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ONLINE DATING SITES LIKE TINDER, PLENTY OF FISH AND OASIS ACTIVE ARE DANGEROUS. I live in a town called Ballarat in Victoria, do a search on murders from online dating sites. One of the top 10 killings from POF was in my town. Catfishing, married people, people that lock up their dates in basements, this all happens and the online world and the creators of these sites allow the really fucked up and sick people to get out into the world. The ones behind their screen are scary and dangerous do not think they are not, those Bad Boy Bubby men who trust me many have said their fantasy is having sex with their mother or relative. Seriously, it is one thing to think these things it is another when you actually say then to someone else. All the online world has done is let the really crazy fucked up people who would usually just watch porn in their mothers basement a way to ruin the world even more. I fear for my children.... If you are one that would disagree I will guess you are one of those sick kind of people who will turn into Serial Killers! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "COMPETITION FREE STUFF PERFECT GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS COMPETITION ORIGINAL ARTWORK WORTH HUNDREDS FREE" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-UPkT5qp8I -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Monica Happy (1 month ago)
great video and I love your accent ! online dating is very dangerous im being stalked by someone I met online to the point im scared for my life so yes you are right people online will eventually reveal their true motives and its not worth it .
Leah Justyce (1 month ago)
Monica Happy he would probably be worse than a narcissist plus other mental illnesses too, by the sounds of it, . You poor thing, yes it definitely sounds like something for the police to deal with. I was lucky I was able to run away from my guy. Sadly yes going to theirs or giving out details is not safe either way really is it?
Monica Happy (1 month ago)
+Leah Justyce thank you so much well the situation with me I met a guy who turned out to be a narcissist and in my opinion a sociopath! I did search on him I study psychology so his behavior lead me to research more and I diagnosed him as a narcissist and unfortunately narcissist do not ever go away from what u researched I broke off with him he is now threatening me and now has his new hood rat girlfriend threatening me ! Giving out my address my pics it's ridiculous. Never did I think I would be In this situation where I now have 2 crazies on my ass😑 I'm trying to handle the situation the best I can soon I will go to the police if it doesnt stop !
Leah Justyce (1 month ago)
Thank you so much. I hope you are ok with your issue? I moved house from a guy that I feared for my life. I do not meet anyone anymore, I go on for a laugh as I can see where guys are getting cranky as the women are no longer believing the lies and games. It is all research for me, learn about people's false lives and the mental issues they have that goes along with saying and behaving as they do. I study a double degree in Criminology and Psychological Science so really good training online hahaha. It has allowed men to degrade many women too, it isn't socially right. I am writing a book about my research and scary dates, there was one from Tinder who brought me a washing machine, that was very funny. I know we never really know most people but the online dating world is definitely a place for many psychopaths to target people. If people do not agree they are probably one of the crazies on there. I hope you sort your situation out.
Dating site of bullcrap for weak-minded people and most of the people there are ugly and fat and disgusting anyway if you want to meet someone do it in real life but people are too weak to do that and everybody has high standards because everybody's looking for that perfect person and you wonder why relationships don't last
Crystal Jackson (3 months ago)
Do you know that as a result from these sites and technology they can not even predict the impact they will have on world. Dating sites are not good for society at all, thanks for putting it out there.
Lillee Caulfield (6 months ago)
Wow. I looked at the article from your town. How scary and sad, poor lady, poor child. Really I guess you can't trust people you do not know. But now I think, do we ever really know others? No we don't.

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