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Runnin' Sets Ep. 31: STREET FIGHTER x TEKKEN! ClakeyD & KillerKai vs. Mike Ross & Combofiend Pt.2

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We are back at the Comboratory, this time with the brand new Street Fighter x Tekken! Names were randomly drawn from a hat (metaphorically), resulting in some intense 2 on 2 tag matches. What tag team overcame the pressure, developed the synergy and was crowned the champions of the night? FOLLOW US! http://crosscounter.tv http://facebook.com/crosscounter http://facebook.com/crosscounterlive http://twitter.com/crosscountertv -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-THE TOKIDO FORMULA-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- http://store.crosscounter.tv Learn the secrets of a world champion! Legendary top player Tokido shares his knowledge and secrets of playing Akuma in this exclusive in-depth 2 hour training video. This is by far the most comprehensive and advanced training video we've produced this far and we're excited to release it to the world. Hosted by fubarduck who serves as an eager student and translator, this video will provide all you need to know to take your Akuma game to the next level. =========SUPPORT CROSS COUNTER========= If you enjoy the work that we do here at Cross Counter, there are a number of ways you can support. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Cross Counter x Broken Tier Shirts-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Save 10% with coupon code: CROSSCOUNTER http://bit.ly/crosscountershirts -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Training Videos-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Trying to step your game up? Check out our Super Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat training videos: http://store.crosscounter.tv -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Head Sets-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Check out Creative's line of Sound Blaster Tactic 3D gaming headphones:http://www.creative.com/soundblaster/products/gaming/
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Text Comments (378)
SeeTheKarma (8 months ago)
Hahahhah killerkai !! Popped off and owned it. Good shit! Had me laughing good.
fuck off youtube (5 years ago)
I'm laughing at Oliver's calls, my wife is kicking me out of bed. Best show ever
meu02136 (5 years ago)
Yo hold dat L... iver.
dfg lmnop (5 years ago)
Killer Kai: "hwoarang is terrible air to air,...I'm just beating you (Combofiend)
Hokuto (5 years ago)
17:36 KillerFace
Nathan S-A (6 years ago)
What did killer kai say to make everyone go "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" lol
tdbnasc3 (6 years ago)
Took me a helluva while to get that combo down haha. 1h practicing
Whammaster (6 years ago)
Dat Humble Pie
NeoDaOne (6 years ago)
Combo definitely got humbled hard on that one...we all go through it...haha
Rob026 (6 years ago)
There was enough salt there to cover fries, popcorn & a big pretzel lol lol
William Garcia (6 years ago)
Daimng!!! Combofiend got SMOKED!! Rolled up, fired up, and SMOKED!
poweredbyjordan (6 years ago)
mk fu (6 years ago)
Combo "Salty" Fiend
AZNJonathon (6 years ago)
why is every1 pissed off with Kai lool i just found it pure jokes when he won and got happy, sum ppl are like that. Haven't u ppl noticed that everytime Clakey messed up nothing was said but yet when Kai makes a mistake their like "i have a scumbag partner" ??? lol come on ppl...at least hes not Marn
witches.brew (6 years ago)
i just find killerkai trying too hard on his verbal comebacks. Combofiend is just too good at it, and kai just sounds way too salty to talk trash, lol.
Calvin Sanders (6 years ago)
One day I hope to play like them!
GameFanaTICK386 (6 years ago)
I wonder why did they scale Marduk so small? Hes supposed to be like the equivalent of Hugo's size
Phil Cho (6 years ago)
lol killer kai's got that awkward face
miahbahr8720 (6 years ago)
Lol at the Super Shoto Bros T-Shirt.
eSSentialplays (6 years ago)
dalaranman (6 years ago)
is killerkai autistic or something?
ittyman1 (6 years ago)
killer kai is mad awesome dude!!
Mugen123456789 (6 years ago)
If this is the Comboratory why the hell is Combofiend sitting on the damn floor
Prune Tracy (6 years ago)
Every post you made is totally and overwhelmingly correct. I wish you all the best in your future scrub salt extraction exploits.
