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Kohli vs Dhoni Teaser IPL 2019 - CSK vs RCB
#cskvsrcb #kohli #dhoni #ipl2019 #kohlivsdhoni MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli, the two heavyweights of Indian cricket, are set to lock horns when their Indian Premier League (IPL) franchises Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) take on each other in the first game of the tournament in Chennai on March 23. In a latest TV advertisement, MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli can be seen challenging each other ahead of the tournament opener. Both Dhoni and Kohli have massive following and the advertisement shows that the superstars have Indian cricket fans divided. Dhoni and Kohli can been seen enjoying the tussle between the fans from a rooftop before CSK skipper tells his RCB counterpart "don't be late" in what promises to be a cracker of a contest between two top teams. In 2018, Chennai Super Kings came back into the IPL fold after serving a two-year suspension for their alleged involvement in the 2013 betting case. The team led by MS Dhoni lifted the IPL trophy for the third time to mark their comeback in style. On the other hand, Virat Kohli's RCB, who are yet to win the title, disappointed their fans despite having the one of the strongest teams on paper. The schedule for the first two weeks of the 2019 season was announced on February 19. A total of 17 matches have been announced between March 23 to April 5 across the eight home venues of the franchises. All teams will play a minimum of four games in the two-week phase, with Delhi Capitals and RCB competing in five matches each during this time. Every side will play a minimum of two home and two away matches except for Delhi and RCB. While Delhi will compete in three home games, RCB will play an equal number of away encounters. Buy Helmet Blood Group Sficker from https://www.myhelptag.com/p
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How to use Fake GPS in Android | Fake GPS Application
How to set fake location on any android device by simple method. How to send fake Whatsapp location ? This video will give all the answers. Just Download the app from playstore and thats it . Tags: fake location fake gps whatsapp fake location android fake location fake gps mock location mock gps
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Sajjangad Fort Satara | सज्जनगढ | Thoseghar
Sajjangad ( सज्जनगड) meaning Fort of Good People, is located near the city of Satara, India. It is the final resting place of Sant Ramdas in 17th century India (born 1608). His teachings and works written in books such as Dasbodh are read and followed by many people even today in the state of Maharashtra and Sajjangad is a popular place of pilgrimage In This video we recorded all the route from the satara city Using SJ4000 Wifi. Its amazing place with greenery everywhere .Do visit once here .Its likely heaven on Earth :) Enjoy The video Do share and Subscribe Visit us at http://www.techymad.com DO SHARE, SUBSCRIBE and LIKE the video Facebook - https://goo.gl/7pDYJF Youtube - http://goo.gl/df8fI8 Google+ - http://goo.gl/LLY2wv Twitter - https://goo.gl/3iRCvX Instagram - https://goo.gl/9KJn3g
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How to send SMS message from Gmail
In this video i have explained how you can send sms from your gmail account along with your written gmail text. New Gmail feature !
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How to Hide Whatsapp Image and Video from Gallery
In this video I will show you how to hide WhatsApp images and video from gallery. you just have to create .nomedia file in any folder or copy from WhatsApp- media - vidios- sent to any folder you want to hide tags how to hide whatsapp video, hide whatsapp, hide whatsapp photo, hide WhatsApp images , hide WhatsApp video, hide WhatsApp gallery, hide photo from gallery
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How to Solve Pubg Health Reminder | Remove Pubg Health Reminder
#pubg #pubghealth If you selected under 18 by mistakenly , game will not allow you play for more than 6 hours. Here you can use this trick to play the game ! Step By Step 1. Open pubg mobile 2. You will error of Pubg health reminder dont press ok 3. Tell your friend to invite your game 4. Accept the request and tell them to start the game 5. Vola its done!! how to remove pubg health reminder
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How To Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error
Fixing error This copy of Windows is not genuine is very easy. If you install pirated Windows OS, it will run only for some months. After that you will get error This copy of Windows is not genuine and your screen may get blank screen. For more details and Methods Visit http://goo.gl/Wc8yfR Visit us at http://www.techymad.com DO SHARE, SUBSCRIBE and LIKE the video Facebook - https://goo.gl/7pDYJF Youtube - http://goo.gl/df8fI8 Google+ - http://goo.gl/LLY2wv Twitter - https://goo.gl/3iRCvX Instagram - https://goo.gl/9KJn3g
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How to Download Youtube Videos
If you’re like most PCWorld readers, you probably have a few classic YouTube videos you love to share with friends, family, and coworkers. That’s all fine and good when you’re connected to the Internet, but what if you want to save a few of your favorite videos to a USB stick or burn some memorable clips to disc as a gift? If you want to download YouTube videos without having to pay a fee, install a toolbar, or run a dubious browser plug-in, we suggest you use YouTube Downloader HD. Download YTD From Here -- http://goo.gl/Oh6ukB
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How To Find ATM With Cash In Your Area
For Full Post Visit Here http://techymad.com/find-nearest-atm-cash-atm-find/ Cash No Cash or Cashnocash.com, launched by Quikr and NASSCOM, is a website that provides you information about ATMs with cash in your vicinity based on your pincode. Type your pincode in the search box and hit the Find Cash button to find which ATMs are still working and have cash. Cash No Cash will highlight the ATMs with cash in green pins, the ones with long wait time in orange, and out-of-cash ATMs in red.
