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30 vs 1: Dating App In Real Life

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Text Comments (17313)
Tiago Sacramento (7 hours ago)
0:49 "S'UP DUDES!" LOL
har baval (11 hours ago)
Why do i get a feeling even though she is talking to the selected people she is still thinking about that guy who complimented her n dumped her lol
Czarna otchłań Youtuba (12 hours ago)
She disrimination chiness people
Rylee Ruddick (17 hours ago)
It’s sad to see some repeats on people
The New York Kid (20 hours ago)
She curved all them Asians real quick
Gage Plughoff (1 day ago)
Could they possibly get any good looking people for these videos.
eklectiktoni (1 day ago)
She's too picky and has bad taste. She totally swiped some guys left that I was like WHAT?! She says she didn't connect with any of them but there were a few that seemed nice.
Yo Momma (1 day ago)
Whoa. This girl's swiping pattern was crazy obvious.
Mac Kenzie (1 day ago)
She literally rejected most of the asian men out there.
ricardo fac (1 day ago)
This girl is boring actually.
Fire Crumbs (2 days ago)
left, left, left, 6' 4", right lmao
Christopher johnson (2 days ago)
Where are there shoes?
Yungdaggerdick (2 days ago)
1:25 my boy smiling a lil too hard. He probably wanted to be rejected.👍
This man exudes sex (2 days ago)
I totally wouldve dated the guy at 1:25. he was so adorable... also the guy at 1:48
Pedro Chiesa (2 days ago)
Pedro Chiesa (2 days ago)
1:48 he agrees 😂
mario bosazzi (2 days ago)
Nasrou Chabani (2 days ago)
i am completely not trying to be racist but how does the guy in 1:25 know that the girl swiped left or right, I mean his eyes were closed?
Hasancan KILINÇ (2 days ago)
Lan altyaziyi kim yapti sjdhdhvdv
CoxDesigns (3 days ago)
The title sounds like a porn movie
Nurtac Kurt (3 days ago)
come to turkey ❤️🇹🇷
Nurtac Kurt (3 days ago)
come to turkey ❤️🇹🇷
Nurtac Kurt (3 days ago)
come to turkey ❤️🇹🇷
r/wooosh guy (3 days ago)
She looks like she can give a real nice blow
GoGo Rodriguez (3 days ago)
For a sec I thought the chubby again guy came back with glasses on
haider mirza (3 days ago)
she thinks she’s cute??omg
vanessa grace (3 days ago)
Tyler was on Are You The One a show where you have to find your match, lol
Prometheus (3 days ago)
Lots of asians looking for wife.
Pisac (3 days ago)
I like this girl
joy arn (4 days ago)
4:31 he hit the mic 😂😂
Spam My (4 days ago)
She picked that big tall black boy. Mmm the ones that look innocent
Charis Stewart (4 days ago)
Why does no one have shoes on tho??
Sunny Day (4 days ago)
which one you want to make porn Vedio..
Deven jain (4 days ago)
Boy: you hav beautiful eyes Girl: Oh thank you Boy: No thats the problem
jasuh (4 days ago)
She has the weirdest taste in men
Andrew (4 days ago)
4:24 purple socks=serial killer
Andrew (4 days ago)
4:08 in: I feel like tall black dude is getting friend zoned.
Jayden (4 days ago)
The guy who complimented her swiped no....... I’m never saying yes to a guy who compliments me X3
omni crux (4 days ago)
Lemme smash ?
Simone The Legend (4 days ago)
I’m sorry but what’s the point of going on the show if you’ll end up with no one
Imma Whoop your- (4 days ago)
Siktirgitlaaan / (5 days ago)
Çeviriye gel aq qüalaüqşsüqşqidlqiwlaü
Astronite (5 days ago)
Her only criterion is the body height xD
hitor miss (5 days ago)
puddlemini (5 days ago)
This is like a minimalist version of Take Me Out
Isaac Linville (5 days ago)
Is it just the camera or did she have white make up all over her face
StockingsTube (5 days ago)
This is dope!!!!
khn elias (5 days ago)
The black guy 😘😘😘😘very handsome and beautiful smile
Lil daux Adan (5 days ago)
lol she my type thou
She kinda looks like Rosa salazar(alita)
LucianUnchained (5 days ago)
I realized theres an uncanny amount of asians in every lineuo.
Killshot_214 Gonzalez (5 days ago)
Nice butt
C is for C Food (5 days ago)
"I'm too busy" is the kind of thing that people who are not ready to date say.
