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Waukesha County Fair 2012 - starship 3000
beam me up scotty 7/20/2012
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Apartment Fire Alarm Goes Off Fire Department Comes 4/11/2014
Something triggered my apartment's fire alarm system. I called 911 and head outside.
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EveryDay Life Of Ralph Powers - Sick Last Week
Welcome to the Stomach Flu episode of EveryDay Life Of Ralph Powers - Sick Last Week. There's a 24 hour flu bug going around, and last week end, i was hit by it just a few days before Christmas. It started early Friday morning when i was at work, and had quite an upset stomach in which while at work, I threw up in my store's back stockroom. I couldn't get to a bathroom in time. Here, i had just got home from work and i headed straight to the bathroom where it all came out. This video consists of two days of me vomiting. I was vomiting so much, i fell asleep in the bathroom. I also had symptoms of exploding diarrhea. I had attempted going back to work on Saturday, Just one day after spending Friday in my bathroom. Well i ended up going back home about two hours into my shift with more vomiting and lots of diarrhea. The pants i wore at work had to be thrown out when i got home. See i went to vomit at work in the bathroom, and ended up having diarrhea at the same time. So i spent yet another whole day in and out of my bathroom. you'll hear my shower running a few times because, i felt a better taking showers. Many of the diarrhea moments happened as i tried sleeping. that's where i had exploding diarrhea. Well here's the video of me with the stomach flu. PS. My sister also happen to have the same as me around the same time. My mom had it yesterday. Filmed: 12/19/2014, 12/20/2014 and 12/22/2014
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Telemarketer Repellant Sound Machine from Spencers
i bought this telemarketer gag FX machine from Spencers yesterday. here, i give meow a demostration. 10/20/2012 click here to see my other Sound Bites machine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALT5d4T0tyE
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EveryDay Life Of Ralph Powers - Road Trip Arcade Machine
Welcome to a very lucky episode of EveryDay Life Of Ralph Powers. this maybe a short episode, but i got to share this. i played the road trip arcade machine at the local walmart in hopes to win a prize. i wanted one of the Walmart $10 gift cards. did i win it? did i lose? did i get a crappy small prize? watch and see.
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Jimmy's Grotto Pizza
this was my Ponza Rotta from jimmys grottos. Jimmy's Grottos is a local favorite restaurant here in Waukesha, Wisconsin. they're famous for their Ponza Rotta as seen in my video. it's like a pizza folded over like a hot pocket. they're really good. 9/23/2011 jimmy'sgrottos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaAoJ3B1j4o
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Elevator Rescue Due to Storm and Power Outage 6/30/2014
my hometown was hit hard by storms and powerful winds. many also knocked out power including my apartment. One woman was stuck in the elevator. The Waukesha Fire Department came and got her out. Moments after and off camera, the fire department did another elevator rescue in another part of the apartment. filmed: 6/30/2014 uploaded: 7/1/2014
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railroad crossing
i filmed this train in downtown Waukesha, Wisconsin. this crossing is on Moreland Blvd., in Waukesha, Wisconsin near Frame Park. in this video you'll see this freight train has an engine at the end of the line. i thought that was sweet. i've actually seen freight trains pulling engines at the end, some in the middle with more cars and then another engine at the end. i don't know why this is done. if you're watching this, maybe you can tell me why this happens? is the rail industry also getting hit hard by the economy too, that they have to pull another train to save money and time? it was quite cool out when i made this video yesterday, 9/6/2011. 9/6/2011
