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How to; restrict people from seeing your #facebookposts
This Video will show you how to restrict what people (indivudals or groups) can see in your facebook feed. Putting people in the facebook smart list labelled 'Restricted' will allow you to keep them as friends but restrict their access to your newsfeed. You can unfollow them as well which will stop you seeing what they post. Just make sure when you are posting in your facebook feed that the settings are not set to public when posting. I will show you how to change these default facebook settings in another video. [Please note – I am not able to personally troubleshoot each situation! But leave a comment or send me an email pip@seymourdigitalmedia.com and I will try to help you. (Recorded with http://screencast-o-matic.com)
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Pirvacy Setting in Facebook - Who can see my friends list
Recorded with http://screencast-o-matic.com
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Creating a Google+ Page For Your Business
How to Create Google plus page for your business This is a tutorial showing you how to create a Google Plus page for your business. Can Google+ be leveraged to grow your business? –and the answer is... Yes! and here’s why: 1.Ranking high in Google SERPs for targeted keywords will drive traffic to your site creating more visibility and therefore more leads. 2.Social Sharing is Positively Correlated with High Google Rank 3. Google+ is Built for SEO. -Google+ posts are crawled and indexed. -Google+ posts pass on link equity. Google+ posts are an SEO dream. Even though Google+ has been a disappointment for Google, it still has a powerful outcome for your business. In the battle for PageRank, Google+ is a powerful weapon. Have questions- Visit: SeymourDigitalMedia.com
7 things I wish I knew Before I started My Digital Media Marketing Business
Having a Digital Media Marketing Business can be Challenging. It is hard to figure out what you do, who you want to do it for and how to do a great job. Are you a digital marketer? Starting any business can be hard. These are my 7 tips that I wish I knew before I started out. I hope they help someone find and be passionate about what they do online. See the blog post for more. http://seymourdigitalmedia.com/7-things-wish-knew-started-online-digital-media-marketing-business/ Join in the conversation in our facebook group Cyberpunkgeeks. https://www.facebook.com/groups/CyberpunkGeeks/
How To Add Connections to Linkedin Profile
How to effectively Use LinkedIn's the “Add Connections” feature – When you are logged into your LinkedIn account Add Connections by searching for them and then going to the 3 dots and adding connecting. You can also add all your email contacts but that is a different video for another day. For the full blog post and a live video on LinkedIn go here http://seymourdigitalmedia.com/how-to-use-linkedin/
How to search for free pic on google- using advance search.
Google Advanced Image Search. I find it the fastest way to find free images to use for blog posts or social media. Finding an image you like on Google and using it on your blog is a no-no. But there are ways to find great photos online as the blog post suggests. http://seymourdigitalmedia.com/free-pics-good-places-to-find-stock-photos. Google has an advanced search function where you can search only for images that are legal to use. I have a video here for you on how to search here. Super easy peasy. Follow these simple steps to find royalty free images using the Google Images advanced search. Enter a search term in Google Images search. Click the Gear icon, then select Advanced search. Scroll down and use the usage rights drop down menu to select free to use or share, even commercially. watch the quick video below to help you
What is SEO | The Types Of Searches People Do
It is known that there are three different types of search queries: Navigational search queries. Informational search queries. Transactional search queries. All SEOs Should Know this common wisdom. These types of search differentiators are supported by various research projects. Knowing the basics of SEO is first knowing how the search engines work. See a more at http://seymourdigitalmedia.com/the-different-types-of-searches-what-is-seo/
How To Get facebook page followers- Facebook Page likes 2017
Do you know how to get more facebook page likes? As a small business owner growing your business page base is hard. Do you wonder if you should buy facebook ads just to get facebook likes? This video gives you a quick tip on how to get more facebook page likes. Come visit us at seymourdigitalmedia.com for more tips and helpful information.
