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How to enable Facebook chat heads in all ios devices

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Hi freinds today I will show you how to enable Facebook chat heads in apple iphone/ios any device Don't forget to like share and subscribe Thanks for watching Keyword, Facebook Chat heads Apple iphone Enable Lic
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Text Comments (7)
The dude in the video is a bigger joke than the video.
Nicholas Neilson (1 month ago)
You might wanna put Jailbreak Required because I hate people who bait you into something without telling what you have to do first. It's common sense.
Erik Sam Vargas (1 year ago)
on my IOS device of 9.3.2 does not work ... What version of IOS do you have
Itsdare gx (1 year ago)
stealing videos?
Isaiah Kent (4 months ago)
No papa
Abigail Punzalan (1 year ago)
Where's the link to jail breaking your iPhone?
+Abigail Punzalan sorry freind the jailbreak video deleted i will upload soon

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