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Runnin' Sets Ep. 15 GOOTECKS vs. RENIC - 3rd Strike Pt. 1

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You asked for it! Gootecks takes on one of the finest at his most beloved game... 3rd Strike! http://www.youtube.com/renicgaming http://www.twitter.com/renic Check out Creative's line of Sound Blaster Tactic 3D gaming headphones: http://www.creative.com/soundblaster/products/gaming/ ______SAVE 10% OFF A NEW MAD CATZ FIGHT STICK!______ Enter code "CROSSCOUNTER" when you shop for a 10% discount on Mad Catz Fight Sticks and Pads: http://bit.ly/buymadcatz ____________MARVEL 1.0 FEATURING VISCANT____________ Our new Marvel vs. Capcom 3 training DVD is here! Marvel 1.0 featuring Viscant will show you the strategies and mindset you need in order to win more. Viscant is a veteran of the fighting game scene for many years and his Wesker/Iron Man/Phoenix team is one of the strongest we've seen to date. This video is available for download as well as on DVD at: http://marvel.crosscounter.tv BUY MAD CATZ TE STICKS IN CANADA: http://canada-cup.ca http://canadacupgaming.myshopify.com ______BROKEN TIER SPRING LAUNCH______ Check out some new fighting game t-shirts from Broken Tier and save 10% with coupon code: CROSSCOUNTER http://brokentier.com IF YOU ENJOY THESE VIDEOS: Please share them on Facebook/Twitter and Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/crosscountertv DOWNLOAD THE BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 STRATEGY GUIDE: The Beginner's Guide to Marvel vs. Capcom 3 by Hunter Smith is now available! If you've been struggling to win against your friends or other opponents, this is a must-read. It covers fundamentals like terminology and team building and is available as a free download on the Cross Counter web site: http://crosscounter.tv Also, check out the brand new one-of-a-kind 90 minute Cross Counter Guide to Ryu featuring AIR! Available on YouTube, as a free torrent or for purchase on DVD and Direct Download! Visit http://crosscounter.tv for details! FOLLOW US! http://facebook.com/crosscounter http://twitter.com/crosscountertv http://twitter.com/gootecks http://twitter.com/thatmikerossguy
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Text Comments (460)
RandomBananaSalad (4 years ago)
C1ty Baka (4 years ago)
Ro G (5 years ago)
I miss this cross counter :/
Wynn Helm (5 years ago)
ITV: Renic plays Alex like it's a Ken matchup instead of a Urien one and gets waxed :(
Revenant (5 years ago)
kuroda is not mention as one good character, because he's god with every character
Banthis89 (5 years ago)
only good? lol
Banthis89 (5 years ago)
kurodas akuma has to be the best if not definitely top 2 atleast
Firestrom1 (5 years ago)
Yeah Bucklesmybuckles has videos of the event from 2008 on his page or you could even check out the video of Kuroda vs Ino which is a good set of good Japan players
Firestrom1 (5 years ago)
Shocked I heard no mention of Kuroda as top Akuma in 3s, people haven't seen his work in Tougeki 2008 ?
mikbravo (5 years ago)
RX or Ushi!? from Japan are highly regarded as the best Urien. I always thought Yuki Otoko, Uraken, or Jiro as the best Akuma. JR is good but he doesnt try to be flashy.
MerovingianBlood (5 years ago)
sorry but they're far from that, but yes they are good
Loot (6 years ago)
he's good but he's no RX!
doghands (6 years ago)
9:11 that parry
TheApatheticGuy (6 years ago)
Renic just looks like white Gootecks. It's eerie.
airthrow (6 years ago)
I see what you did there.
Karl Andersson (6 years ago)
Play Third Strike. It's a good game.
smashbro5 (6 years ago)
Haha I guess you didn't get the reference. RX is an amazing Japanese Urien player, and Gootecks is also playing Urien.
Average Man (6 years ago)
I'm a nobody and I got an S on the original X-box live man 0_o ... You can do it ^-^ !
smashbro5 (6 years ago)
Goo-RX? (I wonder if anyone understands this)
Marcel Hoffman (6 years ago)
I wanna know what rank they get because when I play and win the highest rank I usually get is like a D+. The highest Ive ever had was a C++ haha
OMGIWuvPudding (6 years ago)
Where can I find that Felicia Shirt now?
noless (6 years ago)
why is this important to point out? americans are so fixated on race.
