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How Can I  Hide My Facebook Friends List?
Why would I want to hide your Facebook Friends list? Lots of reasons. 1. You're in business and you don't want to share. 2. You are a private person 3. You want to protect the privacy of your family 4. There is that one friend who is a stalker and goes through your list to see who they can add to their friend list. For your protection and the protection of your friends, keep your Friend List private, so that only mutual friends can see each other. The measure is an excellent way to keeping your social media safer and more enjoyable. How can I hide my Facebook Friend List? How do you make it so no one can see your friends on Facebook? How do you stop people seeing your friends on Facebook? How do you hide the number of friends you have on Facebook? Follow the video and find out in just 3 short minutes. A tutorial on how to hide your Facebook friend list so that no one would know who all your Facebook friends are.
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Hide Your Facebook Friend list on a Mobile Device
Got a comment about our hide your friends video that said it doesn't work on mobile. Let me show you how to do it. To hide your friends' list on a mobile device, you can't use the mobile app. The only way you can change your privacy setting are on a computer, OR by using the chrome browser on you Mobile device. Hide your Facebook Friends list on your phone or tablet. with this easy-to-follow video. See the original video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLG4ZZRjXCg
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Locate Email headers in Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail or Outlook Express
To view all an email message's headers in Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail or Outlook Express: 1. Highlight the message in the Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail or Outlook Express message list. 2. Click on the message with the right mouse button. 3. Select Properties from the context menu. 4. Switch to the Details tab.
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How to hide your likes on Facebook
Is there a way on Facebook to like something without all your friends seeing that you liked it? Can that be turned off? Absolutely! And I'll show you how in this video "How to hide your likes on Facebook" Available in 1080p HD Take control of who sees what you like and who does not. Maybe you are a little more liberal than your family and you like things they disapprove of. Or maybe you have people from work on your friend list, but they don't need to see you like to raise orchids. Whatever your reason, keep your facebook like private.
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How to Convert MP4 to MP3 in Windows 10
SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL. If you like this channel and want to help. Please check out My Amazon Wishlist - http://a.co/hGkU7pr --- Ok, recently I got asked about converting Video files, you know like mp4, to audio files mp3s. LINK: IT SEEMS THE ORIGINAL LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED BY MICROSOFT Here is an alternate APP for now. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/my-mp4-to-mp3-converter/9nblggh6j02v I'll show you how to get, install and use the App. Easy and simple MP4 to MP3 converter. Just select all the videos you want to convert to MP3, select your destination folder if you want, and let the app do the conversion. .WMV videos also supported!
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How, and why, do I clear my web browser's cache?
Below we will have direct links to your browser in the video. Jump to Chrome: 1:25 Jump to Firefox: 2:32 Jump to Internet Explorer: 3:11 Jump to Microsoft Edge: 4:22 What’s a browser cache? How do I clear it? Why would I want to? How many times have you heard some tech support guy say: "Clear your browser cache." And naturally you wondered why should I? Is this just to give me something to do or is there a real purpose? The cache is nothing more than a place on your hard disk where the browser keeps things that it downloaded once in case they’re needed again.
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Facebook Messenger Computer Virus
The scams keep coming! And this time, I almost got caught. The Facebook Chat Virus or, Facebook Messenger Computer Virus, is where a friend's account sends you what looks like an innocent and fun link, yet when you click on this, you are in the crosshairs of an evil trojan ready to be loaded to your computer. It tells you that you need to update your video codec and that installation is quick and easy - but don't do it! It's malware that will mess your computer up in no time. First - stop and don't download anything. Next, tell your friend that their account has been hacked and that they need to do a security check on their facebook account. The infected user's Facebook account is then compromised and used to send more malware to the user's friends, and the vicious circle continues. Help stop the cycle of malware being spread by facebook and share this video.
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The PayPal Phishing Scam - How and Why Does It Work?
This PayPal phishing scam email has an HTML attachment that opens up to a web page where you enter your personal data. I'll show you how to spot the obvious signs this is a scam email and is not from PayPal. I'll even show you what to do if you get an email pretending to be from PayPal. RULE #1. Never open an attachment in ANY email if you are not certain where it's from. RULE #2. NEVER click on ANY links in a scam email.