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Facebook Tips  Increase Your Page Likes
How to Get More Facebook page likes organically. Helping businesses & real estate agents DIY their facebook marketing http://seymourdigitalmedia.com/facebook-business-page-get-facebook-page-likes/
Pinnacle Child Theme Home Layout
This video is describing how to change the photos on the front page of the pinnacle theme. Also, how to add videos and categorize them so that the videos you want show up on the front page of the site. The How to’s of the Pinnacle Theme Website Child theme- Pinnacle Dashboard- Backend of website Home Layout -- This is where you can tweak, add, or delete the front page items of your website. Changing photos- Front page of the website Go to Theme Options (in the dashboard, left-hand side, 7th option down). Click on Home Layout, scroll down the middle of the page until you see Home Custom Carousel Settings Under Home Custom Carousel you will see Custom Carousel Items: Add images, descriptions, titles, and links- if you scroll to the bottom of this section you will see a button that says add slide. Click on this to add a slide. If you want to delete a slide, click on the + and that will open up the picture. You can then remove it if you like. Changing Video- Front page of the website In the dashboard Click on Theme Options. A new menu will show up to the right of the Dashboard menu. Click on Home Layout. Then scroll down to Home Blog Settings -Here is where you can change the setting for how many videos show up and what videos show up (Categories). To Upload your Videos (this way they show up on the front page) In the Dashboard click on posts This is where your videos are kept. Right below Posts there are 4 tabs to choose from. Choose Add New - Enter the title of the video. Then go to the Right side of the page and click on the Format Radio button video for the format that you want. Once you click the radio button ‘video’ the video post options will present themselves in the centre of the screen.. The second option is where you post your video ‘Video Post embed code’ -To categorize the video either click on the categories box right below the format box. Either Add a category or create a new category Resizing Pictures In the dashboard look for the settings on the left-hand side of the page. Hover over Tools a menu will appear right of this. Choose the last option; Regen. Thumbnails. Click the button that says ‘Regenerate All Thumbnails’
Goal Planning Making Those Goals Real | Fail Proof  | Cyberpunk Geeks Marketing Mixer  (2018 12 06)
Have the best year ever. Today's Topic | Goal setting/planning. Do you do it? It is more than making those new years resolution accolades. This week we talk about Goals in marketing and business. Yes, it is that time again to start planning so you can achieve The Discussion Will focus around 👉1. What is goal setting/planning & why do it. 👉2. How to determine the goals you want 👉3. What strategies you can use to increase your chances of success And so many other things... It is going to be jam-packed. 👉 If you want to change what or improve next year. If you’re a business owner or marketer who wants to know how you can improve next year and achieve this video is for you. 👉If you don't know us...We’re two agency owners coming together to discuss the business of marketing and marketing your business. Let’s dig in .... And That's It... See more at https://seymourdigitalmedia.com/goal-planning/ ______ Plus topics now posted in the files _________ ### Social Post ### Change it ### 💥Today's Topic 👉 Goal Setting & Planning I know you're super excited too! 🤣. It is going to be super fun 😁. If you've always wanted a better and easy way to report what you've been doing this is for you. By the end of the chat, you’ll know about how to set yourself up and set yourself apart. We'll go over the basics plus a little extra. We promise it won't be a 💤 The Discussion will focus on... 👉1. Who does it, What is goal setting/planning & why do it. 👉2. How to determine the goals you want 👉3. What strategies you can use to increase your chances of success And so many other things... It is going to be jam-packed. 🤗Join us at 11 am (Pacific) in the group... Can't wait...see you there...
LinkedIn  Ads Learning Your Advertising Options | A Live Discussion (2018-11-08)
🤔The Discussion We’ve already established that we like LinkedIn but is there is a reason to advertise on LinkedIn? Who is LinkedIn for and should you advertise on there? Well the answer depends, Right?! On what your business is and who you are targeting. This is a beginners guide to LinkedIn advertising. We'll chat about some practical advice LinkedIn Ads. Your different options of ads that LinkedIn accepts including Inmail, and sponsored posts. We'll dig into 👉Advertising for B2B professionals 👉Campaign manager (LinkedIn) 👉Ad Formats (3 types) 👉Costs and budget, targeting and so much more. See More At https://seymourdigitalmedia.com/linkedin-ads/ —— ►Leave some feedback & Subscribe to my Channel • Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and please be sure to subscribe.
