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Is It A Bad Idea To Date A Younger Man?

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Subscribe to my VIP videos (not on youtube) at http://www.howtogettheguy.com/advice *** Is it okay to date younger men? How can you trust guys (in general) after an abusive situation? How do you not get emotionally attached too early? What to do with exes? We've picked out a mixed bag of reader questions to answer in today's video. Be sure to leave more below which I'll try to get to in a future video!
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Gina Liandros (3 days ago)
My love interest is 8 years younger. We have a great connection, but we aren't in the same 'wave lengths.'
Rican Marrero (3 days ago)
If u want to make a boy into a man for her lololol ahooooo
mally Thaning (6 days ago)
Nothing like a younger man. I truly enjoy the moments I share when I have the opportunity to date one. It is not about the number of years you are with someone, rather it is about the time you enrich yourself with a wonderful person. :)
elisab n (19 days ago)
Regarding the age difference 10 years these days is not a big deal. I am a young 50 and my partner is 24. Yes...I said it. I am a young 50 and don't look my age. I was not interested when he started to pursue me but after 8 months and dating men close to my age who were pigs I decided to go for it. In the beginning I thought it was just chemistry and sex but it is so much more. We have much in common and never get bored. I think he is an old soul. Nobody knows what the future is. One year or ten years down the road. I am happy and to me that's all that matters for now. I know if something ever happened and we were not physically together anymore we will always be there for each other. The advice you are giving I don't think is accurate. You need to experience it first or get it from a couple who are experiencing it. I think he and I should start a YouTube vlog.
Gabi Gabi (22 days ago)
Your comment about abusive men ...... my mother should have said these stuff.
Nile and Moon (25 days ago)
Thank you for your advise on abuse & moving on. Something I'm still struggling with & working on. I was really open about it & went for it but still backfired this time but I'm open to keep trying. There are good men out there.
Anonymous Linqe (1 month ago)
... and now he is 31 years old dating a 21 year old. please dude!! he can be pretty sexist against women. i am sick of this!! and yes i love younger men so there. :)
Harry Grieves (1 month ago)
Well mate, I have older and younger ex girlfriends; when I was aged up from 14 to 16, I dated girls at the ages of 16, 17 and 18 and when I was 17, I dated 2 16 year old girls at college; 1 lady after the other, although one of them wasn't right for me as she was cheating on me, lying and then bullying me and some other people; there was one time when she kept phoning throughout the middle of the night and then threatening to come and trash my house up. So I said to her "Do you know what babe? I don't want to go out with you anymore. I can't deal with your arrogance anymore!". So I ended up with an English girl my age, called Kayleigh, who seemed very much mature, quiet, nicer and relaxed. I like mature, slim and attractive older ladies in their 20s and 30s only but sometimes, if I do get a girlfriend my age or younger than me but as long as she's in her early 20s. Although, I am 24 years old now, and I am currently autistic special needs, and I have grown up and matured a lot, and all my ex girlfriends are English except for 2 of them; one of them was Irish and the other one was Spanish. I have never abused a girl in my life and I'd never ever treat a female wrongly!
Clair Hurndell (1 month ago)
What can you do if your interested in someone else's but he's young man.
Julian Beatty (1 month ago)
As we get older I think that age doesn't matter nearly as much. eg, 40 dating 30, sure, but 27 dating 17, could be tricky. Personally I really don't care at all about ages but whatever.
Helen Julie (1 month ago)
He must think age difference is okay, isn’t his girlfriend only 21?..think he is 31. So if it works for Matthew Hussey!
Janne Rodsten (1 month ago)
Great first topic, thanks - could you do something about differences in financial standing as well (i.e. I as the woman, am much more financially independent/affluent than he is)? Thanks
Sasha Ana D'souza (1 month ago)
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas 👌
logicallyspkg (1 month ago)
it is said that men are more immature than women. So my son is 32 ..left his wife and a 7 year old daughter for a woman who is 53. She picked him up when he went with friends on holiday .. she knew he was married with a child and they had an affair for more than a year before he left his wife .She is divorced with two teenage kids and gets a fat maintenance from her ex lawyer husband.. so she spends money on my son .. Personally we are not impressed that he is bedding a cougar the same age as his mother ...and we see no future in the relationship. she is also Jewish and he not .. but oh well ... not our place to get involved if he wants to screw up his life .. if it lasts , at least she will have someone to push her wheelchair and to carry her bedpans. that's if she has not booted him out after she has finished playing with him . People who know her say when is a real bitch and that she will boot him in time to come . Apparently the and get friends ..all divorced ... do this .. pick up young guy's for sexual satisfaction then dump them when a better flavor comes along..