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How to Copy and Paste Faster
Learn to Copy & Paste a faster way. Got a lot of Copy and Pasting to do? This method will help speed it up for you by combining the keyboard with your mouse movements. The Copy and Paste functions are some of the most important fundamentals to master for manipulating objects on a computer. It's such a simple operation, you'd think everyone already knows how to copy, cut, and paste. But, too many computer users have no idea how to use Copy and Paste. I'll start you off with the basics, and give you a few extra little tips.
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Amen to Ending Facebook Like-Farming
***STRONG LANGUAGE*** Stop typing "AMEN" on Facebook. Don't be so quick to "LIKE" everything. Protect your Facebook Account and your Facebook Friends' Accounts. In his video I explore the dangers of liking-at-will. Learn why you shouldn't do it, and how to spot potential dangers. From Fake Contests, to posting LIKES and Prayers for disabled children, the scammers will stop at nothing. The goal of this video is to pass along the information to help people protect themselves.
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How to test your Internet Speed
Are you getting the speed that you're paying for? There is a very simple test to find out how fast your Internet connection really is. For years now I have used speedtest.net and have been very happy with the results. http://www.speedtest.net Recently, I notice when you type in SPEED TEST into the search bar, BING and GOOGLE are both offering their own versions of a speed test. So I thought it would be interesting to do a side-by-side comparison. See who I think wins in this quick un-scientific test. How fast is my internet? Find out here.
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How to Spot an Email Scam
Look for the sure-fire signs that the email you're looking at is a scam. Protect yourself against the perpetrators of scams by knowing the signs to look for. According to Wikipedia "The damage caused by phishing ranges from denial of access to email to substantial financial loss. It is estimated that between May 2004 and May 2005, approximately 1.2 million computer users in the United States suffered losses caused by phishing, totaling approximately US$929 million"
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How do I report a fake account pretending to be me or somebody I know?
What happens when you get a Facebook friend request from a person who is already your friend? Obviously, it has to be a fake account or an "Impostor Account" but what can you do? I'll show you how to protect your friends by reporting it to Facebook, and believe me Facebook takes this seriously as you will see in this video. Facebook had the fake profile taken down and they replied to us before we could even finish this video. Be sure to share this video with everybody you know.
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How To Download A Video From Facebook To Your Computer
How To Download A Video From Facebook To Your Computer. No Software - No Need to visit other websites - Just a direct way to download the videos you want. This is not really that hard, so follow along. A Reminder here from the legal department. You may only Download A Video From Facebook for private viewing offline, unless of course, it's your video. In other words... Respect the video creator's copyrights and make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities in your area. The process is easy, it will just take a few moments to complete. Follow along with the video and rewind as often as you need.
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Hide A Friends Posts Without Unfriending Them
We all have friends who post crap on Facebook we might not want to see. Either they shocking crap, or they post nasty crap. Or maybe you're just tired of the political posts. You don't want to see the damn cute cats or you don't want to type AMEN. Whatever it is, you don't have to let them keep posting everything, and you don't have to unfriend them. You do have some choices. In this video, I had a friend who was posting some crap that was turning my stomach, and while I love my Friend, I didn't want to see this stuff anymore. (So naturally I put it in my own video to be reminded of it, yeah how dumb was that?) But at least you'll get an idea of where I draw the line, and how you can too. Follow along in this video and I'll show you just how to control what you see on your Facebook Newsfeed - because you really do have a say in what gets posted.
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How to clear YouTube history on Android
Your search history is available across all your devices when you are signed into your account, You can clear them on your PC or on your Android device. This video covers Clearing your Search and Watch history on the Android App
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Facebook Privacy Notice Hoax - 2016
It's back again. the Facebook Privacy Notice Hoax. It first started in 2012 and it keeps popping its head up to snag more and more people. Don't be fooled. It has recently caught many new people and it is once again going viral. Do not fall for this one. Fortunately, all this one can really do is clutter up newsfeeds and make people look silly, but hey that's enough of a reason not to do it. Share this knowledge and this video with your friends.
