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The upload_max_filesize in php.ini. error in wordpress
the uploaded file size exceed the uploadmax_filesize in the php.ini. When I tried to upload a file . if you are getting this error ? now need a ways to fix this issue. How to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size in php.ini i show in this video Step by step guide of fixing this error:
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how to Install WordPress in Plesk - WordPress in Plesk hosting
We are WordPress developer team
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how to make  multi-page gravity forms  Next...  Next...
gravity forms have a a quick sample form showcasing the multi-page functionality. it is very easy . Just you need to know The page break field and how The page break field are work . page or next break field allows you to break up your form. you can use it multi pol time into multiple pages and even show a progress bar that let's your user know where they are in the process bar it will total 100%.
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How do I group call on Skype- Skype Conference
skype group call android windows and mac are available. skype group call is free to service form skype. its group call limit is enough for you. you can make group video call skype using your phone tab also. skype commonly use for the business conference call.
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Windows 10 Activator tool  full free -  KMSpico Windows Activator
I have found finally Windows 10 Activator. The Windows 10 Activator name is KMSpico. it will active Windows. and Full Featured Windows and Office. KMSpico will active, your Windows 10 for life time . In this video I have show, how to active KMSpico free tool. Also it`s free as long you need. You will use this because, its active Microsoft all products. included Win 10, Office 2016 and others also . KMSpico provider said, the Microsoft Office 2016, KMSpico is most searched tool, as a result for Activation of Microsoft Products. The have already made Final Absolute version that can activate all Microsoft Products. So You don’t need to use multiple activators for Microsoft product. It all-in-one, fully successful, and totally Activator tool. Yes already I said, as a activation will be complete for lifetime. If you think, how do use this tool as a Windows 10 Activator? Fast watch complete video. and Download KMSpico zip file. After extracting, sometime antivirus detects this tool as a virus. when its total secure. You need to tell, your antivirus to keep this, file as it is. Then try to run autopico.exe press the activate button. It will automatically activate most of all Microsoft Products. which is already installed on your computer laptop.
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How to Change GoDaddy Domain Name Servers
if you think How to Change GoDaddy Domain Name Servers then just wait and see this video , godaddy custom domain name server setup is very easy. you can change it with few click.
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Yahoo hosting DNS change
how to change yahoo host domain name server .
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How do I add a domain to HostGator?  - How do I add a new  domain to HostGator old account
How do I add a new domain to HostGator old account. you can manage more than one domain in a hosting account. so if you have a hosting account and you want to run a website in same hosting using different domain you can do that. i have explain here this way how you will use your domain. i make a WordPress web using new domain.
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How to Install Godaddy  ssl Certificate -  web ssl
How to Install Godaddy ssl Certificate or how to Godaddy SSL Certificate configuration this is your think ? i am presenting with this video how you will complete this part. there few step you should you follow to Install Godaddy ssl Certificate : step 1 :Log in to your GoDaddy account. step 2: Click SSL Certificates in security section. Next to the SSL certificate credit you want to use, click Set up. If you have multiple credits, select the credit you want to use, and then click Set up Refresh the page; you should see a New Certificate.
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Google site verification using .html
Google site verification is a very important thing for a web owner, you have a website now you want to know how to site verification google? I am here shown from beginning to complete the process. I used Google site verification using HTML file. for complete your task you need to know how to generate HTML file and how to upload it. everything has proper explanation in this video.
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how to Install PHP Composer or Installing and setting composer
php composer maintain your project dependency. composer is one of modern way to ready project dependency developer. there is best way to install it with the video instructions https://getcomposer.org/download/ php -r "copy('https://getcomposer.org/installer', 'composer-setup.php');" php -r "if (hash_file('SHA384', 'composer-setup.php') === '544e09ee996cdf60ece3804abc52599c22b1f40f4323403c44d44fdfdd586475ca9813a858088ffbc1f233e9b180f061') { echo 'Installer verified'; } else { echo 'Installer corrupt'; unlink('composer-setup.php'); } echo PHP_EOL;" php composer-setup.php php -r "unlink('composer-setup.php');" composer -v Ready composer.json php composer.phar install Get Packages: https://packagist.orgs
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Jaflong Waterfall in Sylhet - Best  Waterfall in bangladesh
Jaflong Waterfall is a big Waterfall in Bangladesh , it is wonderful Waterfall in sylhet.