Hard Feelings (2 months ago)
I'm in love with a 24 year old girl while I'm just 18 and all these comments brought some hope in me
Joweriah Birungi Kasoma (3 months ago)
This is really killing me. My boyfrd is 24yrs and am 26yrs l love him he has no money but l believe we shall make it since we are all working and his determined, now here is my issue, we are from different neighbouring countries, am afraid since he comes from a country my dad has roots from bit doesn't like it will they approve it And for his side am affriad because he comes from a family having roots of Arabs will they approve him to inter marriage.am also afraid of settling in his country that l don't know that much was thinking we should be based abroad and go home for visits.am l right.
Irene (3 months ago)
I was pursued by a lovely man 12 years younger than me (I was 46, he was 34). He loved kids, however I've never had kids, never wanted kids and wasn't about to start at that age. He was smitten and said that didn't matter, however I couldn't help but fast forward 10 years and see a man who regretted his decision and a woman who was starting over again aged 56. Not long after that I met the love of my life who is 3 years older than me, with similar life experience and points of reference, and we're both comfortable in ourselves and our relationship. I do think this works better.
Jana Elizabeth Sekelski (3 months ago)
In my family that,s normal :)
elaheh khosravi (3 months ago)
I'm 19 and I like a 30 y/o man.. he seems fine (not too horny or pedophillic🤣) and I'm pretty realistic but I'm scared... What are some restrictions or realities that might appear throughout the relationship? I really can't stand guys who are under 8 years older than me bc of my father... My father always abused my mother and he was 1 year younger. I know where my problem is but I wanna know how I can know if that man want me for sex or a relationship cause I'd like to know what I'm dealing with from the beginning
Nic P (3 months ago)
Bahahahahahahaha ......at point 4:45 - 5:00
Chaross Fan (3 months ago)
because he is older
Chaross Fan (3 months ago)
....My father is forbidding it .....
Saleha Javed (3 months ago)
Most of the time it happens with me when I am watching ur video I get so much involved in watching ur smile they way u talk... I totally distract that what u r saying and then I rewind the clip and listen again :)
Vkei+fitness (3 months ago)
I get hit on by only younger guys these days since i look way younger than my actual age. The oldest one was my age and he asked "do you like older men?" I was like I'm the same age as you! Haha
artistemaudit (4 months ago)
Matthew is dating a woman 10 years younger than him. I hope he is applying pragmatism. ;-)
rock angel (4 months ago)
Thank you 😊
rachel krats (4 months ago)
My boyfriend is a year and 8 months younger then me he'll be turning 18 in May and I just turned 19. I was a little weirded out by it at 1st but then I realized how we get along perfectly and its not to much of an age difference. We've been dating almost 3 months know it's new still so anything can happen but I plan on being with this man for a very long time!
Joanna Lavarias (4 months ago)
Bad in my opinion
MK MK (4 months ago)
You dated Camilla Cabello!
rouge lily (5 months ago)
I have strong feelings for a man 19 years younger than me. I feel like there is a big issue with the age because I'm nearing my 40s and he's just starting his life. Theres the issue of children, etc. I'm so torn.
Samuel Montero (5 months ago)
I'm 28 years old and my girlfriend is 22 years old. Is that normal to be 6 years apart from each other and be on a personal relationship ?
susan knutowicz (5 months ago)
Great little vid. I recently started dating a man 20 years younger than me. I was hesitant at first but actually, we are having an absolute ball! Yes, I do make references to stuff that happened before he was born. I'm getting better but he still looks at me and reminds me that when we met he thought that I was younger than him. Ironically, when I was his age my boyfriend was 18 years older than me. I lost him to cancer before we were able to marry and this guy reminds me of that man in some ways. Enter Twilight Zone music...
Jake Peralta (5 months ago)
Can I be your boyfriend?