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Redmi Note 4 Reset Forgot  Password/ How to Reset Password Mi Note 4
Go to i.mi.com How to Recover Password Of Redmi Note 4 Forgot Password Redmi Mi Note 4 Factory Reset Redmi Note 4 tags : Mi Note 4, redmi note 4 password reset, redmi note 4 forgot password, mi note 4 password forgot, redmi note 4 factory reset, mi note 4 reset , redmi note 4 reset
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How To Get  Free WiFi ?
How to use free wifi someone else in Hindi and English video. It requires no root. Link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.wifimap.wifimap Peoples use this applications for use free wifi in some places. FEATURES: - WiFi spots from around the world - WiFi hotspots with tips and PASSWORDS - Smart cafe, hotel, city and country SEARCH - MAP navigation - Define your CURRENT LOCATION offline - Real time customer SUPPORT YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE! - Add WiFi spots and passwords - Update old passwords - Share WiFi hotspots with your Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber and Twitter friends NEED WI-FI RIGHT NOW? 1. Launch WiFi Map 2. The app will show the nearest WiFi hotspots with their passwords 3. Done! You are now connected to WiFi;) STAYING ONLINE IS EASY: 1) Find the city you are traveling to 2) View & scroll the map around 3) That's all! Now the app can work there without the Internet !!! FOR TRAVELERS: # WiFi tips & passwords # Stay connected worldwide
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How To Get Free US Number +1 | Free Calling And Verification
Get Free USA number in Any Country With Amazing Features like Unlimited Call & Text To USA Numbers. Also you can call other country with the free credit system. And you can fool your friends with this usa number they think its a call from usa :) Download App- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.primo.mobile.android.app&hl=en
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How to Use Safe Torrent
In india Government banned the torrent access so here is the trick how to use torrent without crime which is safe and secure. Extension Used - https://goo.gl/IoknVK Visit us at http://www.techymad.com DO SHARE, SUBSCRIBE and LIKE the video Facebook - https://goo.gl/7pDYJF Youtube - http://goo.gl/df8fI8 Google+ - http://goo.gl/LLY2wv Twitter - https://goo.gl/3iRCvX Instagram - https://goo.gl/9KJn3g
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Download Whatsapp Video Calling Feature
Do you Want to Download WhatsApp Video Calling apk? Do you want to activate WhatsApp video calling feature in your mobile? if so, just wait for some time, you can have Video calling feature for your WhatsApp. To download Whatsapp _ http://techymad.com/whatsapp-video-calling-apk-download-free/ Visit us at http://www.techymad.com DO SHARE, SUBSCRIBE and LIKE the video Facebook - https://goo.gl/7pDYJF Youtube - http://goo.gl/df8fI8 Google+ - http://goo.gl/LLY2wv Twitter - https://goo.gl/3iRCvX Instagram - https://goo.gl/9KJn3g
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How to make Whatsapp Status Video Song
How to make Whatsapp Status Video Song Download app from Playstore : VivaVideo tags: make WhatsApp video, status video, WhatsApp short video, WhatsApp song video ,how make WhatsApp status video
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Mi Redmi Note 4 Review Unboxing Pros and Cons
Redmi Note 3 is best selling smartphone in India with millions of device sold by the online retailers, now Xiaomi launched successor of the device Redmi Note 4 with few upgraded features like beautifully designed 5.5 inches 2.5D display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, 13 MP rear | 5 MP secondary camera, 64 GB Internal Memory, 128 GB SD Card support, 3 GB RAM and 4100 mAh battery. Pros of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 1.Good performance by Snapdragon 625 + 4GB RAM 2.64 GB Internal Memory with 128 GB SD Card Support. 3.The sturdy built quality and premium look. 4.OTG cable is supported. 5.A good CPU under the budget range smartphone. 6.Long Lasting battery backup. Cons of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 1.Doesn't support Dual SIM with SD Card (Hybrid Slot). 2.13 MP primary Camera quality is average. 3.The battery is non-removable. 4.USB Type-C cable is not supported.