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Spotting the DHL Phishing Scam!
Learn how to spot how to spot the DHL Phishing Scam. This email tells you that they tried to deliver a package to you, but failed for some reason. (THIS EMAIL IS NOT FROM DHL) Either way, you can’t resist being curious as to what the email is referring to – and open the attached file (or click on a link embedded inside the email). And with that, your computer is infected and under the control of malicious hackers who have just planted a Trojan horse on your computer. DON'T CLICK ON THE ATTACHMENT!
How to Know Which Websites You Can Trust
WOT LINK: https://www.mywot.com/ REVOKE APP VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4Q8qJN_FoM With all the fun things to see and do on Facebook or the Internet in general, don't be suckered by a potentially bad website that lures you in with something that looks harmless. Protect yourself from a scam by being more aware of where you're going and what links you're clicking on. The most recent App claims it will make a video for you and then posts a link on your friends' newsfeeds. This link from nametests.com is a scam website. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK! How to Know Which Websites You Can Trust
How to Spot a Facebook Scam - The Disney Vacation
The Facebook-Disney Scam is one of the meanest tricks being pulled online. First, let me be very clear - It Is NOT run by Disney or Facebook. You're on facebook and you come across a link to a page that looks like Disney and an astonishing offer that LOOKS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, but you think "Hey! It's Disney they can afford this." WRONG! Facebook is a playground for cybercriminals and it doesn't take a lot of effort to set up a fake page with logos from a real company offering spectacular deals for facebook users, which in reality spreads the aggressive scam. It's easy to get excited about this type of scam because we all want something nice for our families. So how do you spot the fakes? Actually, it's not that difficult if you just slow down and apply some common sense. In this video I'll show you how to spot the sure signs it's a scam offer on Facebook and one you should NOT share. I'll even give you one of the primary reasons they pull this scam on facebook. Be sure to share this video and if you have already liked a fake page, go back and unlike it. I'll show you how to avoid being scammed and how to spot a Facebook scam in a very easy to follow video. Please be sure and share this video with your friends and family.
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Accepting Unknown Friend Requests
A lot of people are getting odd friend requests on Facebook. People from all over the world, who you don’t know, are asking to be your friend. Beware! People are always sending Friend Requests but slow down there. Do you know this person? Or do you even want to know this person? Before you accept a friend request, do some checking. In this video, you'll find the potential dangers in accepting these facebook requests.
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Adding Featured Channels Module
So you saw the video on how to add Featured Channels to your YouTube Channel ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXNMnRfrYQI ) but when you went to look for them, you don't have any featured channels displayed yet. Where is the "Featured Channels" module? you ask, how do I turn on Featured channels on my YouTube channel? You ask. All great questions which lead me to produce this video in one heck of a hurry so you could have the information.
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How to swear on Android using voice to text.
This was done on a Galaxy 6S. Over the past couple of years Google has really improved the voice-to-text features on Android. But the most frustrating thing is, when you want to use a good expletive, you fu***ng can't because it filters out the nasty words.
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How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook
So you want to remove somebody from your Facebook friends list. That pain in the rear who always posts stupid crap, and you just want to know how to get rid of this person. Hang tight and we'll help you blow this person off your Facebook map in no time flat. How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook - A special subscriber request
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Spotting Fake Photos on Facebook. (The Woodstock Hoax)
Just because a picture speaks a thousand words doesn't mean it has to be true. It really frosts my cookies when people post fake photos on Facebook. Hoping to get people all fired up with what I like to call Fauxtography. The images are either real, from another event, time or place. Or they have been doctored by Photoshop. Either way the pictures are pure bullshit and are intended to make you think that something is happening that never took place. I'll show you how Not to get Fooled Again, just like "The Who" sang at Woodstock..... Nope, see you gotta check these things out.. they didn't release that song until 2 years after Woodstock. :) But I'm just having fun. So let's head back to Woodstock and see why it has nothing to do with the Dakota Pipeline, like this post would have you believe. This is why the media won't show you the protest on the pipeline! #StayAware
How to Change your Facebook Password.
