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Dj Deep & Chappell - I got your back
Introducing, from South Africa to the world, Single, I Got Your Back Special thanks to all involved from SA to Thailand Thanks for the support, continue to share the love and enjoy. Your Friend, Chappell
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Dj Fisherman and Chappell If Only
1st single from Fishtank LP, Collaboration Dj Fisherman and Chappell, Another SA Jam!
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Chappell & Gregor Salto doing some Blues at the hotel
Chappell & Gregor Salto during Africa tour april 2010
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Chappell and Miss Holland @ Miljonairs, Scheveningen (NL)
Date: July 19th 2008 www.soulsessions.nl
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Chappell @ Latin Village Festival 2010
together with Gregor Salto performing their number 1 hit !
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Branding Beach Cd release party!
August 15th Branding Beach CD Release party, next time make sure to be there, cause this is what you mist ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Branding Beachclub CD Volume 1 Mixed and compiled by Ralf Gum GOGO Music's very own Ralf GUM and Soulsessions' Donald Timmerman started a new joint venture to produce adequate CD projects for outstanding brands. This now led to their first compilation for the amazing Branding Beach Club in Noordwijk (NL), which is a smooth lounge and deephouse album that reflects the sound of the venue in a perfect way. http://www.brandingbeach.nl || http://www.gogo-music.net || http://www.soulsessions.nl
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Chappell Live @ The Factory
Event: Chappell & Gregor Salto Location: The Factory Aalst Country: Belgium Date: May 23 2011 Tracks: Gregor Salto ft Chappell - We Get High Gregor Salto ft Chappell - Please Me Gregor Salto ft Chappell - Your Friend Pictures by: Sam de Backer Special thanks to The Factory and Smirnoff Ice Follow Chappell: http://www.twitter.com/chappellmusic http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chappell/10150103504055626
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Chappell @ Gregor Salto Live !
Chappell performing live at Republiek Bloemendaal for Gregor Salto live ! Follow Chappell: http://www.chappellinthehouse.com http://www.twitter.com/chappellmusic
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Chappell @ Bed Supperclub Bangkok
February 25 2012 Chappell @ Bed Supperclub performing with Fred Jungo and Timo Garcia Make sure to check out the 7 year anniversary of modelsnight on february 29th! Bed Supperclub http://www.bedsupperclub.com Follow Chappell: http://www.twitter.com/chappellmusic http://www.chappellinthehouse.com
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Chappell @ Orangerie Doorn
Event: birthday Gerrit-Jan Location: Orangerie Doorn Netherlands Artists: Adriaan Abendanon, Chappell, Saxsymbol
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Chappell St Trop Lloret de Mar
Crazyness at St Trop Lloret de Mar ! Performing a yet to be released track
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Chappell Live @ Le Refuge
Chappell performing live at Le Refuge Hasselt Belgium. Follow Chappell http://www.myspace.com/pchappell http://www.twitter.com/chappellmusic
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Chappell @ Private Pool party Bilthoven
16 juni 2012 Event: Stephan's pool party Line up: dj Pablo Pegar, Chappell, CoStar Follow Chappell: http://www.twitter.com/chappellmusic http://www.chappellinthehouse.com
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Chappell @ Blue Marlin Ibiza
www.soulsessions.nl august 2008
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Chappell WMC 2011
Hereby some live footage of some performances Chappell did this year at the Winter Music Conference in Miami Florida. Follow Chappell: http://www.twitter.com/chappellmusic http://www.myspace.com/pchappell http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chappell/10150103504055626 Tracks Appearing in video: Gregor Salto ft Chappell - We Get High Gregor Salto ft Chappell - Your Friend Le Roi ft Chappell - Get Ready (Halo Mix) Distant People ft Chappell - Whisle Away Many thanks to: Future Classics, Purple Music, Risk Sound System, Studio Apartment, Jamie Lewis, SA crew, Nikki Beach, South Seas Hotel, National Hotel, Sushi Samba, Kill Your Idol (Former Blue)
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Chappell @ Bed Supperclub Restaurant Bangkok
Bed Supperclub Bangkok, what can I say, one of the best clubs in Bangkok, amazing kitchen, beautiful people, great sounds !