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Bhushi Dam Lonavala Overflow Vlog
Bushi Dam, Lonavala Overview Bhushi Dam is a masonry dam on the Indrayani River. It is one place in Lonavala which is bound to cheer you up during the monsoons which are the ideal time to visit the attraction. The overflowing water over the steps of Bhushi Dam and then through the rocky terrain make this place a hit among the people of nearby areas who throng in large numbers on weekends during monsoons. It tends to get so crowded that many individuals find it hard even to get a decent standing spot. Even though swimming is prohibited in the dam due to the inconsistent flow of the water, one can always enjoy on the steps. "Misty Weekend Getaway" Tags Lonavala accident, bhushi Dam, bhushi Dam overflow, bhushi Dam Lonavala, bhushi Dam accident, bhushi Dam live, bhushi Dam Sunday
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Sjcam SJ4000 WiFi Plus Sport Action Camera review
SJ4000 WiFi Plus Sport Action Camera Specifications and Review Specification Gyroscope Records Full HD 1080p Video and 2K Captures 12 MP Still Photos Ultra-Wide 170° Lens Camera Housing Waterproof to 100' Wi-Fi for Remote Monitoring and Control On-Board 2" LCD Screen USB Streaming Webcam Function Multiple Mounts Included Includes Decorative Sticker
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Younger Bother Short Film Trailer | छोटा भाऊ  |
#shortfilm The story Brother.... Coming Soon....
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How to change Mi Mobile Flash Color
you can change colour of any redmi device ... Tags: change flash colour, orange flash colour, redmi flash colour, red flash colour, flash trick
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How To Use Whatsapp Image Status
#whatsapp How to do a WhatsApp status(Firstly Upade Your Whatsapp) 1. Open WhatsApp and select the Status tab. 2. Tap on My Status. 3. Take a new photo/video or select an existing photo/video. 4. Edit your photo/video as you like using the emojis, drawing pen and text. 5. Hit the Send button. Tags : whatsapp status, whatsapp image status, whatsapp photo status, whatsapp new status , how to use whatsapp status
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मॉल और बहुराष्ट्रीय कंपनीया ग्राहको को कैसे लुटती है | How Multinational Companies Loots Customers ?
मॉल और बहुराष्ट्रीय कंपनीया ग्राहको को कैसे लुटती है In this video you can see how companies loot people by selling quantity in bulk.
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How to Delete Whatsapp Status
#whatsapp #status How to delete updates whatsapp status in simple way. Delete WhatsApp photo Status How to delete whatsapp image status Tags: delete whatsapp status, delete whatsapp photo status , deletewhatsapp image status
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How to Secretly Record Videos | No Root
Hello Guys, In this video i will show you how you can record video secretly from your any android device. You don't need your mobile rooted. Just download the app and enjoy. Use it for better purpose . :) App Link; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tools.secretcamcorder&hl=en Tags For this Video: How to record video secretly record secret video android secret videoapp How record video when screen locked
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Two wheeler / Bike Navigation in Google Maps
Two wheeler / Bike Navigation in Google Maps Now Google launched two wheeler navigation because in India two wheeler users are double than that cars . And it's awesome Tags: bike Google maps, two wheeler navigation, Google maps two wheeler, new bike Google maps, how to use two wheeler navigation in Google maps
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Everything You Should know About YouTube Misic App
For more visit http://www.madsnews.com/youtube-music-and-youtube-premium-are-now-available-in-india/ YouTube Music’s premium service comes with an option for offline downloads and an ad-free experience for a subscription, starting Rs 99 per month. Apart from the vast library of music, the app packs in a feature called smart search for the audiophiles. Whether you want to search a song by its lyrics or simply look for “that rap song with the flute”, YouTube has got you covered. And the best part is, all of this will be accessible to a subscriber of Google Play Music. “To extend the features of YouTube Music Premium beyond the music app, we’re also introducing YouTube Premium.” In addition to ad-free, background, and offline playback, with YouTube Premium users can access all YouTube originals like Cobra kai, BTS: Burn The Stage, at a fee of Rs 129 a month. This is undoubtedly going to hot up the ongoing battle of music streamers in India, which recently saw the entry of Spotify – within a week of its launch, the app claimed to have crossed the one-million mark. But YouTube can still have a fair shot, thanks to its huge user base in video streaming, and popularity with addition of the T-Series channel.
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How to Make Stone Painting DIY
#painting #diy #creative DIY Stone Painting how to make stone painting colourful stone painting stone creativity
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How to track sent email opened or not
It easy to track email you sent . Nowadays many people says that i havent read your mail. By this email track trick you can track how many he read email and last time when the person opened it .
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Google Allo and Duo Preview and Download
Google has introduced two new apps called Allo and Duo for Android and iOS. Allo is an instant messaging app featuring the inbuilt Google Assistant, while Duo is a video calling app that claims to work well even on weak data networks Download Allo and Duo from here-- http://goo.gl/ZLm3of Visit www.techymad.com for more information...