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how to add/create, delete/updatepdate, wordpress menu - multi level dropdown menu
how to create a menu in wordpress and how to update a menu in wordpress. there also if you need to know how to make a wordpress submenu as a dropdown menu. or make a custom menu in wordpress admin
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how to add google recapture with contact form 7 recaptcha
how to add google recapture with contact form 7 ? add captcha to form or add a captcha with contact form i show here captcha for contact form 7 and use captcha google code contact form 7 captcha,contact form 7 recaptcha,google recaptcha contact form 7 recaptcha contact form 7 recaptcha wordpress contact form 7. its very simple captcha to add with wordpress contact form 7 , wordpress captcha plugin for contact form 7, wordpress contact form 7 captcha wordpress contact form recaptcha,
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how to Remove or Change "Proudly Powered By Wordpress"
if you think how to Remove or Change "Proudly Powered By Wordpress" this video for you . it is best way to change or remove "Proudly Powered By Wordpress. if this video is not clear any thing just inform me. remove or replace the proudly powered by wordpress
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gravity for real-time validation- gravity form  real time email field validation
how to make Real Time Validation for Gravity Forms? there is a very easy way to do real time validation for gravity forms.
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how to get google API key,  Public API Key  and client ID, Secret Key
Google make easy way to use there service with 3 key 1. API key, 2. Public API Key or client ID, 3. Secret Key you can user google API key won your project. you can use it in any application https://console.developers.google.com/apis/ https://developers.google.com/oauthplayground/
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How to add  edit  remove navigation menu items Text in Wordpress
menu items Text is impotent for you , i have present this video how to edit, update or delete menu items Text in WordPress menu
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how to hide my friend list on facebook  | Hide Friends List on Facebook
in this tutorial you know how to hide your friend list for your facebook account. that min you want to hide your friend list form other people. Lets start working for Hide Friends List on Facebook
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how to make a call on skype -  make a skype  free audio or video call windows 10
how to make a call using skype? you can make a make a skype to skype free audio or video call. skype to skype is free for calls. you talk as long as you need to skype to skype. Skype features for you: Skype to Skype calls, free skype Group video calls, Instant messaging Skype, Call phone numbers from skype, Screen sharing etc. free skype call, now you can make a free skype call or free skype video call where you want. skype to skype is full free call it is my video calls.
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how to create subdomain in hostgator
Creating Subdomain in hostgator,
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Srizon Facebook Album — WordPress Plugins  how to add album
How to configuration Srizon Facebook Album — WordPress Plugins
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how to Copy Bookmarks list from Mozilla Firefox browser
how to Copy Bookmarks list from Mozilla Firefox browser? in the top of the Mozilla Firefox browser manu, have an option Bookmarks. Now Click the " Bookmarks" button then select Show All Bookmarks to open the Library window. Now From the top toolbar on the new window, click on Import and Backup and select Export Bookmarks to hypertext markup language. In the Export Bookmarks File window that opens, select a location to avoid wasting the file, that is known as bookmarks.html by default. The desktop is typically an honest spot, however anyplace that's simple to recollect can work. Click the Save button. The Export Bookmarks File window can shut. Close the Library window. you can take full backup firefox bookmarks list. all bookmark backup mozilla bookmarks firefox, this is easy to copy firefox bookmarks llist just, export bookmarks from firefox for next time inport. you can save bookmarks firefox to local text file and transfer firefox bookmarks also,
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wordpress tutorial for beginners ( BANGLA) - how to make a  complete wordpress  website
wordpress website development is very easy and flexible , you can development a web site without coding knowledge. I recommend for to beginner developing websites with wordpress. You can continue developing a wordpress site for you personal use. Also It is full free CMS and opensource. There no need any previes experience to developing a website with wordpress. Event you will able to manage a wordpress web website without and programming knowledge. Wordpress open a new way for website development, website development. When your knowledge is zero about web development . if you dint know any programming language . just complete this video tutorial . you will able com make a website . you can comment here if you need more information about word press work .
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localhost taking localhost:8080 - localhost:8080 redirecting xampp
some time localhost taking localhost to localhost:8080 port this problem to work with localhost . there http-comfig file you can solve this issue just oprn the file and change port 8080 to 80 this problem will solve.
