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Oasis Dating and Singles Review

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Andy Jay (1 year ago)
One of the biggest negatives with Oasis Active is their matching criteria to you. Overall it is pretty hopeless for both male and female members. They do have a criteria setting for Transgenders, Transexuals and cross dressers. But from my research it is difficult to know exactly how this works. But there is a check box in settings to say whether you want matching from this group of members. The hetero matching is poor to say the least. In the matching criteria it does not allow and ignores your requested criteria preference whether you want or not... * someone with a profile photo. * someone with a reasonable text profile.* someone who is a smoker or non smoker.* someone who has children living with them or not.* someone from a particular faith.So, Oasis does generate matches for you including all the wrong people you don't want among the few right ones. This means when you get your matches you have to spend more time sorting them out.You can however do your own searches to eliminate the 'wrong' types, but this is extremely time consuming and frustrating.Another frustrating Oasis feature is OVERSEAS contacts. Yes their is a setting to check to TURN OFF overseas members from contacting you. When you check this button anyone outside your country does NOT have the green contact you button when they view your profile. Therefore nothing to click to contact you. However this does particularly annoy some female members because they hear and see that some member overseas is viewing their profile and members make the mistake that they are trying to be contacted when the overseas member does not have a contact button. Therefore male members can see many female profiles where the lady has written in caps many times NO OVERSEAS CONTACTS when she has no need to write this. Check the button in settings and you're done. No overseas contacts.But it would be far better if Oasis Active did not show a member's profile in world regions where the member does not want to be contacted.
gradowrestling (5 years ago)
hahahahhaha you need your head and your hard drive checked ya big creep
homer88100 (5 years ago)
mate... your mums an ass crack
gradowrestling (5 years ago)
gradowrestling (5 years ago)
You're doing wrong at life mate. What a depressing, lonely little life you must live! Dating site reviewer hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
homer88100 (5 years ago)
thanks doode
66kaisersoza (6 years ago)
6 people had no luck on oasis? ;). I'll give you a positive vote xD
homer88100 (6 years ago)
why 6 negative votes? What am i doing wrong ?

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