Gutenberg Is Coming WordPress (2018-11-01)
Gutenberg The NEW EDITOR Experience in WordPress 5. It's coming are you ready? This is Geek Speak Each week we get on here and talk marketing, advertising, and websites. Today we're diving into WordPress and changes that are coming Today Gutenberg a WordPress Updates are coming or better said Gutenberg Is Coming…Be In The Know about Wordpress Ready The Discussion 👉What it is 👉What it means, Complications, options 👉Upgrading, plugins, themes, 👉 Recommendations And so many other things... It is going to be jam-packed. If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or someone using WordPress this talk is for you.  Let's dig in... See more at https://seymourdigitalmedia.com/gutenberg-wordpress/
Retargeting - Facebook Pixel Set Up For Facebook Retargeting
Setting up the Facebook retargeting pixel This video is about Facebook Pixel Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a form of online advertising. Retargeting can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website. For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the initial visit. Increase your chances use retargeting. See The Blog Post http://seymourdigitalmedia.com/facebook-pixel-retargeting-setup
Marketing Predictions for Search & Social in 2019
Today's Topic marketing predictions. What is to come and why...Why we we make predictions? So we can plan ahead and make smart marketing choices. Do you make predictions? Do You make marketing predictions... Join us at; https://www.facebook.com/groups/CyberpunkGeeks/ to join in the conversation This week we talk we're digging into what is to come. Yes, it is that time to start planning so you can achieve. The Discussion Will focus around 👉1. SEO predictions 👉2.Website & Design Predictions 👉3. Social Media Predictions 👉4.Advertising predictions 👉If you don't know us...We’re two agency owners coming together to discuss the business of marketing and marketing your business. We meet Thursdays at 11am Pacific time I'm pip...I run a search and social small agency on Vancouver Island in BC Canada And this is Greg....He runs a website and design agency over on the mainland (Vancouver BC) Let’s dig in Do you have predictions? Tell us what you think is to come in 2019 & Next weeks topic. #Reflections# ______ Plus topics now posted in the files 👉1. SEO predictions -security, mobile, speed. People getting more savvy. -VOICE Search -understanding search intention 👉2.Website & Design Predictions - faster, mobile, and almost less important 👉3. Social Media Predictions This is a big one. Facebook - trends- better search on facebook -less focus on groups (sadly) 👉4.Advertising predictions -influencer marketing like native marketing people will get more savvy. -more diversified. -google holds strong. But know.... -local _________ ### Social Post ### Change it ### 💥Today's Topic 👉 Marketing Predictions I know you're super excited too! 🤣. It is going to be super fun 😁. If you've always wanted a better and easy way to report what you've been doing this is for you. By the end of the chat, you’ll know what we've been paying attention. We'll go over the basics plus a little extra. We promise it won't be a 💤 The Discussion will focus on... 👉1. 👉2. 👉3. 🤗Join us at 11 am (Pacific) in the group... Can't wait...see you there...
Using Keyword Planner in AdWords | Google Adwords Keyword Planner
Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a great resource for when you are writing a blog post. Your first step in your own SEO process. A keyword research tool that allows you to find the right keywords to target for your blog posts and audience. Let Google's free tool help you. Take advantage and improve your internet marketing efforts. Learn how Google AdWords can meet your marketing goals today. Beginner 101. How to SEO your own blog posts on page. Read the full article here http://seymourdigitalmedia.com/google-adwords-keyword-planner/
Facebook  business page tutorial - How to use your business page as your business page.
How To Use Facebook As A (your) Business Page and post posts as though it were your business page posting You have a business page, now what? Just a quick How to. How to post as your business page on your business page instead of posting as yourself on your business page http://seymourdigitalmedia.com/facebook-pages-tutorial/ ‎
creating a poll in facebook
Creating a facebook poll. It can't be done on your personal profile and it can't be done on your business page. Short simple and sweet. Making a poll is a great way to get short concise answers in from people in groups. It is a great way for secondary primary research.