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one too many drinks, now i'm paying for it
don't know what's wrong with my camera. sorry for the poor quality. i had me one too many drinks last night, and i paid for it. i was throwing up all night long. i currently have hang over as i upload this video. 3/23/2012 -3/24/2012
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taking out the garbage, and the elevator is out of order
maintenance work is being done on one of the elevators in my apartment. maintenance was being done on it last week too, and few days before that. 6/12/2012
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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
here's gameplay of, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. CJ is at Burger Shot. he eats until he throws up. then he sets everyone on fire afterwords. "slurp my burgers sir" 11/3/2011 the guy at Stack Pizza told CJ to come here and vomit, so here i am. here's me at Well Stack Pizza before i came to Burger Shot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5BjKDskIyA
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Wii Sports Baseball gameplay
here's gameplay of my Wii Sports. i'm playing baseball. 5/18/2012
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Sound Bites Machine
i bought this sound FX machine from Spencers novelties. 10/20/2012 click here my telemarketer repellent fx machine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKrtKAfsBEk
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microwave popcorn
no big hit movies on, no tv shows, no real special occasion. i'm having popcorn just because i want it. also i wanted something to upload onto youtube. 2/2/2012
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Monday, January 13, 2014: THE FLU pt 2
i caught the cold symptoms on Saturday, January 11, 2014. it was Monday, January 13, 2014 the Flu came. i shot a documentary during the the whole sick deal. here's video pt. 2. click here for pt1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1HRS2-5vJQ 1/11/2014 - 1/17/2014 p.s. as of me uploading this 1/17/2014 12:39PM. I still have left over cold, but i'm feeling much better. i returned back to work on Wednesday, January 15th. i missed two days of work from all this.
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4/24/2014 UPLOADED: 4/25/2014
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McDonald's Mcrib
i've never had me a MCrib sandwich until today. at first i give the McRib a 4 star rating, but later give it 5 stars. if you've never had one, go try one today. most McDonald's are open 24hrs. at least the drive-thru is. go get yourself one. p.s. McDonald's should add bacon and make this a bacon McRib sandwich. 11/16/2011 local McDonald's here in Waukesha, Wisconsin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qzh8UTWkUA
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Grand Theft Auto 3 PS2 Gameplay
most people have PS3s, XBOX 360, Wii. Coming soon will be PS4 and XBOX one. here i am still with PS2, and playing Grand Theft Auto 3. here's gameplay of Grand Theft Auto 3 i played today. 7/24/2013
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Waukesha Railroad crossing
here's a freight train that passed by yesterday. location is Hartwell Avenue in downtown Waukesha, Wisconsin. 7/31/2011 part of my city's Christmas parade (11/20/2011) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_KfSU4ZMoI Christmas Grinch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmemU3t_Gzg Lefty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkEfbOPA59M
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Monday, January 13, 2014: THE FLU pt1.
i caught the cold symptoms on Saturday, January 11, 2014. it was Monday, January 13, 2014 the Flu came. i shot a documentary during the the whole sick deal. this is video pt. 1 click here for pt 2. http://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=KyALbxa-5ik 1/11/2014 - 1/17/2014 p.s. as of me uploading this 1/17/2014 12:39PM. I still have left over cold, but i'm feeling much better. i returned back to work on Wednesday, January 15th. i missed two days of work from all this.