BEWARE*** This video contains a shameless self-promotion for a USB Stick http://www.zazzle.com/supereasytechtips_usb_drive_red-256083241738777982 All proceeds go to support this channel. Password management is extremely essential, yet a major pain in the ass. But Believe it or not, I'm NOT going to tell you to change your passwords frequently. When you can't remember why you entered a room, or what you had for breakfast, you damn sure won't remember your passwords. So the best thing we can tell you is to "Stick" them. Stick your passwords on this official Super Easy Tech Tips Memory Enhancement Stick and you can carry it with you right on your key chain. They won't be on your computer, so nobody will have access to them, and now you can use stronger more secure passwords without having to memorize the damn.
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How To Appear Offline On Facebook - 2016
How can I appear offline when I am online? I get this question a lot and for good reason. Sometimes you just want to look around and see what's happening on Facebook without being bothered. Or maybe you don't want your boss to see that you are logged in, or your EX is stalking you and you just want to be left alone. Whatever your reason for wanting another level of privacy, I'll show you how to go dark and fly under the radar of the Facebook pests.
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Microphone Fix For Windows 10
A recent Windows 10 update has messed up microphones and cameras. This Video gives you that EASY Microphone Fix For Windows 10. My Amazon Wishlist link: http://a.co/gdhmOeg (if you would like to support this channel) First of all, if the problem started after April 2018 (a major Windows 10 update), then the fastest solution will be this Microphone Fix For Windows 10 video. So, for the purpose of this video, I'll assume your Microphone WAS working once upon a time. Just like my Blue Yeti microphone which stopped working in Windows 10 and since it's a great microphone, I naturally assumed it was my recording software! But wouldn't you know it - it was the result of another freaking Windows Update! Imagine that. Many computers had their privacy settings reset after Microsoft’s April 2018 major update. This reset made your apps and programs not able to access your webcam and microphone. Therefore, we have to give them access, or permission, to use your microphone, or your webcam. I know - it sounds crazy to have to give an audio recording software permission to use a microphone on Windows 10, but it is actually in the interest of your privacy and security. With each new version of Windows 10, Microsoft continues to improve privacy controls and allow you more control over what can or can’t access the data stored on the device. So while this April Windows update is a pain in the ass, it really does offer some much-needed advantages. You can give all your apps permission, or you can choose just the ones you wish, but until you do this, your Microphone and your webcam will not work. So here we go, watch the video and, let's fix this sucker.
How to Display Hidden Passwords in ANY Browser
You want to be very careful who you let sit down in front of your computer - Because if they're smart - they can find out ALL your saved passwords. To remove the mask and reveal your password, you just need to do a few things. Right-click the password box and select "Inspect Element." This brings up the developer console. On the line that starts with "input type=password" change the word "password" to "text." Anybody can do this on nearly any browser. So get smart - and either stop saving passwords on your computer, or don't let just anybody use your computer - it's like handing them your credit card and PIN number. Make sure to share this video with a friend you care about - leave a comment if you like and if you want to see more videos like this, subscribe. Thanks for watching.
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How to Stop Unknown Friend Requests on Facebook
Some scammers will try ANYTHING to get you to like them. Check this one out. You won't believe this. I'll show you how to stop strangers from sending you friend requests on Facebook. I'll even add a bonus and show you how to spot a fake account. But this fake account is so bad it's funny. You won't believe how they tried to add an Arizona ID. Accepting Unknown Friend Requests May Give Hackers Access to Your Facebook Account so let's stop them dead in their tracks.
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How to revoke Twitter app permissions
Follow this link direct https://twitter.com/settings/applications or see the video on how to Keep your Twitter account Safe by auditing your Twitter App Permissions. Revoke access to third party apps from being able to use your account to log in or post. You can also do the same for Facebook by watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4Q8qJN_FoM
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How to Insert a Video into PowerPoint Without a Link
This video assumes you already have a video available and you are looking for the way to insert that video into your PowerPoint Presentation. It is a direct response to a Subscriber's request and is not intended to cover all points of PowerPoint. If you have other questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section. If this video was helpful give it a thumbs up.