My Experience Creating Classes | Digital Media Marketing
Digital media marketing courses- Behind the Scenes.  What happened once we made the courses and delivered them This is a facebook live I did in our Facebook group talking the experience creating 4 digital marketing courses for real estate agents. Why I did it and how it worked out. The story is still in progress. I will share what we are doing next and how we are proceeding in our digital media marketing endeavors. Doing this helped us understand what we do (Seo & PPC, Analytics) and how we really help people with their digital media.  http://seymourdigitalmedia.com/making-digital-media-marketing-courses/ Our newest Service helps people being to understand their digital assets. We're super excited to be able to do this and send people dashboards with details that will help them easily understand their digital media assets. It is the first real step in utilizing your advertising options.  Next week Phelan is going to talk about Facebook lives. Chat soon, Pip oox
Google Products for Marketing & Business | Geek Speak (2019 01 24)
Do you ever think about what you'd do without google? Most of us cobble together the different software we use from CRM to email to marketing, right! We all use so many different things. Many of us use Google and Google products to run our business and marketing. What do you use and why? That is what we are talking about today. Today's Topic | Google and the products we all use The Discussion Will focus around 👉1. Daily Basis - Business Use -Business management admin google drive, google calendar, Gmail, Google Docs 👉2. Marketing Products: Google Ads, Google My business, Data Studio, Analytics, Youtube, Google Search, Tag Manager, Google Trends 👉3. Web-based; Google fonts, google page speed, Seach console, Chrome & extensions. 👉 Did we miss any? Leave a comment below and tell us what you use? Let's Dig in... 👉Want to talk more about marketing? join our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/CyberpunkGeeks/ Want to see the blog post or learn more about me? 👉 Join me here https://seymourdigitalmedia.com/google-products-for-marketing-and-business/
Virtual assistants (VAs) They Can help | Geek Speak
Geek Speak | Todays Topic VA's (Virtual Assistants). What they can do for you! It is a sympathetic relationship. This is the first thing you might hire out as a company. Each Week we do a live talk called Geek Speak see our facebook group. We take a topic that entrepreneurs/business owners want to know about and we discuss it. This live digs into ~virtual assistants jobs, hiring a virtual assistant. The skills a virtual assistant needs/has. Most virtual assistants are contract or freelance workers who work from home. Their focus is predominately on administrative tasks however we see them diving into social media, website development. I can be said that they are similar to an executive assistant, secretary, or personal assistant, some VA's are technically minded and manage all aspect of a business. ~~~Connect with me~~~ Blog post: http://seymourdigitalmedia.com/virtual-assistants-geek-speak/ Facebook Page: https://business.facebook.com/SeymourDigitalMedia/ Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CyberpunkGeeks/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pipseymour/ Web Site: SeymourDigitalMedia.com Chime in and join our panelists: Pip Seymour - SeymourDigitalMedia.com - We manage & help people and businesses understand and use their search & social digital media assets so they can stand out and get found online. Greg McKinnon - www.original72.com - Original 72 Creative is a full-service website, graphic design & digital marketing agency creating a unique and consistent brand message across all media for small and medium-size businesses. Jessica Dugas - www.jessicadugas.com - Jessica is an intuitive mentor helping women by empowering them to combine spiritual and human practices so that they can live with less stress and more joy! Grim Long - www.techwithgrim.com - Your friendly neighborhood tech nerd, teaching entrepreneurs the tech skills they need to build and manage a tech-savvy online business. Wendie Holbrook - https://www.virtually-yours.ca - One of the greatest gifts is time. Time to do what really matters in your business. Helping Businesses manage on and offline.
Tools To Use Online |  Facebook Live Panel
In this facebook live we discuss The Tools we use to manage our online business. A VA, A Graphic Designer, A Website developer, A Website Designer and Digital Media Specialist get into it and discuss what they use and why. Learn from People living in the digital space. What Tips Do you Use. Join the conversation.
