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[CF] Kuro Locked In Yasuo - AFS VS KT Game 4 Highlights - 2018 LCK Playoffs Round 3

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SUPPORT YASUO !?!? Afreeca Freecs vs. kt Rolster Game 4 Full Replay : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqfmWyom9vw
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Hydra Metr0n (11 months ago)
Lets be honest. Kuro is not good on Yasuo and he did nothing late game in team fights. He just got an early random triple kill and windwalled Talyiah R but that's it
kyros jaguar (11 months ago)
Kramer wins
Lah Doh Tun (11 months ago)
Kuro senpaiii
EZZ PZ :P (11 months ago)
I feel so happy for kuro he has always been underestimated and not given attention. He always competes in worlds against faker on semi finals
Shaginus (11 months ago)
Thanks Kuro Now I have to ban Yasuo in my ranked game
RY_YSH (11 months ago)
KT once again being a huge disappointment
Raemon Fanboi (11 months ago)
skt could have won this.......
Ioustinianous Basileus (11 months ago)
Man Kingzone is gonna fuck these guys up
Bryan Austin Valdez (11 months ago)
the kt curse gone wrong again!
Peter Pan (11 months ago)
6:46 SPOTV 24k dame
Serhat Çakır (11 months ago)
Lmao TusiN fucked Mata up...
5:16 this wall save the game
キース ダニエル (11 months ago)
Even tho I'm not an afreeca fan, it still feels good that kt got destroyed.
Epsilon (11 months ago)
Clown fiesta tag would fit this one
Sasaki Mark (11 months ago)
Report kuro for trolling
pancake lul (11 months ago)
Kick Score pls and replace rush as well
Nicko Emmanuel Villacruz (11 months ago)
0:34 tusin looks like blank lol
NecroPhilia (11 months ago)
2018. The fall of the Telecom Wars.
PSYCHLOPATHIC (11 months ago)
This serves "revenge" for Sk Telecom T1
The Name (11 months ago)
ending music??? can someone pls tell me
Amiel Sumayao (11 months ago)
KT chokester confirmed?
Moa (11 months ago)
Was confirmed 2 years ago LUL
Enzo Quintero (11 months ago)
Super Korea Team
jose dometita (11 months ago)
Jp manuel (11 months ago)
Nicebuild for yasuo. GUARDIAN ANGEL
The macho dude (11 months ago)
Dark Distruzione (11 months ago)
The hasaki tilted kt
Richard Bustarde (11 months ago)
Is SKT is qualified to go to worlds?
Shi va (11 months ago)
I think they will miss this worlds because of their mistakes like blank
Nicko Emmanuel Villacruz (11 months ago)
They have chance to go to worlds if they win summer season
its selection for MSI not for worlds. And no, SKT will miss this one.
Lee Da Bin (11 months ago)
That Yasuo pick tilted KT
Oviuss FTW (11 months ago)
Dudettes. This is the time. After a season and a half cheering for afreeca they finally make it. I hope I can see them going to worlds or winning this split!
yuepon (11 months ago)
Charly_Pblg (11 months ago)
Clown Fiesta ?
天にブーメラン (11 months ago)
5:16 the yasuo wall
Lah Doh Tun (11 months ago)
Adhesito HAHAHAH 💀
ma_gnetO (11 months ago)
Yes and veigar ult as well haha
Tyo Lesmono (11 months ago)
Yasuo windwall even block Orn ult. Lol.
Nguyễn Trọng (11 months ago)
That wall costed the combat...
Lerbyy (11 months ago)
Truffallot Kyube'y'd I forgot to put miss fortune Ult..
Daniel Uy (11 months ago)
RIP Solo Queue... Ban yasuo guys
We are One (11 months ago)
Oh kt choked.
Cimpoesu Scobi (11 months ago)
Iso Choker Still,choke aside,Afreeca played really fricking well
Cimpoesu Scobi (11 months ago)
Scarlet Fatez Let's say that they Did alright in 2015 since they made it to worlds.In every pther year,Yes,I agree totally
Scarlet Fatez (11 months ago)
They’ve done it every year in League.
Cimpoesu Scobi (11 months ago)
Iso Choker They've been doing it since 2016 bruh

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