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Make older programs compatible with Windows 10
Help! I upgraded to Windows 10 and now my programs don't work! Make older programs compatible with Windows 10. Just like the title says, we're going to show you how you can hang on to your favorite programs and have them run after Windows 10 gives you grief. *This is ONE OF MANY answers, but this is the most likely solution. Subscribe to this channel and we'll keep adding many more tips. Feel free to suggest a topic too. Make Pinnacle Studio 16 Work in Windows 10.
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What is an IP Address? - The bare essentials.
I've been asked many times just what the heck is an IP address? Is it simple? or Is it complicated? It's a piece of cake. This is a basic beginner's introduction to an Internet Protocol Address to help you become familiar with what it is and what is does. I'm not going to get all geeky on you with information you don't need.
How Can I See What My Facebook Profile Looks Like to Other People?
You can see what your profile looks like to other people by using the "View As tool". To use View As: 1. Go to your profile and click on the 3 grey dots. 2. Click View As... in the dropdown menu. 3. You’ll see what your profile looks to the public. 4. To see how your profile appears to a specific person, like a friend or coworker, click "View as Specific Person", type their name and press enter. Please keep in mind that posts and photos you’ve hidden on your Timeline are still visible to the audience they're shared with other places on Facebook, like in News Feed and search.
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How to change your Nameservers on GoDaddy.
You have a new domain and now you want to set up your nameservers on GoDaddy. This may sound Extremely Technical... But it's Super Easy... First step Log into your Godaddy Account. Enter your username and then your password Scroll down to where it says DOMAINS and click on MANAGE. If you have more than one domain, scroll down to the domain you want to manage and click on it Now you want to look for NAMESERVERS down the left-hand side and then the word manage - click on MANAGE You will see a box pop up for NAMESERVER SETTINGS you will want to select CUSTOM by checking the circle Next click ADD NAMESERVER here you will see two blanks - you will need to enter the information provided by YOUR hosting company fill in both boxes and click ADD NAMESERVER then click OK When that box goes away, click on SAVE. YOU'RE DONE - remember it may take awhile for your changes to take effect. Thanks for watching. If this video was helpful to you Please give it a THUMBS-UP down below. Feel free to leave comments - and by all means SUBSCRIBE.
How to Get Email Headers in Gmail
This method is so easy - once you find it - the video will be over before it started. Gmail 1. Open the message in your Gmail inbox. 2. Click the down-arrow in the top-right corner of the message. 3. Click the "Show original" link toward the bottom of the options box. The message will open in a separate window with the full message headers at the top.
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How to Spot Photoshop Fakes With Google Chrome
The simplest and easiest way to tell if a picture, or image, has been faked is to use Google Chrome. Next time you're browsing Facebook, use this easy method to avoid being fooled. If you liked this video, Please Subscribe. If there are other topics you would like covered, let us know.
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How to Quickly Re-Open Accidentally Closed Browser Tabs
You had too many Browser tabs open and you were zipping through them trying to close down the ones you don't need. On the Web, sometimes our fingers are faster than our brain, and we accidentally do things that we don’t want to do. We close the browser tab we really wanted and now what can we do? Ctrl + shift + T gets it right back! This tip works in: Google Chrome Microsoft Edge Firefox and Internet Explorer Thanks for watching - keep the suggestions coming. Give us a thumbs up and by all means Subscribe!
Reset cPanel Email Passwords
What do you do if you can't remember your Email password? Or maybe you just want to update your email password security? I'll Show You How to Change an Email Password in cPanel Every so often it is always a good idea to change your passwords. Especially since you have no idea if somebody is just lurking in and out of your accounts. Don't wait until it's too late - change your email passwords frequently to protect yourself. There are no 100% secure methods of security, but you can reduce your threat of exposure by updating passwords on a regular basis.
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How can I View a Password in Google Chrome?
Finding passwords saved in Chrome is surprisingly easy. But the most important lesson you should learn from this tip is to create a Windows Password to protect you computer from prying eyes.