ChikoWhat (6 years ago)
*Start of video* OMG SF3 on CC? I wanna see some Gooey Urien Rape. *After Video* That was beautiful... sniff...
Bob Simpson (6 years ago)
That's the joke.
Mr.Roach (6 years ago)
High level PLAY!Nice.
Bear Boulder (6 years ago)
So... Filipino?
frostyliciousmayne (6 years ago)
So much execution and smart technical decisions.
herban123 (6 years ago)
some good ass parries
heydera1 (6 years ago)
Hmmmm. Interesting combination...
Hokuto (6 years ago)
OKAY... that wa... OKAY okay... u.u
n00bs never win (6 years ago)
he means renic'
Revenant (7 years ago)
@NextBlazeEx too young to buy off of random, get a paycheck needs to go into more important things, a stick is close though
Revenant (7 years ago)
i love, the sounds of arcade sticks, wish i had one
Revenant (7 years ago)
@xGanchanx lol
Mergatroid Skittle (7 years ago)
Renic has the prettiest eyes.... no homo though...
GOATS (7 years ago)
@pandamanana Ian Colfino was white.
Holik818 (7 years ago)
Family fun that's were I was introduced to sf3
theegregorio92 (7 years ago)
holy shit gootecks! & renic!!dat parry Doe!!!9:10!!
Maggsy97 (7 years ago)
@pandamanana Madness!
bandkaih (7 years ago)
freakin porn music @ the end lol
skudzer1985 (7 years ago)
dat White Ross
Tarrnack (7 years ago)
max sent me here:3
pandamanana (7 years ago)
@TankP0wnz Nope. Gootecks is Mexican and Chinese.
TankP0wnz (7 years ago)
why does gootecks double-tap every button?
TankP0wnz (7 years ago)
@pandamanana gootecks is half white
Cyrox (7 years ago)
Hell yeah Renic!
ALLoY202 (7 years ago)
@crosscountertv Did you change something with the sound setup? Sounds a lot different from TEAoG&MR.
Fleshie (7 years ago)
Renic sure does look alot like Tejbz!
IEOA (7 years ago)
@malmal1707 Yea my mistake. I was uninformed. Can you tell me the US SBO 3rd Strike teams after 2008 that managed to make it past the 1st round?
panda (7 years ago)
@IEOA Um yes US teams have... youre stupid
DanJun009 (7 years ago)
Time to find StuartHayden's comment...
wuziq (7 years ago)
lol <3 renic
JCrescini87 (7 years ago)
@sprinter223 Plenty of people starting playing SF at SF4 theres no shame man. All you gotta do is find plenty of others who are in the same boat as you.
JCrescini87 (7 years ago)
@GohanGVO fun fact, Alex was actually modeled after Hulk Hogan, and Hugo after Andre the Giant. Which is why they have that epic pre-fight stare down.
radelta (7 years ago)
serious buisness
spinseffing (7 years ago)
@StuartHayden You really should have left the SRK join date out if it. It only made you sound like a pissed off hater.
Stephen Chinn (7 years ago)
@sprinter223 hey man if u got it on ps3 id love to play cuz I love it but im not too great so...
sprinter223 (7 years ago)
wow this game looks really fun when i'm watching 2 good players fight.. i can't get into it though coz i only started playing sf with sf4
ThaLouisianaKid (7 years ago)
@MultiElford People saying gootecks sucks are retarded trolls. You don't win majors if you suck
ZabbyX (7 years ago)
Louder game volume please!
Fword714 (7 years ago)
Luigifan is right I This game does fucking blow
ShinSUREYOUCAN (7 years ago)
@LuigiFan1305 Your existence sucks.
LuigiFan1305 (7 years ago)
3rd strike sucks.
Some asshole (7 years ago)
Could do with lower room volume, more game volume. All I can hear is the sticks.
Marcel (7 years ago)
@StuartHayden dude. shut up
pandamanana (7 years ago)
A white guy on CC?
Patricio Barone (7 years ago)
loved it :), but i noticed that there is no game sound, how come?
Stampistuta (7 years ago)
Great vid, loving the 3rd strike
MadKittens (7 years ago)
Anyone else find the challenges on the side super distracting?
Quake SRK (7 years ago)
its hard for grapplers to get in with the parry system.
Viktor (7 years ago)
@SmexyAsianGirls Common footage of ppl spoiling videos
Supa Fried (7 years ago)
MANNNNNN I love Alex, I would play him as much as needed even if he is not so good! LOVE his moves!