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New 1000 Rupees Note Revealed | 1000 Rupees Currency
Today New 1000 Rupees Note Revealed | 1000 Rupees Currency New 1000 Rupees Note has been Revealed
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क्या है #trashtag च्यालेंज ? What is #TrashTag Challenge
#trashtag #trending क्या है trashtag च्यालेंज ? here has been a plethora of challenges started on social media that have stretched across the continents. We’ve seen celebrities pouring ice water over their heads and more disturbing challenges that encourage people to aspire to unobtainable physical “perfection” (remember that thigh-gap challenge?). Now the #trashtag challenge is sweeping across nations, encouraging people to seek a whole new kind of perfection: a cleaner environment. People are taking to social media to share photos of their neighborhood before and after massive clean ups — and the results are pretty staggering. Although the challenge has been doing the social media rounds for a while now, it was only when Byron Román took to social media to appeal to “bored teens” to help clean up their living environment that the challenge really took off.
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How to link PAN Card to Adhar Card online
How to link PAN Card to Adhar Card online पॅन कार्ड से आधार कार्ड कैसे जोडे ? Tags: pan card online, link adhar to pan, how to link adhar to pan online, link pan to adhar
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Live New Zealand Earthquake 7.3 Today
7.3 New Zealand Earthquake Today 13 November 2016
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How to Turn on Facebook Messenger Dark Mode
How to Turn on Facebook Messenger Dark Mode Visit for more info http://www.madsnews.com/how-to-turn-on-facebook-messenger-dark-mode/ Now let's walk through the steps to turn on Facebook Messenger dark mode. Step 1. Launch the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You'll arrive at your Facebook Messenger home screen. Step 2. Tap to open any of your conversations. If you don't want to bother anyone else, you can open a conversation with yourself. Step 3. Tap the "Emoji" icon that appears on the right side of the text entry field. The Emoji icon is a blue smiley face. A menu appears on the bottom part of your screen, with sections for stickers, GIFs, and emoji. Tap "Emoji." Emojis will appear on the lower part of your screen. Step 4. Swipe through the emoji options until you arrive at the Animal and Nature section, and then find the crescent moon icon in the animal and nature section. Tap the crescent moon icon. That emoji will appear in your text entry box. Step 5. Tap the "Send" icon to send the crescent moon emoji to the recipient. Animated crescent moon emoji icons will fall down your screen for a few seconds. After all of the crescent moon emoji icons disappear, a message appears at the top of your screen informing you that you've found dark mode. Step 6. Navigate back to your Facebook Messenger home screen and tap your profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen to open your Facebook Messenger settings menu. You'll now see an option at the top of your settings menu for Dark Mode. Step 7. Tap the toggle to the right of Dark Mode to turn the feature on. The Facebook Messenger dark mode color scheme will instantly be applied. The night mode scheme will be applied to all of your Facebook Messenger sections, including your Chat screen, your conversations, your Contacts screen, and your Discover screen.
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JIO PRIME SUMMER SURPRISE OFFER | Free Unlimited 4G Data for 4 Months Till JULY 2017
Jio SUMMER SURPRISE launched free data for 3 months till july 2017 99 + 303 PRIME Recharge is applicable for free complimentary access for 4 months April, May, June & July 2017 Queries Solved: 1) Jio Prime Extended 15th APRIL 2) Jio Summer Surprise offer launched in india 3) Free Data 1GB per day for 4 months till JULY 2017 4) Latest News from JIO 4G 5) Happy New Year OFFER extended 6) JIO PRIME 99, PRIME 303 Rupee Recharge, JIO PRIME 499
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How to Download Facebook HD Video Without Any Software
How to Download Facebook Videos in HD Quality? Step 1: Find the video you want to download, then right-click on it and select the third option "Show video URL". Step 2: Copy the video URL, then go to your browser, open a new tab, paste the video URL in the address bar and press "Enter" on your keyboard. Step 3: Now, right-click anywhere on the page and select "View page source". Step 4: Hold down "CTRL+F" on your keyboard to bring up the search box, then type in hd_src: Step 5: Highlight the video link that follows hd_src: , then right-click on it and select "Go to..." (in Google chrome), in Mozilla Firefox, right-click on it and select "Open Link in New Tab" or "Open Link". Make sure to highlight only the link between the quotes. Step 6: While the video is playing, right-click on it and select "Save video as..." Step 7: Finally, rename it if you want, then choose where you would like to save it and press the "Save" button.
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PUBG 13 Kills Chicken Dinner Tricks
PUBG 13 Kills Chicken Dinner Tricks
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