Even Montgomery Scott Needs Super Easy Tech Tips
Please SUPPORT this Channel here: http://www.koihosting.com/Donate-to-SuperEasy-Tech-Tips-a-72.html Just a wee bit of fun. Don't feel bad if you need a little reminder or help in finding out some technical answers. It's all good and it keeps us busy and off the streets. We look forward to answering your technical questions with our How-To videos. By All means leave us a comment click like and above all - Help us to keep helping you with Super Easy Tech Tips PLEASE Subscribe! Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Hello Computer Star Trek IV The Voyage Home Transparent Aluminum Scene "Hello Computer"
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How to Revoke Facebook App Permissions
You need to know How to revoke Facebook app permissions. Here is a direct link: https://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=applications Checking up on your Facebook app permissions isn't something most people think to do—and even if the kind of person who says "I don't play games on Facebook," or "I don't sign up for any of that crap," you may still have a few leftover web services you've connected to your Facebook account for login purposes or other accounts that are in there from a long time ago. It'll only take a few minutes, and your privacy will thank you. Log in to Facebook. Click the drop-down arrow next to Home in the upper right, then select "Account Settings." Select "Apps" on the left sidebar. Scan the list and click the "x" on the right of any app you want to clear. Deciding what applications to remove is easy — if you don’t use it, revoke access to it. Be sure to check your list of connected applications and websites regularly on the websites you use. If you give an application or service access to sensitive data, be sure to revoke its access when you stop using it. This is something you should do frequently, at least every couple of months just to be sure you're account is safe.
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How to Quickly Block Calls on Galaxy 6S
"How can I block unwanted or annoying calls on my Android?" You ask. The answer is Super Easy and very quick. And the best part is you can also stop them from leaving a voicemail. So whether you want to stop an annoying bill collector from calling you, or an Ex, check out this video to start blocking unwanted calls.
How To Add A Featured Channel To Your YouTube Channel - 2016
***UPDATE Video on how to activate the Featured Channels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrmzSIYneYc So you have channels you think are really cool and you'd like the world to know about them. Whether they are your other channels, or maybe a friend's channel, or a very useful YouTube channel, whatever the reason, I'll show you in under a minute, how to add and featured a channel.
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How Do I Create a Google Account?
https://accounts.google.com/SignUp?hl=en A Google Account gives you access to Google products like Gmail, Google+, YouTube, and more with a single username and password. When you create a Google Account, you can use that same username and password to sign in to any Google product. You need to provide some personal information during this signup to make your account secure and help Google to provide better service. To create a Google account: 1. Go to https://accounts.google.com/SignUp?hl=en ... 2. Click Create an account. ... 3. The signup form will appear. ... 4. Review Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click the check box, then click Next step. ... 5. The Create your profile page will appear. ... 6. Your account will be created, and the Google welcome page will appear.
How to Use Facebook Remote Logout
Remote logout for Facebook gives you the chance to log out from your Facebook account when you've accidentally left it open somewhere that others might be able to access it, such as a public internet cafe, or anywhere near your prying roommates or family. Remotely Log Out Of Facebook. In the Facebook Security section, you'll see a section called “Active Sessions”. Clicking on that will show you all the places you are currently logged into Facebook. You should see your current session, followed by any other devices which are logged in as you.
How To Clear Your YouTube Watch History
I showed you how to clear your YouTube Video History ON A MOBILE DEVICE in a previous video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMWRYuRpXgE Clearing it on a desktop is insanely easy. Remember ANY WATCH HISTORY you have is tied to all your devices that are signed into Google. Meaning if you can see it here, you can see it on your mobile devices as well. And if you clear it here, then it's also cleared on your mobile devices.
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How To Set Your Homepage In The Android Browser.
Change your homepage on the default Internet Browser on Android. Open the browser and click on MORE at the top of the page. Scroll down to settings Click on SETTINGS Then click on HOMEPAGE. Since I have AT&T as my provider, they have set their homepage. I am going to select OTHER WEB PAGE and then enter the address I want to use. And then click OK. Super Easy and Super Quick. Thanks for watching.
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How to Login to cPanel
It's really easy to log in to your cPanel. All you need is you username and password. Well OK, you'll need an Internet connection too and a PC, or a tablet, or a smartphone