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How to Download Mozilla Firefox  Older Version -  all Older Version Mozilla Firefox
with you, new version has Problems with an update are generally not caused by the new version of Firefox, but rather the update process. Installing a previous version will not help in most cases. Instead. How to Download Mozilla Firefox Older Version or how to get all Older Version of Mozilla Firefox? Mozilla Firefox is fully free, quick and economical cross-platform browser and one in every of the foremost in style browsers in use. Firefox boasts speed and tabbed browsing It options an inbuilt pop-up/ad blocker removing the annoyances once browsing. Firefox additionally offers customization options and plug-ins that permit users to fully amendment the planning and feel of their web-browser. Mozilla Firefox began as Associate in Nursing experiment, LED by 3 developers operating for the Mozilla organization WHO believed the first Mozilla suite, a cross-platform web site including an internet browser, mail Associate in Nursing an IRC shopper, would become too tumescent in future owing to the Mozilla web-browser download mozilla old version any want from following video link. how to download older version of firefox free all Mozilla Firefox all time, Download Older Version of Mozilla Firefox anytime wnay where with your internet line. if you want you can store or download all old version, firefox old version free download firefox older versions download,
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How to setup wordpress using hosting (justhost )
How to setup wordpress using hosting (justhost )
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how to get Facebook Feed or page in  WordPress - Facebook Feed Generator
how to get Facebook Feed or page in WordPress without plugin. Facebook Feed Generator tool for your website. how to use Facebook Feed Generator tool for my web. I show here how you can show your Facebook page in your WordPress web site without plugin. or how to show Facebook like box in your WordPress website. if anything is not clear you can ask me i will will available for your help
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xampp virtual host -  setup local domain and hosting using xampp
How to make xampp virtual host multi domains and a host using xampp server or How to Change 'localhost' to a Domain Name. i show here create local domain and hosting using xampp, you can run domain name www.ome.com like you want ,
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how to delete Facebook photo or images
if you want to delete your photo or image form Facebook then just watch this short video
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how to use register.com web hosting  for begainer
register.com web hosting is easy web hosting but it`s outlook is not like other hosting, and it`s has won control panel, file manager you will get complete user Gide form my tutorial .
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Create a New Wordpress Admin using FTP
Create a New Wordpress Admin using FTP is very easy way, just Open FTP client like filezilla and connect to your ftp account. After success fully connect with file directory you need to got wp-content/themes. Now Open the folder of the correct theme that you are using. select functions.php file download it and edit it. Copy and paste the following function: Change username, password and email to something unique. Save changes. and upload it again. Now you will able to login using your user information.
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blank page wordpress and - white screen of death, WP Frontend  and  wp admin
I am showing this tutorial how to solve wordpress white screen ,wp white screen of death, if you have problem also login page wordpress backend and font and showing blank screen its call white death. How you will solve White Screen of Death, Blank Wordpress, you can solve any white screen problem if you follow my tutorial . you will know how to wordpress debug when wp site showing blank page after watch this tutorial if anything is not clear pleas inform in bellow comma box or you can contact www.webspreed.com
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how to backup bookmarks in mozilla firefox - save bookmarks from mozilla firefox
Export Mozilla Firefox bookmarks to associate hypertext markup language file to copy or transfer bookmarks, htmlThis short video will explain a way to export your bookmarks. which may be used as a backup or for mercantilism into another browser. For directions specific to those alternative browsers, see Export bookmarks to web human, Export bookmarks to Opera and Export bookmarks to the expedition Click the Bookmarks button on top “Bookmarks” and choose “ Show All Bookmarks” to open the Library new window. From the toolbar on the Library window, click Import and Backup and select Export Bookmarks to hypertext mark-up languaHTML) within the Export Bookmarks File window that opens, select a location to save lots of the file, that is called bookmarks.html by default you can rename it. Click the Save button. The Export Bookmarks File is open with your browser Your bookmarks is success exported from Firefox. The bookmarks hypertext mark-up language file you saved is currently able to be foreign into another browser.
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internet download manager free for life time last version - IDM Full Version
How to use idm or internet download manager free for life time or you are thinking how to register internet download manager for life time, in this video I have show how to get free idm package with patch and key . I how if you watch complete video you will learn how to solve idm key problem internet download manager is most use full application. Use free full version idm and enjoy your unlimited download . you can ask question if you need to know more about it……..
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How To Install Wordpress register.com
Install Wordpress register.com using this video , it very easy just need to few click . wordpress most popular open source.
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How To download free movies using utorrent - utorrent configuration & movies download
How to download utorrent , use utorrent. how to download free movie using this downloader. I have show here form download configuration utorrents and download movi using utorrent /BitTorrent. This is very easy windows application you can use it as a movie thruster….