Prune Tracy (6 years ago)
Fuck Killer Kai. He's a prick.
krysis54 (6 years ago)
Lmao combofiend got bodied at da end
MagicUzer (6 years ago)
killerkai looks like adon
Ron Romano (6 years ago)
hugo is so broken
Johnny T (6 years ago)
i think they all have that about them rlly., cept mike cuz hes black lol jk he prolly was too
dantheman2238 (6 years ago)
Killer Kai is that kid you never talked to in high school, then you see him at your reunion 10 years later and he's a kabillionare
prototypeoflife (6 years ago)
"serious skill to get him (Hugo) in there." watches Hugo body slam over and over online to victory. T_T
TheAcad3mic (6 years ago)
Kai looks like in life he'd be a bit of a massive cock, but credit where it's due, that last game was proper fuckin surgical.
TheNewDemoman (6 years ago)
Hahahaah Fools soon they sill see the Marduk
kevinhgame (6 years ago)
4:00 Mike Ross's evil villain laugh LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!
DrSnipe83 (6 years ago)
Combofiend and Mike Ross are hard working salt miners.
DrSnipe83 (6 years ago)
@Renzythegreat91 Very
foxman3456 (6 years ago)
Yo Rolento! Just.. Get outta here!
Ledbonham666 (6 years ago)
hold yo P, mike ross.
Whatever, Dickcheese
Michael Day (6 years ago)
Michael Day (6 years ago)
You watch Gay porn?
wildreams (6 years ago)
Mike "RapeFace" Ross
Azmodeus87 (6 years ago)
I should have brought popcorn. fun personal matches and salts-a-plenty.
Dead Cuddles (6 years ago)
Hugo's less this game's Wesker and more this game's Haggar. Serious potential, serious damage, serious skill to get him in there. Just where Haggar has the Lariat, Hugo has that funny clothesline thing.
Thank You you
CaketownInd (6 years ago)
dat snapple!
TeamUnholyTriforce (6 years ago)
@BOBBYLIGHT123PsN that's a terrible username
Porxaderp (6 years ago)
Combo "yo daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn" fiend
Renzythegreat91 (6 years ago)
Killer Kai is soo awkward lol
kyuubinaruto87 (6 years ago)
Peter looks like a broken man. Being beaten repeatedly by someone who you trashed talked pretty much the entire time in his own home wow.
ganjaxwarrior (6 years ago)
Thank you UMVC3 for improving my reaction speed for SFxTK online. All those crazy ass mix ups in umvc. None of that in my house lol.
@spman2099 What kind friggin schoolyards have u been hangin out at? Anyway, WHAT SAY I ?!?!?! I challenged u, fool. I gave u my PSN. Balls in your court,sir. I use King, Kazuya, Ken, Steve, Hwaorang and Marduk...MARRRRDUUUUUK!!!
enigmatic72 (6 years ago)
Perfecting a man in his own house, Killerkai has no decency!
spman2099 (6 years ago)
@BOBBYLIGHT123PsN The more I expose you the worse your English gets... Hugo has two good normals; one is the body splash and the other is his low forward. Also, his jump back fierce isn't bad. He doesn't have anything to act as an AA and almost all of his normals are incredibly slow. In no way OP. It is true that I am not important; I am just more important than you, at least in regards to fighting games. Why? Because you are a scrub that is bad at fighting games and knows nothing. Stay free.
RedGorilla10 (6 years ago)
17:30 "GTFOutta HERE!" Combofiend should have responded, "no, how about you GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY HOUSE!" at least KillerKai shook Peter's hand at 22:05
Sevenyxxtimes7xx (6 years ago)
22:52 Mike "pimple" Ross
wolvzzz5 (6 years ago)
GRRAB (6 years ago)
mike has been sippin on that same snapple all week
henstar (6 years ago)
yo daaaaaaaayum
spman2099 (6 years ago)
@BOBBYLIGHT123PsN When I say "you people" I mean scrubs. I also know that you are absolute garbage if you think that damage is everything. Also, his normals do NOT have the range of Marduk's, who is also faster, who also has better AA options, who also has a FAR better grab (in every way) and who only does a little less damage. So yeah; if you think Hugo is OP then you are, and always will be, free. Stay salty; stay scrubby.
Nate The Great (6 years ago)
"I'm sorry, Peter" x100 lol
Swsh (6 years ago)
There's some blood on the wall and it is not killerkais...
@redownse You people? Theres no work involved playing Hugo dipshit, his pokes have just as much range as Marduk. You are not even in this conversation. We are not talking about our own play style but the unbelieveable damage Hugo does. U dont even kno who your talking to or my skill or how long i have been playing fighting games...so fuck off.
