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Life is far from dull! This is just a preview of what to expect from the first season of Teja Vu! Sometimes memories give you the outlook you need for your future...and sometimes they can simply remind you of how humorous life can be!
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Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves
The kids take the spotlight for a moment, Te collabs with some friends, and the family of royalty gets a new intro!
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VLOG: Teja Vu "The Introduction " Ep. 1 Pt. 1
Things aren't always as they seem. I keep it together because I have to, and I'm just doing the best I can, but life is no joke. You just never know what to expect. Sometimes I don't even know who I am. But hey that's life!
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Who Doesn't Love A Mini Adventure
Te tries to influence the adventurous mindset as The kids get introduced to something new!
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You've got Mail & A Doctor's Visit
The kids get excited about a package. Nyza's habit of eating may be in jeopardy. Te feels embarrassed in front of doctors.
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Its a Doggy Dog World
Te shows compassion for a dog she doesn't know. The kids embrace the new house guest.
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VLOG: The  Introduction; A Family of Royalties Ep.1 Pt.2
When raising young kings and queens I believe we must teach them to act like so, believe in so.....however reality hits; they're still just kids...and I'm still just Mom! Meet the personalities of Té.
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Fun with Maintenance!
Te gets her hands dirty, the truck needs maintenance, and she knows exactly who to call....besides herself!
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Dating Too Young
Te invites a special guest to talk about dating someone too young.
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Uncle D Takes the Kids
Te gets the kids off to San Antonio for two and a half weeks with plans for her free time but things dont go as smoothly as she was expecting.
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Finding a Trainer
In search of a fitness trainer, Te learns that not all trainers are good trainers.
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Birthday Partying and Fourth of July!!
Fourth of July turns into Family in July! Te sacrifices sleep to attend family functions. She plans to make it no matter what!
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Te and the kids enjoy a roadtrip!
Te gets stuck babysitting. Memories take her back to visiting family, paternity obstacles, and her childhood neighborhood. The kids have no filter and Te gets put on the spot.
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