L S (5 months ago)
My dear friend dated a man 24 years younger than she and they have had a glorious relationship! They became married (he is mad about her!) and have been married for 20 years!!!! They are two care free people who are low or no drama and when I am in their house, I fee the peace in the house. Lots of laughter and , well, they cant keep their hands off each other. Still. LOL So it does work at times.
Mary Pigford (5 months ago)
Younger men could be possibly be VERY immature. I just broke up with my bf who was 15 years younger. He was emotionally abusive and very insecure. I had to end it due to his frequent emotional outbursts. I should have ended it months earlier but the chemistry was great. It's unfortunate but I couldn't age with him. He was an emotionally abusive asshole.
sepp reiB (5 months ago)
I'm relate ten yrs gap
EagerBeaver2218 (5 months ago)
if you date a younger man, trouble. if you date a much older man, trouble. so what the heck is the perfect relationship?
Ivy Ivz17 (5 months ago)
Im 35 and dating with 26
Chinkluna (5 months ago)
She is 19 and im 16 is that ok ? Opinions please
LadySilverWolfe (5 months ago)
Went out with a younger guy for lunch. We had literally zero things in common, can’t maintain a conversation and had no interest in the things I’m interested in. I miss my ex. Sigh.
maria mistretta (5 months ago)
Its better for a woman to date a younger slim man are sexy can be there because unhealthy toxic old man are useless they can't even move.
حنان الشيف (6 months ago)
Abusive Relationship are awaful and devastating who is ever have a soul to love or show interest in relation in the first place 😔😢😭😓😷🤒🤕
Korley Isaac (6 months ago)
I'm 31 years old but I like older women 20 years older than me 10 years or maybe 25 years they know more and patience I have met one but love to hear she was power😅😅
Nina Guerra (6 months ago)
The thing is they’ll tell you and try to show you they’re an old soul. But in time you will see how immature they are in their decisions and including you as one of their priorities... it just sucks coz the energy that I wasted for this guy.... is huge. I knew I fell for him but he needs to know my value and standards ... ended up not working out coz I pulled the plug.
mercy mallari (6 months ago)
I prefer a guy who is too close to my age ..because its not hard to talk your points of view or some important matters because he already can relate specially if he was already had experience hving younger ladies on his life before ..he can easily relate to my likes nd dislikes both ways for us ...i have no interest eversince to younger man younger to my age .
Ramzi Fuad (6 months ago)
Most of those Q&A were really helpful. thx Matt.
Ish_ Nati (6 months ago)
Hm...what if marrying a boy 7 months younger then you..i thinks its fine at least you both love each other then its alright
Kiwi Lala (6 months ago)
Matthew I needed this video so much. You answered all of my questions.😌
andicatz (6 months ago)
Great video!
Anastasija Beograd (7 months ago)
I was in a relationship with my 7 years older Ex & he was scared getting married and kids with me bc I had put him under pressure with this. So he left me, even we had seen all qualitys in eachother. So now one year later, I'm still single and I had no sex for one year, in my neibourhood is this young guy (22years) and I'm 31. He has chase me years before & now again. But now I realised he has a really bih thing in his pants and he is pretty too. But I'm scared bc I think he knows that we have no future. He only want sex I think. I'm sure he only want sex. I would love to sleep with him so bad. But I know how its gonna end :((( Today I asked him if he want to watch a movie together and he answered "he is tired from working and not into it today" hmmmm it already has start before we even slept together - GREAT :(
The Jurado Sisters (7 months ago)
I like a guy one year under my age
Manjula A (7 months ago)
Good topic
Just a Girl (7 months ago)
I dated someone younger than me and they acted even younger than they were. It was like talking to a grumpy child 24/7.. worst mistake.
buscuit tube (7 months ago)
See my friend he's 12 and he's dating online with someone three years older
snow white (7 months ago)
😊 only if he is god or jesus nothing else matters
bfitnessforlife (8 months ago)
I have truly learned to see the importance and value in being with a person that is in the same stage of life. If one of you have been married and already have children but doesn’t want more children or another marriage and the goal of the other is exactly this it will be a challenge. I have experienced exactly this when dating younger men. Regardless of what you feel you will not be able to give what partner want and it might be better not to move forward at all. Talking from experience.