👀 How To Manage Your Marketing Clients (2019-02-07)
🤔We've all lost clients. We've all wanted to fire a client. 👀Do you have a story or two that comes to mind? 📍Client management is something we seldom talked about but it is a huge component to growing our marketing businesses... ⚖️Do you have a strategy for how you manage this part of your business? Come chat with us and let's dig into it. ⏰ Join us here weekly on Thursdays at 11am Pacific time. https://www.facebook.com/groups/CyberpunkGeeks We're talking Client Relationships and How to Manage Losing a Client. We'll dive into; 👉How to manage losing clients. 👉What you could be doing wrong. 👉What to do when clients that aren't the right fit and 👉What your frustrations can tell you. 🔐 Let's unlock the secrets of how to clients manage our client relationships We can all use some help to grow and Talking always helps. Join us. This one is going to be great. Let's grow together. See Blog Post here https://seymourdigitalmedia.com/marketing-clients-how-to-manage-losing-them/
How To Get More Engagement On Social Media (2018-11-15)
How To Get More Engagement On Social Media | Geek Speak ***2018-11-15 Today's Geeky Topic Social Engagement How To Get More On Social Media 🎉Social media can he a challenge. Are you a business owner or entrepreneur managing it all. How To Get More On Social Media... ❓Do you manage pages for businesses? Or do you want to grow your own page? 🌍In the world of social media marketing, the word "engagement" gets thrown around a lot, but few brands actually know how to achieve it. 🤔 In the Discuss we dig into social engagement and how to get more of it. Simple engagement strategies we'll touch on 👉Things you can do on your page from your page 👉Consistency and a content plan 👉The page feed 👉Comments 👉Messenger A best friend. 👉Paid advertising And so many other things... It is going to be jam-packed. See more here https://seymourdigitalmedia.com/how-to-get-more-engagement-on-social-media/
How To Use LinkedIn
How to Use Linkedin in and what you should be paying attention to. Linkedin in helped me not look for a job for over 12 years and the platform is still going strong. with their blogging, SlideShare and linda.com it is something to be paying attention to. Learn how to use linkedin and why it is important. seymourdigitalmedia.com/how-to-use-linkedin
find free pic from Flickr-  Creative Commons-licensed content
Watch where the mouse goes. We are talking all about the free pic sites and where to find them online. We go through at least 20 sites where you can upload free photos. This article also talks about licenses and what to watch out for. The video above is detailing how to find free photos on Flickr Yahoos photo sharing site. http://seymourdigitalmedia.com/free-pics-who-do…ind-stock-photos/
MindSet Make Your Plans and Dreams come true | Geek Speak Weekly At 11am (2019 01 10)
Today's Topic | MindSet Plans and Dreams. Are you making yours come true? 💥If you've always wanted to chat about { mindset } this one is for you. I would love to hear what you think and what you're doing on this topic... 👉 Mindset, What it is, who's doing it and why. We promise it won't be a 💤 If you catching the live or the replay say hi, every comment matters... This week we talk about...Mindset and how it can be a game changer. The Discussion Will focus around 👉1. Mindset What is it? 👉2. Who needs it? 👉3. What we're doing and whatyou can do too. 👉 Let's Build the life worth living - It is going to be jam-packed. Let’s dig in.. Let us know what you do? _____ Next weeks topic Social Media Planning. How are you doing it... ______ Where can people us next...https://www.facebook.com/groups/CyberpunkGeeks/ https://Seymourdigitalmedia.com https://brandscrubbers.com/ _____________________________________________________________________ 🤗 We want to know are you into mindset stuff? Do you follow anyone on this? If Yes? Who? Rell us what you're doing... By the end of the chat, you’ll know some of... 👉1. What 👉2. Why 👉3. How & Who Come next week..Can't wait...see you there... https://www.facebook.com/groups/CyberpunkGeeks
Verify Your FaceBook Business page 2017
Verify Facebook Page in less 2 minutes Blog Post- Short and sweet. Done in May 2017 so right when Facebook is making some changes. http://seymourdigitalmedia.com/get-facebook-bus…ss-page-verified/
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On Fire Cyberpunk Geeks Marketing Mixer  Group. Changes & Fun | Let's Get Marketing in 2019
Today's Topic | Our Plans and Dreams | What we're doing in the marketing group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/CyberpunkGeeks/ Do you like this group? What would you change and why? This week we talk about what we're planning and Yes, our future together as a group. 💥Today's Topic 👉 The group and what we're doing and where we're headed. What we want and what you want? Who uses this group and what for. What do you get out of it? What would you like more of? I know you're super excited too! 🤣. It is going to be super fun 😁. If you've always wanted help if you've got things you'd like or have seen in other groups that work well and you think it would work well. We want to know. Let's grow a place to come and chat it up about marketing and marketing your business. What a better way to start off the new year right! Join us By the end of the chat, you’ll know where we'll go and grow plus a little extra. We promise it won't be a 💤 The Discussion Will focus around 👉1. Happy New Year 👉2. Goals for the group 👉3. Changes and why 👉4. Getting your opinions And so many other things... It is going to be jam-packed. 👉 If you to know what we're up to and where we have headed this one for you. 👉If you don't know us..We’re two agency owners coming together to discuss the business of marketing and marketing your business. .... And That's It.... How you can find us. Seymourdigitalmedia.com & https://www.original72.com/ & Next weeks topic. ##Mindset & What it's all about ## ______ _________ 🤗Join us at 11 am (Pacific) on Thursdays in the group... Can't wait...see you there...
