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How to add facebook whatsapp viber line call message chat mail box in wordpress website

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Text Comments (18)
Pawan Web World (1 month ago)
Nice thanks for this tutorial
Annan Malla (3 months ago)
any alternative freeware
Abbas Ali (7 months ago)
hello can you please give this plugin or the link to download the plugin premium
Paid ha free ni
App Devloper (8 months ago)
Thank you god bless you
Sorry I have no info about android ap
App Devloper (7 months ago)
Unique Vision Academy Official yes
Andriod Ap?
App Devloper (7 months ago)
Unique Vision Academy Official Dear, sir actually I did everything but the issue is that, when I've converted into an App. That will not appearing inside that app. Could you help me?
Pratik Acharya (10 months ago)
Text message icon is not coming
Ahmad Ali (10 months ago)
Alexandros Manolitsis (10 months ago)
there is a problem with Viber. Only viber opens the app but doesn't create the chat like whatsapp. Any ideas how to fix that ? (the telephone number is correct)
Emirhan Kılıç (1 year ago)
Is there the add-on For mobile responsive
Ricardo Sistemas (1 year ago)
no se conecta al facebook
Negocios Canton (1 year ago)
Thank you! It worked like a charm!

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