Elizabeth L (8 months ago)
Im dating someone 18 years younger 😒. Against my better judgement I went with it. While it is fun he's already showed me how immature he is.
Gris (8 months ago)
My grandmother's second husband was 15 years younger and she was amazingly happy until she passed from cancer. My step grandfather is a kind man. 💓💓
janiejamz (8 months ago)
!!!!!!!!! 9 years!!!! The same age difference as him and Camilla Cabello!!
i wanna date a girl older than me by a year or two just so i can say "older women like me especially ur mom"
Lunar Childe (8 months ago)
Meh...my husband of 12 years is almost 12 years younger than me and he's by far the more mature lol...age is a number
sagrammyfour (8 months ago)
After reading many of the comments below, I see that a lot of people are afraid of getting hurt. Well, you can get hurt dating someone your own age, too. The only thing that would preclude dating someone much older or younger would be the desire to have children. If that's important, it's probably better to date in your age range. So, go after what makes you happy.
sagrammyfour (8 months ago)
I was looking at a feature on vegetables when I saw your headline. I am a 71 yr old woman, in love with and living with a man who just turned 48. I have two sons, 46 and 43. My sweetheart and I met at work--I retired in 2014 at age 67. We fell in love the minute we met--and I will admit , there was and remains a huge sexual attraction. We are intellectually matched, and both have the same sense of humor. We like to do the same things, and we are alike politically. We are sexually very compatible, and are very physically affectionate. We both had a bad marriage. We have been together since 2012. I have a small retirement, he works and provides for his two teenage daughters. So, it's not about money. Yes, sometimes people make fun of us, but we just laugh because none of them has as good a life as we do, especially between the sheets. We fantasize what life would have been like if we had been the same age. My only sorrow is that he will be left behind when I die. But I have made him promise he will find someone who loves him as much as I do. My dying wish will be that he will find her.
Mikoken (8 months ago)
Hi Matthew I used to be in an abusive relationship, both mental and physical. 5 years ago when I broke free, I never felt more free, but since I was in that relationship for 6 years, it took a long time to recover, and build myself again. It takes time, but definitely worth it. Women should ask themselves, "would heartbreak be worth my freedom?" yes! definitely! you will build yourselves again and probably find someone better than him. there is someone way better than him, that is worth your time and heart. someone who doesn't beat you up, someone who respects you. You are stronger than this, it's his loss, not yours! Freedom is so great, doing anything at all with no fear, and no looking over your shoulder. Whoever is willing to break free from poisonous relationship, I support you completely!! ❤
Pro9 (8 months ago)
Matthew, I really like how professional and careful you are when dealing with these delicate issues. You are an excellent example of what everybody should try to emulate in order to achieve better understanding with the opposite gender. I moderate a small group (about 40 people) of singles over 50 and many of them display fear of previous relationships with experiences of either abuse or sad losses. (We get together to have fun and try to understand relationships in a casual way). At this age we don't feel old enough to quit and we want to love again, but we are not young kids anymore so many of us want to be extra careful before entering a new relationship with the potential for pain. Your way of explaining how to go into a new relationship with a clean slate is very wise and I will recommend them to watch this particular video. The only problem is that, sometimes, many wounds run so deeply that people react in negative ways without noticing those reactions are rooted in the fear of past experiences. As a saying goes: the teacher will teach only when the student is eager to learn (or something like that) so we can only hope people will be able to understand they are afraid and try to heal before jumping into another abusive relationship. Your videos spark that curiosity that leads to understanding of our deep selves. Great contributions to the only power in the universe: Love. Thank you very much!
What next, sunshine? (8 months ago)
the beauty of life... never say never :-P
Sami R (8 months ago)
I like younger men because I have a young energetic spirit and have always looked at least 10 years younger and find men my age can't keep up with me. Women in my family live to their 90's and statistically, women out live men 10-15 years. I don't want to be a widow in my 70's and spend 20 years alone looking for a mate. So...I met a guy and we didn't know each other's age when we met. He looked much older than I but I tried not to be concerned with that because we had a lot in common. We really hit it off immediately and were like two 16 year old kids always smiling, laughing and enjoying each other. We couldn't get enough of each other and was getting to be really good friends, connecting on many levels including romantically. Two months into the relationship, I realized I was actually 10 years older than he. This concerned me as I had seen evidence of insecurity in him needing validation through things, big house, fancy car, all about things to validate him to make him 'look' successful and he'd previously married a woman he didn't love because she was beautiful and would make him look good. This was a 52 year old man. One night after we'd spent the night at his place, I told him I was 10 years older than him. He had no clue and thought I was about 5 years younger than he. When I told him, he couldn't get me out of his house fast enough and looked at me like I was disgusting and/or had a horrible contagious disease. He wouldn't even look me in the eye when he asked me to leave. No further communication from him, just gone. I know it's his issue, but it still really sucked because this is the first guy in 17 years of being single after divorce that I really felt a connection with. Am I doomed to be alone?