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Saxlive @ Red Monday zussen (12-11-2007)
www.soulsessions.nl www.zussen.com
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Mavis Acquah @ Miljonairsfair Amsterdam 2007
www.soulsessions.nl www.myspace.com/mavisacquah
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Chappell & Culoe de Song Live
Chappell & Culoe de Song performing their new track 'Make you move' live in Jimmy Woo during the Djoon Experience, Amsterdam Dance Event 2011. Follow Chappell: http://www.twitter.com/chappellmusic http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chappell/10150103504055626 Follow Culoe de Song: http://www.facebook.com/CuloeDeSongFanPage
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Chappell & Beverly John at Beaubar !
july 26th www.beaubar.com www.soulsessions.nl
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Chappell @ Dance Valley 2008
Chappell performing @ Dance Valley 2008 more info: www.soulsessions.nl
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Chappell @ Nicks Birthday
Nick's birthday in Bilthoven Netherlands with dj Pablo Pegar, Saxsymbol and Chappell on vocals ! Follow Chappell: http://www.twitter.com/chappellmusic http://www.chappellinthehouse.com
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Chappell @ Extrema Outdoor 2012
Holland wont be Holland without rain ! only diehards at Extrema Outdoor this year. Check out Dj Gregor Salto, Chappell on vocals & Florian T Live on guitar: I want you to know me. Follow Chappell: http://www.chappellinthehouse.com Gregor Salto: http://www.gregorsalto.com
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Chappell @ Africa Tour with Gregor Salto
Chappell during Africa tour with Gregor Salto
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Jay Serano & Ronno guitar @ Branding Beach Club
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Chappell @ Harbour Club Amsterdam
Event: De Vrijdagborrel Location: Harbour Club Amsterdam Line up: Dj Laurenzo, Kazzikaz on percussion, Chappell Live De Vrijdagborrel http://www.vrijdagborrel.nl Follow Chappell: http://www.chappellinthehouse.com Track at the end: Dj Laurenzo ft Chappell - Guitarimba Out soon !
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Chappell Live @ Villa van Heek
Chappell performing live with Dutchican Soul and Ace on Sax for Villa van Heek Enschede NL, a burelesque edition. Follow Chappell http://www.myspace.com/pchappell http://www.twitter.com/chappellmusic http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chappell/10150103504055626
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Chappell interviewed by Fashion TV Ibiza
www.soulsessions.nl Ibiza Spain August 2008
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Jay Serano @ Red Monday Zussen (12-11-2007)
www.soulsessions.nl www.zussen.com
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Chappell @ El Divino Ibiza with Hardsoul
www.soulsessions.nl Yxaiio event (august 2008)
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Chappell @ Blinq Queensnight
Event: Blinq Queensnight Location: Leidse Plein Amsterdam NL Follow Chappell: http://www.twitter.com/chappellmusic http://www.myspace.com/pchappell http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chappell/10150103504055626
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Chappell @ Metz Princes Theater
Chappell singing live: Defected winning contest TDL Ft Chappe, No Place Like Home
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Chappell @ TMF Awards 2010
Chappell at TMF Awards with Gregor Salto. Lovin backstage there !
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Chappell and Dutchican Soul @ Royal Aspen Groningen.MPG
Chappell and Dutchican Soul @ Royal Aspen Groningen 12-12-2009
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Chappell @ Zomerkriebels Festival
www.chappellinthehouse.com www.soulsessions.nl
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Jay Serano ft. Chappell
Tres Brut 27-7-2008
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Chappell @ Lakedance 2009
Lakedance, a festival near Eindhoven, near 10.000 people combining a sunny day! www.soulsessions.nl www.chappellinthehouse.com
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Chappell @ Royal Aspen Live.MPG
Chappell performing No Place Like Home Live at Royal Aspen Groningen 12-12-2009
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Chappell vs Saxlive @ private event Amersfoort
july 27th www.soulsessions.nl
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Chappell and Danny Marquez @ Stereo Sushi Antwerp
www.soulsessions.nl 25-10-2008 Yes Please ! @ Stereo Sushi Antwerp
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Chappell @ Carré
25 years of Coca Cola
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Chappell @ Africa tour with Gregor Salto
Frans Screaming Chappells name
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Lewis Ferrier @ Red Monday Zussen (12-11-2007)
www.soulsessions.nl www.zussen.com
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Chappell @ Panama ADE 2010
Chappell and Gregor Salto performing their new production live at ADE Panama 2010
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Chappell enters Koh Tao.MOV
Chappell enters Koh Tao Thailand, they sell Blowjobs in this restaurant !?
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Chappell @ Bed Supperclub Get Ready
Bed Supperclub Bangkok Bar side
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Chappell @ Red Monday Zussen (12-11-2007)
www.soulsessions.nl www.zussen.com
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Chappell @ opening winestore Berwang Austria.MPG
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Chappell @ Fabulous
Chappell performing at Fabulous, Brabanthallen Den Bosch NL Performing track: We Get High - Gregor Salto ft Chappell Purchase Track: http://www.dance-tunes.com Follow Chappell: http://www.myspace.com/pchappell http://www.twitter.com/chappellmusic
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