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Ghostbusters Ecto 1 Siren
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fire alarms and smoke detectors testing
videos of fire alarms and smoke detectors going off. the distorted videos you hear the fire alarms going off was for a real fire back in 2003. all others hear were tests. 5/18/2012
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shopping cart
this is my Walmart shopping cart. here i'm letting you see what i bought. i went to Walmart and got a new coffee maker and some chicken nuggets and chicken strips. oh and i also bought a Dr. Pepper. i was currently waiting for my bus ride home, and made this video about my shopping cart. 9/20/2011
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Waukesha Railroad
Location: College and Maple Avenue, Waukesha, Wisconsin. you'll really hear the bells ringing. it's because i'm standing near both crossings and both bells are at the same corner. i caught this train this morning, 9/15/2011. it was long and had a DPU (Distributed Power Unit) engine at the end. i give credit thanks to 177987auprr1 , one of my viewers for telling me what a "DPU" was after one of my videos had one, and i didn't know why trains have them. so this really made my video nice and i hope you all like it. here's my youtube page for more and other videos done by me. http://www.youtube.com/user/myrealghostbusters?feature=mhee here's video from the Grand Avenue / Cutler Street side seen in the far right from where this train rolls from. (5/9/2011) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPcTY_4vUy4
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Hillshire Farm Lit'l Smokies
i had Hillshire Farm Lit'l Smokies for breakfast this morining. oh they are so good. they're good for breakfast, snack to have while watching the Packers win this year. they're bar favorites. 11/17/2011
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elevator out of order
the elevator in my apartment building wasn't working. i had just come home from shopping at walmart. i pushed the elevator button, but it didn't work. i pushed the up and down button, but it didn't work. the elevator wasn't moving and the doors wouldn't open. so, here's a video of me putting up, "out of order" signs. malfunctioning and or out of order elevators creep me out. 1/12/2012
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i'm dead drunk off the kitchen floor
i had way way way too much to drink. i'm dead drunk and can barely stand up in my kitchen. i even try to lick up my own vomit. 4/1/2012 here's the making of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WXi0ABPCzc
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Fire Alarm test 4
my apartment building tests it's fire alarms once every month on a Wednesday. well the test is suppose to be next week, and for some reason they decided to pretest them today with out notice. here i am exploring my apartment complex on the fourth floor. 6/8/2011
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Johnsonville Brats and Italian Sausages 3/30/2013
it was a nice weekend to finally fire up the grill, and have some Johnsonville Brats and Italian Sausages. 3/30/2013
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WWF Raw Sega video wrestlers theme music
i have a vhs tape with WWF Raw video game matches from Sega. this was way before XBOX, Wii, or Playstation came out. at the time, the "it" systems where, SNES, Gameboy, Sega, Sega CD, and NES was still around. here's the WWF superstars video game music themes. filmed in 1996 5/30/2012
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EveryDay Life Of Ralph Powers - My Horrifying Saturday
Welcome to my Halloween Special EveyDay Life Of Ralph Powers - My Horrifying Saturday. Well i had last Thursday and Friday off. they both started out okay, and then on Friday it all went to hell.... i went to my bank and was confronted and attacked by a group of zombies. i ended up becoming one in which i like females, i ate one. see my horrifying Saturday in this spooktacular Halloween Special. PS. Halloween is tomorrow just in case you all forgot. PPS. For those who like vomiting..... well somewhere in this episode after i ate that poor girl, i threw her up. filmed: 10/16/2014, 10/17/2014, and 10/18/2014 uploaded: 10/30/2014
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WWF Raw Sega Genesis gameplay
i have a vhs tape with WWF Raw video game matches i made back in, 1996. here's gameplay of Bret Hart and the Undertaker vs. Diesel (Kevin Nash) and Shawn Michaels in a tornado tag team match. this was at the time, the best wrestling video game. it included royal rumble matches, weapons, survivor series, and more. my favorite was the bucket weapon, and knocking out the referee until he left. i hated it when the game would freeze because of that. filmed 1996 5/30/2012
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WWF Raw SEGA videogame play Razor Ramon vs. Undertaker
WWF / WWE video games don't get any better then this..... i have a vhs tape with WWF Raw video game matches from Sega. i made this back in 1996. this was way before XBOX, Wii, or Playstation came out. at the time, the "it" systems where, SNES, Gameboy, Sega, Sega CD, and NES was still around.
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Fire Alarm Control Panel Beeping
I filmed this a few days ago. my apartment fire alarm control panel was beeping. i went and explored the reason why but couldn't find why, take a look. 6/19/2014
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vending machine
i was thirsty and wanted a Coca-cola after i was done shopping at Walmart. 9/7/2011 here is what i bought from Walmart. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99iizlDpGVY
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WWF Raw Sega Genesis Luna Vachon vs. Luna Vachon
i have a VHS tape with video game play of the WWF Raw video game. this was the popular Sega Genesis wrestling video game that everyone loved at the time. here's gameplay of Luna Vachon wrestling herself. one of the codes in the game allowed you to chose someone twice. filmed 1996 5/30/2012
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Cheers and EXTREME OOPS!!!!