SFCatgirlFanatic (7 years ago)
I would love to have more 3S stuff on here. I'm not a big fan of MvC3, and AE is kinda meh now.
D2ezbmu (7 years ago)
DarkStar3234 (7 years ago)
Has anyone got the headphones shown at the beginning of the video ?
Dmetal23 (7 years ago)
@SmexyAsianGirls no this must be cross counter asia
GaspoweR (7 years ago)
Man, this is a breath of fresh air. Awesome.
MrJoel (7 years ago)
16:50 I swear they moved the URL on purpose! XD
WhateverProductions (7 years ago)
@Azarian lots and lots of double tapping
Kenmar In Motion (7 years ago)
@SmexyAsianGirls I know right? He always gettin his ass wooped.lol
ichisakon3 (7 years ago)
@SmexyAsianGirls no mike ross usally loses gootecks wins quite a bit
EvilShinGouki (7 years ago)
@PotentialVelocity well there are videos about them..but i'll try to explain, kara's are using the range of another move, to extend the intended move you want (ie. ken's kara grab is forward + mk/hk ~ lp+lk) Piano technique is rolling your fingers on all three punch or kick buttons so that you have SIX chances to get out the move. (1 for pressing the button down and 1 for releasing the button) Note - that you have to roll ur fingers relatively quickly
Danthefool (7 years ago)
finally some facial hair!
Remnant (7 years ago)
@StuartHayden You should feel really stupid.
Azarian (7 years ago)
OMG the Mashing...it's so POWERFUL.
Thespectre82 (7 years ago)
@BoredGamer1000 LOL, in all fairness, Running Sets in SSF4 Mike Ross generally does ok. In MVC3 yes, he gets exposed all day. I'd like to see Gootecks run sets in SSF4 at least. MVC3 he already said he isnt into that. In this game I figured he'd do well considering how hyped he's been since they announced this was coming out last year.
Ragada Blaze (7 years ago)
@jessediener third strike has always been at evo just not televised
ManLikeSarge (7 years ago)
Running sets should be called when Mike is Playing, "Gettin exposed with Mike Ross" and when Gootecks is Playing, "Owning Bitches with Gootecks"
IEOA (7 years ago)
@StuartHayden /watch?v=uKlBO8MOoEo <-- SBO 2008 match of Justin Wong / Gootecks / KOFiend team in first round.
IEOA (7 years ago)
@StuartHayden Weakest team ever sent to SBO? Bodied first round? Got carried? Which team are you talking about? Justing Wong / Gootecks / KOFiend made it past the first round of SBO 2008 for 3rd Strike. That's very rare for an American team at SBO (it definitely wasn't the first time though). Gootecks didn't get carried at all. He won a game for the team. No US team has ever gone past the first round of SBO since then.
thejuggernaut81 (7 years ago)
@Murdoku youtube doesn't allow the display of graphic sexual content.
Mobile Mike (7 years ago)
More 3rd Strike!
DatoneGuy (7 years ago)
@SmexyAsianGirls lolz
Murdoku (7 years ago)
play pyrolee
freddiegibbs101 (7 years ago)
Dragonsong (7 years ago)
@GohanGVO OMG WTF ROFL keven Nash? thought he was dead LoLoLoL
babybaby (7 years ago)
Next episode Gootecks throws out a agis all over mikes face
MetazoaPrime (7 years ago)
(cont) So: here's where I'm at in this "conversation". I guess in the end, whether or not Gootecks is a great player is irrelevant, because he's amused me, for free, for years and years, going all the way back to Dr. Sub Zero. All you've done is lay out another typical internet loser troll comment of the kind I usually know enough to ignore. In the future, I'll be sure to know better.
MetazoaPrime (7 years ago)
@StuartHayden (Continued) So here's why guys like you piss me off: you contribute nothing at all. You sure as hell aren't placing anywhere, you're not throwing tournaments, you're not helping other players to get places or get equipment, you're not building any real scene at all. You're just another shit talker trying to poison the work other people are doing. Using the internet to fill a sad, empty hole in your life, tearing other people down to make the shit your life is seem better. (cont)
MetazoaPrime (7 years ago)
@StuartHayden As if join date on SRK meant anything. I'm a guaranteed ten years older than you: I was playing fighting games when you were too young to eat solid foods. Of course, now I'm arguing with some kind of idiot manchild on the internet, so the joke appears to be on me. (continued!)

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