John Mahood (6 years ago)
Game hasn't been out for a month and people are already playing on that level ! Ugh they're good !
bobbobiobobson (6 years ago)
Holy shit Eliver is mad, dude took it way too seriously, I don't think he's cut out to hang with these guys...
Tre S (6 years ago)
How do you do that Clakey D combo? they fall for it EVERYTIME
spman2099 (6 years ago)
@redownse So... What you are telling me is that you come from a place of zero knowledge... Somehow that is supposed to help your argument? On another note, I do play Hugo and I am pretty good with him. That is how I know his weaknesses, because I come from a place of knowledge. He isn't a bad character, that isn't what I am saying, he just isn't close to being OP. However, you stay free and keep talking out of your ass. That is why you will be the eternal stream monster...
spman2099 (6 years ago)
@BOBBYLIGHT123PsN Well then guess what, you don't know what OP is. He has to work to get in range for that combo and it is easy as hell to block; you people really don't grasp the basics, yet you talk like you know something... Instead of talking out of your ass just don't bother to talk at all.
stefan Sims (6 years ago)
22:20 That sodium level. Combo High Blood Pressure Fiend
n4styn8or (6 years ago)
don't think id ever like to play with eliver.. he takes shit to the personals lol
meu02136 (6 years ago)
Skip to 16:00 for the Ling Dynasty.
Darksora79 (6 years ago)
yo what is up with these Bednaya Nastya episodes??? its eating up the whole side bar!!!
ragindemon21207 (6 years ago)
Damn 'fiend...
BK (6 years ago)
Hold dat eLiver
Poverty God (6 years ago)
Howrang or however you spell it has like the best guessing game I've ever seen lol and it only in the first three hits
HoraceTheCat (6 years ago)
@reggiardito Have to agree with you there. Command grabs in this game are bullshit.
War Akin (6 years ago)
salty combo :(
RedCycloneInc. (6 years ago)
Shout outs to the random Four Loco chillin' in the Comboratory!
reggiardito (6 years ago)
@spriggangt Yeah, that exactly.
Radu Nastase (6 years ago)
last machets were so hype @_@
reggiardito (6 years ago)
Grabs in this game are OP as fuck, they can make the same damage as a long combo and even more if you add EX...
StardustRecordz (6 years ago)
Killer Kai wit dem Krazy Eyes. lol
Shinonimi (6 years ago)
ushiwakamaru30 (6 years ago)
@vengeance33 that's called moderation. There's a direct link between the number of sips he takes, how many of those sugary drinks he drinks a day, and his weight. I would expect chunky guys like Floe or MastaCJ to down like a gallon of coke every 1 hour.
Laff Therapy (6 years ago)
Is anyone else convinced that Eliver is an alien?
Fleshie (6 years ago)
@vengeance33 No real liquid is consumed, bottle is pure washback. XD
stiltmouse (6 years ago)
Mike Ross can only play when excited by his need to urinate.
Fluffy Meowington (6 years ago)
@spman2099 I don't even play the game, but that shit is OP. You wouldn't happen to have tried him and not got much success and therefore claim otherwise, would you?
Elmalab (6 years ago)
@vengeance33 like u said, he only takes sips..
Christomonte (6 years ago)
killerkai is a perfect example of someone who should never cuss.. lol he sounds so retarted @ 17:28
Christomonte (6 years ago)
@vengeance33 dat nigga slow sips hahaha
RJ (6 years ago)
that nerds feeling himself
Alfredo Figueroa (6 years ago)
12:00 Yo damnnnnnnnnnnnn
yELoHQ (6 years ago)
"yo damnnnnn..... yo damnnnnnnnnnnnnn....YO DAMNNNNN- ok fine.... YOOOO DAYMNNNNNNNNNNNNN" Fucking combofiend, I died.
FahrosTTTT (6 years ago)
Holy shit...I actually feel bad for Combofiend, UGHHHHHHH
jsl (6 years ago)
Tikash_1 (6 years ago)
KillerKai is a beast! :D
ALLoY202 (6 years ago)
I really hope that the format for SF X Tekken at Evo 2012 is 2v2, that would be too much epic for faces.
thePANDEMlC (6 years ago)
@vengeance33 Mike drinks it than refills it with his own urine. Creating a never ending supply of Snapple.
Andre Ortiz (6 years ago)
KillerKai gave it to them, haha

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