Bean Senpai (5 days ago)
This made my heart ache more than it should’ve 😅 I’m not even straight and i feel so bad for the guys that were rejected while smiling through the pain
Mehmet Deli (6 days ago)
To much asians!!!
Tytrix tv (6 days ago)
Why they don't wear shoes
Cheezy Cheezy (6 days ago)
There is nothing in the video don’t waste time
Mel (6 days ago)
Tyler from Are You the One needs to stop coming on these jubilee videos😂
q p (6 days ago)
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm You dont know what this means do you?
Denise Nyström LeCat (6 days ago)
I'd just swipe right on them all, because each and everyone of them had curage to do this and it shows something. Even if rejected, they still showed a smile. I like that.
Seth Moyer (6 days ago)
Hey Ohio gang gang we had LeBron 💁🏼‍♂️
Seth Moyer (6 days ago)
1:36 bro us shorties gotta stick together... We never had a chance
Foggy_ Pad (6 days ago)
Sidshow Bob at 2:00
Cathal Murphy (6 days ago)
No Asians and no glasses
Mehmetali bulut (6 days ago)
Amk Türkçe altayaziyi hangi sayko çevirdi 😂😂🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Denino Prayoga (6 days ago)
Internet ruinde my brain
AllAboy Films (6 days ago)
Lmao 🤣
Ken Fleming (6 days ago)
1:54 he’s like a black Noah Centineo
jajsjsjsj Shhshdnd (6 days ago)
4:31 Listen to what the tall guy says😂😂😂
Ahmet7641 (7 days ago)
Altyazilar güldürdü:)
Blust GT (7 days ago)
I feel so bad for the 3rd guy
(7 days ago)
Bu türkçe çeviriyi kim yaptı amkQÇAÖQÖÖWQÖÖQQLLWLWLQŞQ
Jessi James (7 days ago)
Some of thoses guys knew what was coming when she swiped left lmao
MrsButtersworth82 (7 days ago)
At least she found 6 possibles.
jojo (7 days ago)
Phantom Gamer LC (7 days ago)
No shoes?
My lovely Life (8 days ago)
3:09 I remember him from Alexa's blind date
My lovely Life (8 days ago)
3:09 I remember him from Alexa's blind date
Dylan Hagen (8 days ago)
Like she hasn't been surrounded by 30 guys before
Everything Goes (8 days ago)
Yo mans at 1:48 had the cutest smile what?!?
El AKM (8 days ago)
Abbey Hicks (8 days ago)
Tyler looks like the guy from to all the boys I loved before
Alvaro543 (8 days ago)
Why 80% are asian
Danielle Rodriguez (8 days ago)
I think he told her she had pretty eyes because when he saw her he knew he wouldn’t stay so he gave her some kind of compliment before he left so he wouldn’t feel bad.
Ayşegül Mengilli (8 days ago)
Altyazı ne öyle
Gacha Fish (8 days ago)
This girl has some random taste in men.
Nikolas Milanov (8 days ago)
To much chinese
Rylee Stull Turner (8 days ago)
Tbh I would have chosen the tallest one of the 6
Morgan Rasor (8 days ago)
I would’ve ditched the bald guy
LI LY (8 days ago)
I thought it was funny that guy who complimened her got picked, and then he left her. I think she would've swiped the other way if he didn't say anything.
Fabulous Trix! (8 days ago)
The dude at 1:25 reminds me of Frank Zhang from Heroes of Olympus! He's so precious!
Fabulous Trix! (5 days ago)
+Grace Amazer yes!!!!!!!!!
Grace Amazer (5 days ago)
Omg YES!!! Totally Frank!
Miguel Arce (8 days ago)
2:14 That gap tho. :3
Alyssa Medin (8 days ago)
watching the cutie at 1:49 get rejected 🙄
stefi ruiz (8 days ago)
i would DIE for the smiling asian guy HE WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFULEST EVER IN THE WORLD
uterus (2 days ago)
Aditi Singh (8 days ago)
1:52 wtf he's like the most good-looking
J G (8 days ago)
Why are the men wearing socks while the women are barefoot?
seacelia (8 days ago)
the 6 that she ended up with for the speaking part all seemed so sweet lol
Mohamed Chafik (9 days ago)
I bet she liked dat jerk ngga 🙃
John lynch (9 days ago)
poor tyler lol

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