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how to change dual monitor from left to right windows 10 -  adjust 2nd Monitor from Right to Left
In this video, I am going to show you how to change windows 10 display settings. when you are using 2 monitors and how you can swap/move your second monitor from right to left. Keep your large monitor on the left and your laptop to the right. The answer for How to extend the second screen to the left side of screen Windows 10, How to enlarge the screen to the left side Windows or Extending the second screen to the left Windows
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How to  Reset  Mozilla Firefox Settings
how to firefox repair or how to firefox reset settings this is our today tutorial subject. if you don't know how to firefox restore as defaults, how to reset the Mozilla firefox settings, then this video for you and for your help. so let's start here, Mozilla firefox reset fill settings, if you follow this video steps you will also able to reset Mozilla Firefox themes security settings, add-on settings, Mozilla toolbar customization and all Mozilla Firefox extensions. also the user styles and all the settings firefox.
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How to Add a Domain in xampp
How to Add a Domain in xampp asa top level domain. you can work with Xampp like you wirk on live server with real feel
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update php 5.5 in hosting  - how to update php 5.5 version in host
Update host php 5.5 version using live hosting , i have use here just host, you can update any host php using this process , hosting have ability to update php 5.5 , if you need any help inform me . how to Update hosting php 5.5 version updating Update hosting PHP .
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How to Block Ads in Mozilla Firefox Using Adblock Plus -  Ads Block in Mozilla Firefox
How to Block Ads in Mozilla Firefox? Mozilla firefox has an amazing piece of software. For block ads in Mozilla Firefox. Just you need to install and forget about it. Mozilla ad blocker will block all ad its self I have the show in my video how to complete your task. There are lot fo add-ons for you like Mozilla firefox Adblock, Mozilla firefox Adblock plus, Adblock extension, you need to just search and install ay one Block Ads in Mozilla Firefox extension
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Gravity Forms No CAPTCHA  reCAPTCHA  ADD
how to add Gravity Forms No CAPTCHA Bur reCAPTCHA ADD
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how to add existing project in netbeans -IDE for programmer
Net beans is a one of best IDE for programmer . common thing there need to import and export the project . But if you don`t know the proper way that will big problem for you. here are the solution for you how to add existing project in netbeans IDE . programming will easy with this tools.
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how to create facebook app id and App Secret key
how to create facebook app id and App Secret key for your web site I have show in this video how you will creat a app id for your website . login in to your Facebook account. go to facebook Developer Account. developers.facebook.com You'll need Facebook developer account to get started. ... Select my App form right side Create new Facebook app. ... Choose Platform. ... Choose a Name. ... Follow "Quick Start" Steps. ... App ID. ... Protect your App Secret.
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How to install WordPress on localhost (with few clicks )
How to install WordPress on localhost (with few clicks ) I am going to explain some easy step to run WordPress on your localhost. Required: Active XAMPP Server In order to run any PHP/database application on a local computer, you need a local host Create a New Database. After you've installed XAMPP, run it and it should Download WordPress current version from WordPress.org unzip it in a new folder in XAMPP\htdocs\newfolder start XAMPP and follow the video steps to complete WordPress installation in localhost
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ecommerce - Woo Ecommerce Plugins  nad make Store Wordpress
Make your wordpress ecommarce shop, wp e-commerce mine wordpress online shop you can sell your produce using your wordpress web , it`s easy to make wp e-commarce you can make it without programming knowledge
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how to get or generate facebook access token
in this video you will see how to generate to get a Facebook access token for your use very easy to generate a Facebook access token.
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free cloudfare CDN with every hosting - content delivery network
cloudfare CDN is free for every hosting ? what is cloudfare CDN ? Cdn is contain delivery network . CDN manage distributed network (server ). Tthat deliver locations base Web content. as a result it`s directly save your server loading time. CDN store your content in different server and different location. when your server getting over load you can use it. Every hosting have free cloudfare just you need to config. most of all user is not aware about this service. present time it`s most popular concept. you can confirm your security using CDN location. when user will not aware about main server location. i have present positive side maybe you will active it. if you need to know more about cdn you can ask me . i am working as a web developer last 5 years.
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How to use team viewer in windows 10
Window 10 Setup Remote Control connection with 2 computer using FREE TeamViewer Software. Team Viewer Software is a product that will make easier to manage a computer to another computer. If you want you can use your computer form your phone that is also the same process. just I am showing how to connect to remote access to a computer
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