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Telemarketer Repellant Machine
got annoying telemarketers calling you? how about someone you just don't want to talk to on the phone. well then, maybe this telemarketer toy is for you. here's my demonstration. it's suppose to help those who have annoying telemarketers calling you. if they call you, play one of these sounds bites in order to get them to hang up on you. 10/22/2012
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The Real Ghostbusters Fright Featured Series
music being added. audio might not be available yet. the Real Ghostbusters toys were a hit during it's time in the 1980's. every kid had them, and most kids was jealous of their friends who had them, and they didn't. this was the Fright Featured Series action figures. they were weird, and fun to play with. they also were the ones that broke a lot. Mostly Winston's arm, or Egon's tie. Janine Melnitz was also added to the Fright Feature series later on. 3/14/2012
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EveryDay Life Of Ralph Powers - Ralph 2013
I'm currently working on a new video. see last years to see what's coming for my Ralph 2014 episode. coming January 2, 2015 2013 12/29/2014
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Waukesha County Fair 2010
filmed July 23, 2010 uploaded: Friday, April 27, 2012 WAUKESHA COUNTY FAIR returns JULY 18 -- 22, 2012
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eating Honey Smacks Cereal
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cherry bomb shot and coca-cola cherry bomb shot
instead of going to the bar and having to pay someone to make it, i'm making these cherry bomb shots myself.
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Waukesha Public Library
this here is the Historical Waukesha Public Library in Waukesha, Wisconsin. i'm here all the time. i mostly use the computers. i sometimes checkout books, well CD's and movies. they're free, just need your library card. you'll also need it for the computers too. if you're ever in Waukesha, and need a book or a library to go to, Waukesha Public Library is the place. 8/18/2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m25JjXJG_9s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdVEwE0248k
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fire alarm testing
last June, my apartment complex tested the fire alarm system for a good two hours or so. here's video from that day . you'll hear the fire alarm going off for a few second and then stop, and then it goes off again. original upload date: June 8, 2011 video edit upload: 5/18/2012
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i have a cold
i caught a cold yesterday, and it has gotten worse today. it started out as a stuffy nose. then today i'm sneezing all over, and I need tissues with me at all times, cause when i sneeze, it goes every where. there would be watery snot dripping from my nose. also my throat is starting to hurt. my face is burning. my eyes are watery. i even have a sneeze coming on as i type this description out to you all. i have me a snot rag handy just in case, like the one you see me holding in this video. i'm drinking orange juice and water and also taking advil to help ease my cold, and get well soon.. 10/30/2011
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Michael Waltrip #55 1/24 Domino's Pizza diecast
oh, i just love Domino's Pizza. here's Michael Waltrips Domino's Pizza diecast car. i also have David Reutimann's 2007 Domino's car too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCtCqS75Z1w
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EveryDay Life With Ralph Powers Jr - Sick Monday Nice Day
Welcome to another EveryDay Life With Ralph Powers Jr. this past monday, it was in the upper 50's close to 60's. it was so nice out, and hot, and sunny, and.... and.... and.... i was sick. i was sick yes, but i couldn't let me being sick keep me from enjoying the nice hot weather after this winter we've all been through. i was sick, but i went out in the nice weather and i enjoyed it. i'm still dealing with a cold as i upload this video. 3/10/2014
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Waukesha drought and extreme dry conditions 2012
many parts of the United States, including Wisconsin, and the city of Waukesha, Wisconsin hasn't had rain in over two months. the grass is has dried out. river levels have dropped. there's outdoor burn bans, water, and sprinkler bans. farmer crops are dieing. businesses have to cut down on water usage, or stop using all together. many places have cancelled outdoor, and 4th of July activities. there's even reports of heat related deaths. some here in Wisconsin too. rain, there's none in sight. temps. have been in the 100's +. it'll be quite hot again this coming weekend into next week. some may finally see rain this weekend, but it won't be enough to help lawns, and people's need for water anytime soon. 7/12/2012
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