Kaka (9 months ago)
Does older women choose younger guy because it will be easier to handle them and manipulate them?
AshleyBernard (9 months ago)
Age is not a number, age is a *word*
Hanna Niery (9 months ago)
I’m 15 And he’s 11. I cant Get My MIND off from thinking of him And he make My heart beats fatter everytime i look AT him.
Mama Marianovits (9 months ago)
What is it about older women that many young men find so attractive? For a while I wondered if they had mommy issues (well come on, some do)... then I wondered if it was the experience (again, come on...some just want a teacher)... I've even wondered if it's the confidence that only comes with a certain level of, errrr umm, maturity (need I say it again.??lol...come on, okay....I have nothing on this one...😂). I'm not complaining, the attention can be nice, a boost even, I am simply filled with curiosity and would love to have some input, please.
Success Cole (9 months ago)
For me I am 20yrs old and I love dating guys that is above 25yrs of age.
Ambriel Apps (9 months ago)
One can both work on getting to understand each other better and being on the same wavelengths...
Jason Christopher (9 months ago)
Its disgusting
Salome Peretz (9 months ago)
Matt is very true on his statement of the age difference. As per my experience one of the 2 've to get adapted to the life of the other one to have some balance without forgetting priorities for the relation and for each one personal achievements. In my case I gave all I could with no limits and I end up empty with broken heart...I ve done an investment without receiving anything...not just about material things but I was just expecting this person to change for good after all I 've done...but my biggest mistake was to over come with all carrying myself all responsibilities and there was the big fault. I can't blame him as he was just enjoying time with me on my cost ...sadly everything end up just in pieces...emptyness...so be careful in what u give and set limits for every aspect of the relationship.
Joan Elizabeth Smith (9 months ago)
Yes, yes and yes! Been there, done that!
Rebecca D'souza (9 months ago)
This video has helped me find answers to some of my questions that I had. Like not to let some idiot ruine your dreams. And that there are good guys out there its just finding them is the problem.
Bernadette Lopez (9 months ago)
When you got abused before, build walls around you to protect yourself. Men who abuse women are the weakest and most insecure creatures. They hurt their partners to gain control. They make their partners the problem all the time. They dont see themselves as the monsters but you are. The right man for you will climb those walls to be with you. He will help you heal and learn to trust again. No matter how you shut yourself down, he will make you feel loved and worthy. Only a genuine and strong man can do that.
Luv Wolfie (9 months ago)
Ok but now you’re dating a younger woman, just saying
Bettina Puskás (9 months ago)
1. It depends. If you are mature enough 10 years between two people can not be a problem. 2. I can relate to that. Once i was in an emotional abusive relationship and after that it is hard to trust but it is possible. Anyway thank you for this video.
b ramos (9 months ago)
I love older women i find them way more attractive then a younger women but its hard to find women who are into younger men because they care so much about age like wth if i was older what would be the difference i mean mature enough to date an older women what does my age have to do with me being turned down
Cindy (10 months ago)
I am dating a younger man. That's not the problem he is not on any dating sites that's how we met. He is only dating me i believe it. But he says it's ok if i am on a dating site. WHAT? What does that mean. It is a 2 month relationship, he has always said he wants to take it slow. He is very busy also?Help
Xxxdanny (10 months ago)
Wow that’s a big gap I’m stressing about a guy a grade younger than me 💀
Kate Hartmann (10 months ago)
Thank God for men like Matthew Hussey, and for showing us that amazing, articulate, caring men exist!
