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SO4 (Nukeduck Kayle) VS UOL (Exileh Yasuo) Highlights - 2018 EU LCS Summer W1D1

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SO4 VS UOL Full Replay : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X62Jx0oGy58
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Text Comments (14)
Jungmin Lee (8 months ago)
ho so the trundle pillar counts as an airborne for the yasuo ult...til
小飄 (9 months ago)
S04 not SO4 I think...
MaxD Torres (9 months ago)
All ad,
Dark Alice (9 months ago)
double splitpush and refuse to back until nexus turrets are down? lol
T. S. (9 months ago)
Thank you new meta for survive kayle
urby kobal (9 months ago)
Where did heal come from at 1:24
RapidCloud (9 months ago)
vander has unsealed spellbook as key rune
sebas ses (9 months ago)
Fuck uol good moments are over
Piotruś Scw (9 months ago)
Overpow gdzie jesteś?
Trila Vazduh (9 months ago)
Only normal game of the day.
Mi Les (9 months ago)
Wow so back and forth This is epic Also those amazing teleports are crazy at 3:03
Mi Les (9 months ago)
Lou LOL you troll
Lou (9 months ago)
amazing doesn't have teleport
Blake Taylen (9 months ago)

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