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How To Find Out If Someone Is Currently Logged Into Your Facebook Account

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To find the active sessions section: Log into your Facebook Account Click on the arrow on the upper right hand corner and select "Account Sessions" Click on the "Security" tab on the left hand side Find "Active Sessions" and click on the "edit' link on the right hand side You can end the activity of any rouge session by click on "End Activity". This will log that session off silently.
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Rajnish Meena (5 months ago)
Please let me know how to know on Instagram
Amber Eastman (8 months ago)
Hi, can you do an updated version of this please - my security and log-in page do not look like this
so if you go onto that it means someone logged into your facebook account?
it says where you last logged in know since facebook changed it
Manish Ratambe (2 years ago)
thanks man
marvin polon (2 years ago)
how to track this person logging in to my account thank you so much, i need a solution for this..
Kim Steed (1 year ago)
marvin polon
alt ctrlesc (2 years ago)
How accurate is the location of logged in devices? Do they use their servers IP, or what? My GF lets me use her FB and sometimes I see it logged in from another county. Should I be concerned?
Jack Zablocki (5 years ago)
Thanks alot man!
lisa halkiopoulos (5 years ago)
how about if you want to hide your location from facebook?
Mina. Z (5 years ago)
well easy, just log on from ur own pc and don't let ur stalking brother touch it again :P
rory killen (6 years ago)
I NEED HELP! i was on fb the other day i i found the "active sessions" , i clicked on it and seen that that my fat brother has been logging on to my account. so i changed my password and clicked "log out of all devices" but the next day i went back on to see if it worked and it didn't . he was still able to log into my account.! how do i stop this for good? it makes me wanna delete my facebook. please help me asap :) it will be much appreciated
wilson harvey (7 years ago)
good video thanks man :)

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