Audrée (10 months ago)
I’m texting a younger man right now and I haven’t asked him his age yet I just know he’s younger. We’ve been connecting amazingly and I know it won’t end in anything serious but gosh he is insanely sexy. My plan is just to have a bit of fun for a little while as I’ve been single for almost 2 years now then end it before any serious feelings develop. I’m meeting up with him in 6 days for the first time and even tho it’s not going anywhere I’m still soooooo nervous.
Viaja 3 (1 month ago)
Audrée would you mind giving an update on how things turned out?
Yankie Doodle (10 months ago)
That younger dude will have a younger piece on the side, no doubt about it.
Syrena Xhaferi (10 months ago)
i know couples with an older woman and it works fine
kitty (10 months ago)
It's funny how i watch these videos thinking it would apply to me when he's only 11 months younger that i am Funny how society plays a role in how you think sometimes even when you personally never cared about it
cynthia prado (10 months ago)
I always meet younger men. I try to meet men my age but it doesn't happen. It's either they are elderly or younger. Fortunately i don't have daddy issues but i prefer someone closer in age.
C.L. West (10 months ago)
I was with someone 17 years younger for over ten years... In my opinion, that big of a spread is a problem if they have an unhealthy attachment to their parents. Every time her quit drinking or smoking, his parents would give him booze and cigarettes...I saw him through 31 times in the hospital for seizures and through 7 rehabs. It 'might' have worked one day, but his parents would never allow it. I honestly will probably never get involved with anyone who has that strong of an attachment to his parents again. In fact, I will make an effort not to get involved with anyone who has living parents again.g
Elaine Evans (10 months ago)
That shirt is dreadful. The body inside it is lovely but the shirt is not complementary.
maria a wiedman (10 months ago)
I like u ....u are so handsome
maria a wiedman (10 months ago)
I met a young guy but I feel he just want to have fun and i have 2 kids i think he just want yo sleep with me and later dump me sad but is true ....and i never hear from him after work and weekends he told me he exercise and couch soccer after but is somebody really like he will put an effort to know about u ok very sad....
susan jones (11 months ago)
Brilliant!!!always helpful.
Bettyboop Xoxo (11 months ago)
I love it when he calls the guys a “p***k” hahaha it’s so motivating like boy bye
Calvin Paiva (11 months ago)
Most of the girls think.. Maturity comes with age.. so they actually think older men are more mature than younger men..That's really a wrong mentality about a person... Love a person for who they are to you.... That means that person should be loyal, good, etc and should be mature in his thinking and how he acts regardless of age..I still don't get why most of the girls think.. Maturity comes with age.. If girls are thinking about a guy's job..I mean financial stability.. for example..a 20 year old guy (imagine he is younger than you) can get a financial stability if he has the brains and talents to do it.. Than a guy who is 30 years old (imagine this guy is older than you) who still hasn't got a job yet... All I can say is... Love a person for who they are to you.. how they treat you.... This message is to both men and women...
Florence Bretonneau (11 months ago)
Its interesting that he said that, especially now that he's dating a 20 year old woman, so now that he's right in the middle of that topic he'll be able to advise us more on that ;) like Roro said you can meet someone with a young number who has a very old soul and vice versa....what i find sad and annoying is that it's still ok for men to date younger women even very young.....but for women to do that it's still not accepted, you can be sure they will say something like: oh he's gone dump u as soon as he find someone much younger .....or as soon as you will show aging signs he will disapper........... Actually i have questionS lol! is it the true nature of men then? do we have to be beautiful and fresh and that is all?? And what happened when we are not fresh as we used to be? and we are not attracted to men in our age group? And what about the lack of confidence that we start to go through when we are still single but heads don't turns toward to us as they used to? i don't think any videos's been made on that ! Matthew if you read this ! i would love to hear what you have to say on that!
Live life To the fullest (11 months ago)
I personally believe if the older person is in a place in their life where they want to be. Love for the other person will help them along the way to where they feel they need to be. Patience, integrity and l love will allow you both to embrace the journey
Grazz (11 months ago)
Matthew blatantly ignoring his own advice currently. Don't date outside of about 6 years either way because age difference become very realy between the ages of 30 and 40. Aging really kicks in around 30 so while you can date the person 10 years your younger or older at some point it will become obvious that the age difference exists and will likely result in issues...
Cindy C. (11 months ago)
If you are in love it should not matter.

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