50 and older who have never been on Social Media and a lot of them have never been on a computer before. If you watched the first part of this video I explain why I made this video, because a friend of my mom and dad's who was in her 70's at the time sent a private message to someone but put it on her wall where everyone could see. This video is actually part of a course that I offer online as well as use in many Assisted Living Facilities around the country to help Seniors connect with their loved ones through Hands on Training. As far as the Ad, I've never even promoted this video or paid anyone to promote it so I was wondering if you could please tell me where you saw this ad? Was it on YouTube, Facebook or Google? Lastly, I very much create new videos every single week as you can tell by visiting my channel. I actually do a Series with my Dad, who lives in a Retirement Home a couple states away from me, where he shares his computer screen via Skype and asks me questions about the different Social Media sites. It's a fun series that baby boomers and seniors absolutely love and learn so much from. I also try to do videos that will keep our parents and grand parents safe online. My entire hearts desire is to help connect the older generation with their loved ones through using Social Media while being safe online. I hope I was able to address your comment and if you do have older loved ones getting on the Social Media sites and need a hand in learning it all I hope you will remember this channel. :) Be Blessed, Audrey
reggie90009 (3 years ago)
Just had to thank you for this clear and concise video. Thank you. As a relative newbie to FB, I'm concerned that I might accidentally do something "wrong". e.g. I accidentally made a friend a "family". And now, if I undo it, I'm afraid he might think I'm mad at him. lol.
+reggie90009 Thank YOU so much for this comment! Sometimes I do these videos and never know if I really helped anyone at all, so comments like yours make it all worth it. If your "friend" is a true friend, simply message him (now that you know how lol) and explain to him that you were not sure how the family thing all worked and that you want to straighten everything out and you hope they can understand. They should be understanding and if not...that's on them. ;) Be Blessed and thanks again! Audrey
Dwight Hulvey (3 years ago)
excellent presentation. I hope you are a teacher, your students will be well informed.
Michael Beck (1 year ago)
Louis Campbell
Louis Campbell (1 year ago)
I use *FollowingLike* to send auto DM on Facebook. https://plus.google.com/+NiuBe/posts/FzoAttTJU58
+Dwight Hulvey You're kind words just made my day!! Thank you so much!!! I actually teach Social Media to Assisted Living Facilities, 55+ Communities and Retirement Homes helping the residents connect with their loved ones. I LOVE teaching and watching their faces light up when they see their loved ones on Skype!! Be Blessed, Audrey
Irwin Lakin (3 years ago)
A very user friendly explanation for facebook dummies!! Your info helped me out alot!!!
+Irwin Lakin Thank you so much!! I'm so glad it has helped you out! :) Be Blessed, Audrey
Kathryn Kirleis (3 years ago)
Good teaching! Thanx.
+Kathryn Kirleis You're so welcome! Thanks for commenting and watching. :)
Jack Connors (3 years ago)
There Is a GOD!!!!  Subed and Loved,,,, YOUR The Only One that Make since,, To A Not My 988 Page quick GUIDE!!! YIKES!!!!!!!!!      Thnaks,so Much,,, Jack
Hi (3 years ago)
Great tutorial , explained well!
Ricky Johns (2 years ago)
Social Media 4 Beginners
Hi (3 years ago)
+SM4Beginners No problem! :D
+DopeDoughnut Thanks so much! :)
lea lemon (3 years ago)
hi how to send a message into inbox. who does not in our friendlist . it sound that is normal process u send to friendlist. .
analea1402 (3 years ago)
I see . Thank you. Now i understand
+analea1402 After doing some research I found this statement from Facebook in their Help files, "Because we limit the number of messages a person can receive in their inbox from people they're not connected to, you may not always see this option." the option they are referring to is the option to pay. So it appears that if the person you are trying to message has a lot of other people messaging them that are not their friends, the paid option will not be available. That's the only explanation I could find online and it comes straight from the horses mouth, so to speak. :) Be Blessed, Audrey
analea1402 (3 years ago)
Hi thank you for your replied, i mean to send a message to someone are not in my friendlist. I know it will go to other her/his other folder instead of inbox. But i noticed sometimes fb will said we can send to inbox but we need to pay. N i was curious why sometimes that can been seen n sometimes cannot we cannot purchase to inbox
+lea lemon Hi there and thanks for watching and asking a question. No quite sure I understand what you are asking though. To send a private message to someone in their inbox you would follow the steps I took in the video above. If you are not friends with them then your message might be sent to their "other" box and will not be notified that they have a new message. To send a message to everyone on your friend list I would just write a status so that way they can all see it in their news feed. However if you do want to send a message to multiple people just go to your messages, click new message then type in the name of the friends you want to send a message to. Just keep in mind that any of those friends within your group message can add people to the message. Hope that helped and if not let me know what you are trying to do and I'll try to help you out. Be Blessed, Audrey

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