Reverting to an older version of a google doc:sheet
Showing a client how to find their revision history in google docs/ google sheets so they can revert to that file back to an older version. See the blog post http://seymourdigitalmedia.com/google-sheets-revision-history/
Search Engine Results Page and SEO
Super simple way to use Incognito on your apple computer when you search. Using incognito when you search in google will allow you to see a more reliable search engine results page related to your business. I also discuss SEO in relation to the SERPs page. www.seymourdigitalmedia.com 778-228-3014, email us at pip@seymourdigitalmedia.com
Social Media Marketing World (2018) Recap.  #SMMW18
Social Media Marketing World (2018) #SMMW18 Why you should go. What I learned. The best speakers, The best training, The best networking in the industry. World-class event. This week We're going to talk about; Social Media Examiner World 18 (#SMM18) This mega-powerful tool packs a punch. It is the festival for geeks who love their business and the digital space. We all know it can feel hairy out alone as a marketer. This conference brings those working at home. Those sometimes alone together to see, hear and feel their passion come to life. It was a pleasure to take part and I hope my years forward I get to enjoy this experience several times over. If I were to tell you why you should go next year would it make you make that decision? Let me tell you some of my experience. It was a packed 3 days. The words of wisdom are what made my experience so great. The information will live on but the moments here won't. Make friends Those were just a few simple things but these things made me get the most out of the experience. Thank you, Michael Stelzner, Thank you, everyone, at Social Media Examiner for being so exceptional. Take the right steps and we will help ourselves win. http://seymourdigitalmedia.com/social-media-marketing-world-2018/ Slide deck https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vQxA3JgKqqppY-KOT_VAqImtgGLexQkki88zjhsd1tk4B9R8ZjUCzHNyLjQbf134MKosNxksMn3Zwrb/pub?start=false&loop=true&delayms=3000 #TeamFlynn! #smmw18
Google ADs  Easy Learning  Geekspeak (2018-11-230
Today's Topic | Google Ads Who uses it, what it does, and how it does it. That’s what you’ll know by the end of our talk. The Discussion Will focus around 👉1.AdWords What it is & Why Is it Still important in 2018 👉2. How Hard is it to Learn -The Basics (the auction, ad groups, ads, click through rate etc.) 👉3. If you wanted to learn where or what resources are there and some things we know. Optimizing Your Ads and Newer Options | Learning And so many other things... It is going to be jam-packed. If you’re a business owner or marketer who wants to know more about AdWords this talks for you. If you don't know us..We’re two agency owners coming together to discuss the business of marketing and marketing your business. Let’s dig in .... And That's It.... How you can find us. & Next weeks topic. Data Studio ______ See amazing, wonderful, stupendous google ads blog post here https://seymourdigitalmedia.com/google-search-marketing/ _________ ### Social Post ### Change it ### 💥Today's Topic 👉Google Ads Who uses it, what it does, and how it does it. I know you're super excited too! 🤣. It is going to be super fun 😁. If you've always wanted to know a little more about AdWords this is for you. By the end of the chat, you’ll know the basics plus a little extra. We promise it won't be a 💤 The Discussion will focus on... 👉1.AdWords What it is. 👉2.The Basics of Adwords (how it all including ad groups, ads, the auction, click through rate etc.) 👉3. Optimizing (what that means) and your newer options And so many other things... It is going to be jam-packed. 🤗Join us at 11 am (Pacific) in the group... Can't wait...see you there...